Chapter 10-Balance Restored

The Emperor arrived on the Death Star with a smile on his face, as he descended from the ramp with his Royal Guards flanking him on either side, and saw Darth Vader was there kneeling with his son doing the same. Of course the Emperor wasn't fooled by the show of submissive loyalty by the two raging entities of the Force that alone could blanket the Galaxy in their power, and combined could consume all with it. Every Force sensitive in the Galaxy, whether a Jedi in hiding, or an untrained child could feel their power. The closer the Emperor got, the more his smile grew, as he stared at young Skywalker, and knew this Skywalker would be the one to surpass him this time. After so many failures with Maul, Tyrannus, and Vader himself due to his crippled condition it would fall upon Vader's son to continue the Rule of Two.

A rule that Palpatine had to admit, he had been on the edge of since being a Sith Master, as he had Vader, his Hands, Sith Acolytes in key locations throughout the Galaxy, and now young Skywalker kneeling with his Father before him now. There had been so many close calls in losing such potential apprentices, as Maul had fallen to Kenobi, Tyrannus while older then him was still strong in the Dark Side before being skilled by Anakin, and Dooku's own personal assassin Asaji Ventress would have had some potential had she not been killed by Anakin during the Clone Wars. Then there was that one chance with that boy Vader had trained, who went by the name of Starkiller, and had to make a choice all those years ago to fight him or go after Vader. The Emperor had foreseen the alternative had Starkiller gone after Vader and in a way he preferred Vader to Starkiller after seeing how it turned out with his next potential apprentice after Vader being almost as crippled while being slightly weaker then Vader.

The only regret Sidious really had, which was marginal at best, was the fact that Vader's planned death would weaken the Dark Side presence the three of them currently held on the Galaxy. Part him wondered if he should allow Vader to continue living, but have the Sith Lord be on the front lines more while the man's son stayed with him to learn about the Dark Side, and one day become the new Emperor. However, the Rule of Two had forbid such an idea for a reason, as he knew two strong Force Users like those two, especially those two given their connection to each other, could easily overthrow him, and thus put the Empire in their hands.

The Emperor knew how some of the plans he had for the Empire went against Vader's own, as the crippled man behind the armor only wanted to stabilize the Galaxy, and the Sith Master blamed his old apprentice's late wife for that. Of course, he made sure that the late Senator of Naboo was really dead, and upon learning she was had made him smile. Though in a way, the Emperor wished he could bring her back to life if only to kill her slowly, and in front of Vader just for the fun of it.

Still, the peace loving woman had given his apprentice lots of motivation to fight during the Clone Wars so the Emperor felt the woman deserved some form of mercy, and be left alone in death. Besides, it was because of her that Vader's replacement, and one day the future Emperor of the Empire was even possible to have in his grasp.

"Rise my friend. Rise young Skywalker," said the Emperor walking with his cane calmly towards the two and seeing them rise.

"The Death Star will be completed on schedule my Master," said Vader, as he walked beside the Emperor, and his son walking right next to him.

"Yes I know. You have done well Lord Vader. And as for you young Skywalker, I have sensed you are becoming quite the powerful Sith under your Father's teachings, and have yet to only reach your full potential," said the Emperor seeing Luke's impassive face while they walked.

"My Father has taught me well your Excellency. Unfortunately, due to his condition, I am unable to learn everything about the Force, and thus I require the teachings of someone able to make that happen," said Luke calmly while sensing the Emperor was pleased with that kind of news.

"Don't worry young Skywalker. I will complete your training since you are more whole then your Father. It's a shame Kenobi died so painlessly when you fought him on the first Death Star my friend. Considering how he left you mutilated to die a burning wreck, I was surprised to learn Kenobi just vanished right into thin air, and little else to further confirm his death," said the Emperor sensing the anger Vader felt for Kenobi.

"His death was more then enough satisfaction for me my Master," said Vader, which is was considering that he had his son, and the old fool could no longer poison the boy's mind.

"Yes. I imagine so. Tell me young Skywalker, what is your take on Kenobi, and how he died? Considering how he lied to you all those years watching over your person, I can only imagine the anger running through your body, and hatred for that liar of a so called Jedi Master," said Sidious, as he saw Luke tense, and a small yet noticeable wave of anger come off the boy.

Not as much as the Emperor liked, but the fact the boy still had anger for Kenobi proved to the Sith Master that Luke was unable to forgive the late Jedi Master.

"What he did was wrong and it was hypocritical of him to lie while trying to keep in a sliver of truth no matter how marginal that sliver of truth," said Luke calmly knowing the Emperor was focusing on his emotions and what he felt for Ben.

"Yes. Jedi were always like that. They say one thing and yet do the opposite when they think no one is looking," said the Emperor simply.

"What of the reports of the Rebel Fleet amassing near Sullust?" said Vader taking the conversation to more pressing matters.

"It is of no consequence. Soon the Rebels will be crushed and the Empire will be truly secure from such annoyances," said the Emperor, as they soon traveled up to the throne room of the Death Star, and the Sith Master took his place there.

"If I were them, I would be planning to send an infiltration team down to the planet in order to take down the shield generator, and do it before the fleet arrived," said Luke, as he had to play the part of the willing servant of the Emperor, and gave his own insight to fighting in this war.

The Emperor laughed hearty at his words and smiled a cruel disgusting smile.

"He is indeed your son Lord Vader. No doubt you came to the same conclusion as well?" said the Emperor seeing Vader nodding his head in agreement.

"That is the only way for the Rebels to successfully get close to the Death Star and have a chance at destroying it my Master," said Vader, as he saw the Emperor agreeing with that assessment, and continued to smile.

"Yes. I have foreseen they are indeed planning a means to get onto the planet's surface to destroy the Shield Generator. How unfortunate for them that I have prepared for this turn of events and they will not succeed," said the Emperor letting out a cruel laugh that was echoing throughout the room.

'That's what you think,' thought Luke while carefully shielding that from the Emperor.

(Endor-Shield Generator)

Had the Rebels been able to send an infiltration team down to the planet's surface at the moment and entered the base housing the Shield Generator to the Death Star they would be surprised to see it was covered with dead bodies of Imperial soldiers. Each one slain with a blade or shot by a blaster with a special assassin style silencer attached to it that would only damage Stormtrooper armor while anything short of that level of protection would be pierced by the shot before hitting flesh.

The source behind the dead Imperials in the complex? The Noghri had been ordered in secret to infiltrate the Shield Generator and dispose of the personnel there before they set explosives in the key places necessary to take down the structure. They were timed for the next few hours, as were the instructions of the son of Vader knowing that the Sith Lord's mind would be probed for any hint of deception by the Emperor during these soon to be crucial hours, and by the time the Rebel group came here their job would be done for them along with possibly taking them with the blast. With any luck, they Rebels that survived would believe the charges they used went off too soon due to being of the black market persuasion, and thus had unknown glitches within the devices.

Such was the nature of deception.

"We must hurry. Son of Vader suspects the Rebels will be here within the next few days," said the Noghri squad leader, as one of his kin had the main system reprogrammed to run automatically without the help of the Imperials they had just killed, and knew there were other creatures on this planet that could cause problems.

"It is done. The system is running on itself thanks to the program son of Vader gave us to upload into it. Neither the Emperor, the Rebels, or the Imperial monitoring this base from within the Death Star," said one of the Noghri working on the system.

Without another word, the Noghri team left the complex as silently as they entered, and not a soul knew of them being there because everyone else...was dead.

(Death Star-Several Days Later)

The Emperor smiled at the demonstration young Skywalker was displaying in using the Force for his own personal amusement and knew that this boy was indeed Vader's son. First, Vader along with his son had demonstrated their Lightsaber skills for the Emperor see just how skilled Skywalker was, and applauded the demonstration then with some of the Inner Circle that accompanied the aged Sith Master to the Death Star agreeing with him. The second demonstration was Luke showing his Force powers that his Father had taught him in using it to lift, push, pull, and crush various objects regardless of the size. The only thing that displeased the Emperor, which was not much, but it was considerable to say the least, was the fact young Skywalker had on natural hand, and could only use Force Lightning with that hand due to Vader taking off the right hand on Bespin.

There was a sense of irony in that little fact regarding Father and son lost their hands to the blade of a Sith Lord.

Still, the Emperor couldn't fault Vader for what he did given the accounts that Lightsaber battles were hard to predict in preventing the loss of a limb much less life, and from what Vader told him of their vicious battle it was clear things spun out of control at the spur of the moment. Had it been both hands, then the Emperor would be more displeased with Vader, but that wasn't the case here, and wasn't about to press things beyond the limits then he already needed to.

The Emperor's musings were interrupted at that point when he sensed a presence coming up the lift to the throne room, which his Royal Guards beside it became silently at the ready, and would take down this person should they be an enemy of the Empire. When the lift stopped, it soon opened to reveal Admiral Piett arriving, as per ordered to by the Emperor should anything of a suspicious nature happen while the fleet was watching over the construction of the Death Star, and it was clear that something did indeed happen.

"Your Excellency," said Piett bowing to the Emperor from the base of the steps leading up to the throne of the Emperor.

"You have news Admiral?" said the Emperor already suspecting what it was.

"Yes your Excellency. A shuttle given one of our older clearance codes had arrived not that long ago requesting to land on the Forest Moon of Endor claiming they had parts along with a technical crew on board. While I cleared them to land after the shield to the Death Star was deactivated, I felt it was suspicious, and wished to report it to you," said Piett hoping his blundering hadn't cost him his life.

"Thank you Piett. You have done well," said the Emperor smiling now knowing that the Rebels sent to destroy the Shield Generator were here and the Rebel Fleet was not that far behind.

"Your Excellency?" said Piett wondering how this action had been good.

"Move the fleet behind Endor out of range of sensors and eyesight. There it will stay until called for," said the Emperor rising and walking down the steps towards the Admiral with Vader along with his son doing the same.

"Yes your Excellency, but what about that shuttle? If they somehow manage to destroy the Shield Generator...," said Piett, but was silenced by the glare the Emperor sent him, and knew it was not wise to continue that sentence.

"I have foreseen this Admiral. Do not worry about the Rebels landing on Endor. I have prepared a trap for them. While my troops deployed to the ground crush the Rebels on Endor, you Admiral will prepare to crush the Rebel Fleet, and finally end this Galactic Civil War," said the Emperor seeing Piett nod in understanding.

"Yes your Excellency," said Piett before bowing to the Sith Master and leaving the throne room.

"Everything is going according to plan my friend," said the Emperor seeing Vader nod and Skywalker did too.

(Rebel Flagship Home One)

"Are the teams in position," said Madine reading over the last reports in his office with some of the men he could trust.

"Yes. They were moved into rotation to watch over the other Alliance leaders during the battle. When you give the signal, they'll take down each leader, and make it look like it was the work of Imperial spies turned assassins," said the officer of Captain rank.

"Good. They are not to move until I give the command and not a moment sooner," said Madine, as he saw the Captain leave with the others, and left the man alone in his office for a moment.

They would want him up on the bridge soon before jumping into Hyperspace to Endor so the time to collect his thought would be brief. The events of the Emperor being on the next Death Star had taken everyone, except himself by surprise, but at the same time brought Madine a sudden revelation of sorts, and it made the bastard son of Palpatine show an evil smile almost worthy of his Father.

At the moment, the Emperor, Vader, and Skywalker were all on the Death Star awaiting the Rebel Fleet to arrive after the infiltration team was sent to Endor destroyed the Shield Generator. Madine knew his Father had prepared for this, as the Sith Master always did, but there was always a chance that the Rebel team would succeed, and allow the Rebel Fleet the chance to destroy the Death Star along with everyone on board.

Including the Emperor, Vader, and Skywalker all in one with Madine being the Supreme Commander of the Alliance that would use the chaos involving the deaths of the other members of Alliance High Command to spirit them towards Coruscant to take over the Imperial Capital to become a Galactic Ruler.

The problem was succeeding in taking down the Shield Generator, which the team sent was more then capable of doing seeing as how they were his team, and had provided them information about the back entrance. It was kept from Alliance High Command during the planning stages of this attack by Madine knowing they would want to send the team there rather then the main entrance.

While the team would head there, it wouldn't be on Alliance High Command's orders, and thus give him all the more support of the Alliance when he revealed it was because of him that the Shield Generator was taken down. With the other Alliance leaders dead by that point, no one would know the truth, and thus give Madine further fame within the organization needed to solidify his power here.

All he had to do was sit back and watch them all kill each other before swooping down upon them at their weakest to take control.

All Alliance High Command are to report to the bridge before preparing for Hyperspace to Endor. I repeat, all Alliance High Command please report to the bridge.

Sighing at the Mon Calamari Cruisers comm. system being designed to relay such forms of communication to all personnel on the ship, Madine left his office, but not before he took the blaster pistol hidden in a small compartment within the desk, and tucked it away for the possible event his plan failed. If his team somehow failed, then the General would just have to do it himself, and take the Galaxy by force.

'Now you'll see Father. Now you'll see one doesn't need that power to become a ruler of the Galaxy,' thought Madine, as he was going to prove his Father wrong, and prove that he was not some weak thing to be set aside.

(Death Star-Throne Room)

"Everything has proceeded just as I have foreseen Lord Vader. Young Skywalker here has become one of us and soon the Rebellion will be crushed at last," said the Emperor, as he saw Vader standing beside on his left, and Skywalker on his right.

"Yes my Master. This will be a day long remembered. The end of the Rebellion is finally at hand and will fall just like the Jedi did years ago," said Vader before sensing another key person in this whole affair had managed to just infiltrate the Death Star and smiled under his mask knowing who it was.

"Your Excellency, when the Death Star is completed, which planet will you test the battle station on?" said Luke seeing the Emperor pause in thought.

"Hard to say my young apprentice. There are so many systems I could wipe out with my Death Star and one of them is already destroyed thanks to my first Death Star. Perhaps a insignificant planet no one cares about anymore or a planet run by Hutt gangsters to make them fall in line," said the Emperor leaving the subtle hint of possibly targeting Vader's and Skywalker's home planet.

"It is your Death Star and therefore its your choice my Emperor," said Luke while doing his very best to keep the poor taste it left in his touch from being heard by the Emperor.

Whatever Palpatine was going to say was stopped by the appearance of the Rebel Fleet off in the distance and the Comm. Officer quickly contacted the Emperor to inform of this moments later.

"Come my young apprentice. See the fall of the Rebels. The very people you once fought for and the very same fools who turned on you right after they learned about Lord Vader being your Father," said the Emperor, as he saw his TIE Fighters engaging while the Star Destroyers of the Imperial Fleet came around the planet, and were holding their position per his orders.

For now, they would be watching from the safety of the throne room of the Death Star, and watch the Rebels fight an impossible battle before them.

(Home One-Bridge)

"Any word on the shield surrounding the Death Star?" said Mon Mothma, as she saw the battle raging on, and saw the Communications Officer in charge shaking his head no.

"We're being heavily jammed by one of the Star Destroyers among the enemy fleet and can't determine if the shield is gone," said Comm. Officer, as the battle raged outside of the ship, and saw the number of TIE Fighters was nearly overwhelming their own.

"Find that specific Star Destroyer. If we can engage and destroy it we'll know if the team we sent to the planet was able to succeed or not," said Admiral Ackbar, as he directed the battle going on from his position, and missed the look Madine was giving him.

Scanning the room, all of Alliance High Command was here in this one place, but the risk of giving the order to his men to blast everyone on the bridge, which would be too risky right now with him here, and the risk of a breach. For now, Madine would wait until the battle dwindled down, and give the order when the opportunity presented itself.

His thoughts on the matter were interrupted when the Death Star fired its Super Laser at a Frigate a few ships over, which shocked even Madine, as he had no idea the systems on the massive battle station were operational, and suspected the Emperor kept that piece of information from him deliberately.

'Ever the sneaky bastard, aren't you Father,' thought Madine, as he overheard Lando Calrissian telling Admiral Ackbar to continue the fight, or else they'd never get another chance like this ever again.

(Death Star-Throne Room)

"Look at them all my young apprentice. Fighting to survive a losing battle. Its almost admirable. Don't you agree Lord Vader?" said the Emperor seeing the destruction of the Rebel Alliance from the window and another blast from the Super Laser hitting another Rebel ship.

"Yes my Master/your Excellency," said Vader and Luke at the same time before a beep on the Emperor throne indicated a message was coming in from the Executor.

"Your Majesty, our sensors indicate the Shield Generator on Endor has been destroyed! It won't be long before the Rebels learn of this and begin their attack on the Death Star's main reactor," said Piett before hearing a hissing noise from the Emperor that was clearly one of anger.

"Tighten the fleet's defensive line around the Death Star. I don't want a single fighter or ship to get through," said the Emperor before killing the transmission.

"Should we have your shuttle prepared just in case my Master?" said Vader calmly, as he saw the Emperor fuming in rage, and knew the Shield Generator being destroyed was not part of the plan.

"No. Not yet," said the Emperor before he sensed something and felt the Force trying to warn him.

"Good," said Luke, as he brought out his Lightsaber, activated the red blade, and moved to strike the Emperor down.

However, the Emperor moved out of the way at the last possible moment using the Force, and Force Pushed Luke down the row of steps before turning to face Lord Vader. The Sith Lord made no move to strike him down, yet made no move to prevent Luke from trying to fight the Emperor again, and it was making Palpatine becoming enraged.

"Your son has betrayed me Lord Vader. Kill him!" said the Emperor, as he saw Vader look at his son standing there at the base of the steps, Lightsaber on ready for a fight, and then turn his head back to him.

"No," said Vader simply seeing Sidious looking at him with even greater anger.

"Traitor!" said the Emperor bringing out his own Lightsaber and Vader ignited his own.

"Isn't that the way of the Sith my Master? Surely, you did not think I, or my son for that matter would serve you after all this time," said Vader while Luke walked up the steps to the throne and saw the Emperor looking down briefly at the younger man.

"I am the greatest Sith the Galaxy has ever produced. I will decide when an apprentice is allowed to take my place. Not you. Not your son. Me!" said the Emperor, as he battled Vader with their Lightsabers clashing, and was soon pushed away by the Sith Lord.

"Your powers are weak old one. Your ego here is the only thing stronger then us," said Luke, as he reached the top of the throne, and moved to combat the Emperor with his blade.

"I'll show you who is weak!" said the Emperor, as he tried to blast the boy with Force Lightning after leaping back, but Vader was already upon him, and flanking the move with his Lightsaber cutting off the hand.

The Emperor screamed out in pain, as he now knew what Dooku, Vader, and Luke went through in losing one of their limbs to a Lightsaber blade. It was even worse when Vader pressed the attack, which wasn't hard to do given the Emperor's frail body lacked any kind of muscle strength to endure such brutal swings from the Sith Lord's blows, and had soon lost his Lightsaber now landing in young Skywalker's left hand.

"You have lost Sidious. The Prophecy will be fulfilled upon your death," said Vader, as he eyed the defeated Sith Master currently on his knees, and could the intense hatred the old man had for him.

"You can't run the Empire without me Vader. Even with your son, the Rebels will bring about constant unrest, and destruction just to see you fall!" said Sidious, as he saw Vader shake his head in disagreement, and it made the man even angrier.

"I know how to stabilize the Galaxy and the Empire after watching you make it suffer. With my children by my side, the Empire you created will be cast down, and knew form of Galactic government will be put in place. One where the laws are fair, yet firm, and bring about a true stability to the Empire itself," said Vader, as he sensed Mara Jade making her presence known after dispatching the Royal Guards during the Emperor's battle with the two Skywalkers.

"Jade. I command you to kill these two. You have the power. I can sense it. Kill them now!" said the Emperor knowing it would give him the opening needed to strike down Vader and his damn child.

"Sorry old man. I don't obey you anymore. I know the truth now behind what you did to me. Do us all here and the Galaxy itself a favor and just die," said Mara, as she pulled out her blaster, and fired several shots at the surprised Sith Master.

And so with just a few blaster shots to his aged body, the infamous Sith Lord Darth Sidious was now dead.

His spirit forever burning in the dark fires of Sith Hell.

Where he belonged.

"It is time to go," said Vader, as he pressed a few keys on the throne, activating the self-destruct sequence, and signaling for the evacuation of the Death Star for all Imperial personnel.

"I agree," said Mara, as she had only been on this damn thing for just a short time, and already she wanted to get off of it.

"Then let us not delay our departure from this place any further," said Vader, as he now walked with a purpose with Luke, and Mara to the lift to head for the hanger bay where their shuttle was ready to depart.

The three of them made their way to the ship Mara had used to get into the Death Star, which was a small, but still somewhat spacious ship not meant for fighting, and more for infiltration. Not surprising given Mara's former profession in being the Emperor's Hand, entering places others could not, and then doing what was required for the assigned task.

(Home One -Bridge)

"There is something going on with the enemy fleet Lady Mon Mothma. The Imperial Fleet is moving to disengage us," said a Rebel Officer monitoring the battle, as TIE Fighters were soon called back to their Star Destroyers, and the Star Destroyers preparing for Hyperspace.

"What? Why?" said Mon Mothma frowning at this news.

"We don't know. Wait! I'm getting an encoded message from the Super Star Destroyer saying to get a safe distance from the Death Star as its about to self-destruct!" said the Rebel Officer seeing the looks of confusion on Admiral Ackbar's calamari face.

"It could be a trap," said Madine seeing Mon Mothma frown in thought.

"Do we know who sent the message within the Super Star Destroyer?" said Mon Mothma seeing the Rebel Officer checking the message over.

"No. But whoever sent it has high level clearance onboard," said the Rebel Officer.

"Why would some Imperial tells us to move away from the Death Star? Its some kind of trick. Press forward!" said Madine, as he wanted to take the Death Star, and use it to make the Empire submit.

"No. Its not that. Something is wrong. Are we still being jammed?" said Mon Mothma wondering if this was some kind of trap.

"No. We're check and...the shield is down. Repeat, the shield surrounding the Death Star is down, and the personnel in it are abandoning the station," said the Comm. Officer.

"Something must have happened within the Death Star to cause this action. Pull the fleet back," said Ackbar, as he wasn't going to risk his men, and saw the Imperial Fleet enter Hyperspace.

"What? Why not send a team in, stop the explosion from happening, and take over the Death Star?" said Madine seeing the members of Alliance High Command looking at him with surprised eyes.

"Are you serious? You want to keep the Death Star intact? Knowing what it is? What it can do?" said Ackbar, as he saw Madine nod, and it was clear those around him disagreed with the idea.

"Of course! The Death Star is our leverage over the Empire. We can even finish what the Empire started and bring the blade to their throat," said Madine knowing that this was the moment he had been waiting for.

"You've lost your mind. Recall all ships to move safely away from the Death Star and monitor its main reactor for any anomalies," said Mon Mothma, as she turned away from Madine, and missed the angry look on his face.

"Its clear none of you have what it take to do what must be done to win this war," said Madine, as he drew his blaster pistol, and fired at Mon Mothma right into her back while those loyal to him did the same to the other members of Alliance High Command.

However, the blaster fire that came from this had struck the bridge window, causing it to shatter, and massive decompression that locked down the bridge along with the majority of the area around it while emergency control went to the Auxiliary Bridge. Madine like the others in Main Bridge of Home One were sent out into space and dying in the dark cold agonizing deathly embrace of space.

(With Vader, Luke, and Mara)

"I sense a shift in the Force," said Luke wondering what it was and knew the two beside him felt it too.

"I sense it too. Its like when we killed Palpatine, but its not as strong, and yet it's potent enough to shift the Force further into balance," said Mara, as she wondered what it truly meant, and wished she could see Vader's face behind the mask to get some kind of idea of what he was thinking.

"Whatever the source behind the shift, it is irrelevant at this point, and the Force has shifted into balance as the Prophecy of the Chosen One was foretold. Once we arrive on Coruscant, I will take control of the Empire with your help, and reign in all its military officials before any of them decide to fight for the throne. After we successfully do that, Leia will come here to assist in the reforming of the Senate, and work out a treaty with the Rebels to call off the fighting," said Vader, as he knew with Leia's natural skills in negotiating inherited by Padme, the Rebels would be willing to listen, and bring about the end to this ridiculous Galactic Civil War.

"We have to quickly kill the rest of the late Emperor's Inner Circle. Some of them are able to use the Force and there are several trained to guard the Emperor's vault. Any one of them could move for the throne," said Mara, as she knew a good deal of knowledge about the Emperor, and was sure some of it involved things even Vader didn't know.

"Agreed. Admiral Piett!" said Vader turning to see his loyal Admiral now standing before him.

"Yes my Lord?" said Piett ready for orders.

"Inform the necessary individuals within the Inner Circle on Coruscant to prepare for my arrival and news regarding the Emperor," said Vader knowing it would get the group ready for him.

And then they would be destroyed.

(Epilogue-Three Years Later)

"Its hard to imagine how things have changed around here," said Leia to Han, as they were living in the very same home her Mother, and Father had lived in when they were married.

"Yeah. Kind of weird if you ask me. I blame all of the Force stuff on your side of the family," said Han from behind and kissing her cheek.

"Just remember nerf herder that its my side of the family that gave approval of us being together. You know how my Father was when he gave his blessing that we get married," said Leia seeing Han chuckle nervously.

"How could I forget? I don't need to be Force sensitive to know how angry Vader was that you wanted to marry me. I thought for sure he'd kill me right there on the spot," said Han knowing it was no doubt thanks to Luke and Leia that stayed Vader's throat crushing right hand from doing what it did best.

"At least Father did what he set out to do. Granted its no Republic, but its much better then what the Empire use to be, and is more stable with Father ruling," said Leia, as she had been part of the Imperial Senate, and made its Supreme Chancellor, who would speak to the Senate, and then the Emperor about the way things were running there.

The first year as the new Emperor had been the most challenging for Vader, as there were many throughout the Empire, who weren't pleased with the succession from the late one, and there was the risk of everything collapsing right away. Fortunately, with Alliance High Command destroyed ironically from within, Leia was able to take advantage of the confusion, and work out a ceasefire with them just long enough for Vader to stabilize the Empire under his rule. The necessary "removal" of Palpatine's Inner Circle had been swift and without mercy since any form of it to them would allow resistance to spring up the Skywalker family. By the time things settled down within the Empire, Leia had been able to convince the Rebels to disband, and those within it were given pardons along with key positions within the Empire to show there were no hard feelings. Rogue Squadron was integrated into the Empire with its members occasionally spending time at the Academy to teach the next generation of pilots how to fly. Lando was allowed to return to Bespin to begin his operations their on Cloud City, but with a legitimate contract with the Empire, and without an oppressive Imperial Garrison to keep it in line.

Luke had been declared their Father's right hand and Heir to the throne with Mara by his side to one day be the first Empress of the Empire. Mara even helped a well respected smuggler by the name of named Talon Karrde work for the Empire after Vader killed the Black Sun leader Prince Xizor and created quite the information network system to help with the outer rim along with other independent systems like the Hapes Cluster.

"I'd be worried about your old man's heart given his age and the fact he's about to be a Grandfather soon. Twice!" said Han referring to Luke getting Mara pregnant and trying to hide it so it would be a surprise.

"He'll be thrilled. I know it. I'm just glad medical technology has come far enough to heal him of his injuries. I had no idea he was in that much pain and for so long," said Leia, as she saw the report the doctors gave her about the extensive damage her Father suffered for so long, and was glad there was a means to fix them.

Most of them anyway.

"Yeah. Kind of makes you understand why he was so cruel when in that suit. Always in pain with every bit of movement made, never really sleeping, and believing that just about everything you had was lost. Make anyone go crazy. Force or no Force," said Han, as he knew weaker men would have killed themselves, or just died from those injuries.

You had to respect the man on some level for enduring that much pain.

"I could sense his pain leaving him during the surgery needed to heal his body. When he woke up, Father was seemed so...happy, and almost completely different from what I had experienced in the past. I think I finally know what Mother saw in him that made her fall in love with Father. I wish I could have known her better," said Leia, as she knew her Father had regretted that day when he Force Choked their Mother, and was still sensitive about the matter.

"Yeah. She must have been really something. Your Father plants a white flower as a small tribute to her by the giant picture in the Imperial Palace. I think he's afraid to visit her grave on Naboo like he's not worthy or something. Maybe one day we can all go as a family and pay our respects. Not to mention visit of your relatives on your Mother's side of the family," said Han seeing Leia smile at the idea.

"That would be nice. Father maybe able to hold off on such an idea if its just me or Luke asking him individually, but if we ask him together I'm sure it will work," said Leia, as she would talk to Luke about it tomorrow, and see if they could convince Vader to agree.

"Just make sure you tell him its your idea. If he finds out its mine I'm doomed," said Han getting an elbow to the ribs.

"No promises nerf herder," said Leia giving him a look that told the former smuggler he was going to take his lumps like a man or else!

"Damn! I should have gone with Chewie to see that Yoda guy. According to Luke, he's about to pass away soon, and the fuzz ball wanted to see him one last time," said Han rubbing his ribs.

"Not a chance. Your staying ant that's all there is to it," said Leia giving him a glare worthy of her Father and Han reluctantly caved in.

"All right! All right! I'll stay and take my lumps," said Han wondering if that glare Leia used was inherited from her Father or Mother.

Maybe it was both.

"Good boy. I knew there was a reason I keep you around," said Leia kissing him again.

"On another topic, how is it going with that Ahsoka Tano woman. I know she was a former Jedi and all during the Clone Wars," said Han, as he was surprised Vader had an apprentice during that time, and that very same apprentice survived.

"Good. I sense Ahsoka is a lot like my Father was back when he was considered Anakin Skywalker. In fact, she's called him 'SkyGuy' on more then one occasion, and I think that is her pet name for him. Just like he calls her 'Snips' from time to time. She wants to learn what we are learning from him," said Leia, as she felt something else from the Togruta, and wondered if they went beyond the Master/Student relationship.

"She's good for him. I think they'll hit it off quite well," said Han getting another hit to the ribs by Leia.

"Han! My Father is older then her," said Leia glaring at him again.

"Yeah and from what I understand so was your Mother when they first met. And what about yours truly? Have you forgotten I'm a few years older then you?" said Han hearing the woman in front of him grumble.

"I suppose your right for once. I just think its weird to consider her a Stepmother of all things though I don't think that will be the case," said Leia since the two had bonded in a more sisterly fashion.

"Yeah. I think Luke sees her more like that in the parental department because he never really had one growing up while you did. You're content with have her being more of a sister to you, but Luke hasn't, and wants that experience," said Han kissing Leia again.

"For someone without Force abilities or connection you have a lot of insight into these things," said Leia with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey! Its me!" said Han with his scoundrel like smile that Leia loved.

"Yeah. It is you," said Leia kissing him again finding herself content and happy with her life along with the life of her family right now.

All was right with the Galaxy and the Force was back in balance.

Such was the Prophecy of the Chosen One.


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