Um, so yeah this was my first venture into writing fic so yeah, it might be horrible. As I had never really written something like this before. Anyway, hope you enjoy.


We were never meant to be, we just happened…


It was a cold September evening; the brown leaves were blowing with the cold wind as they spread across to cover the ground. The clouds had turned to a dark blue and the sun had gone into hiding as the night began encroaching Forks. This was the worst part of the day, when twilight began to reach its maximum peak. The drunken men started approaching the roads hoping to meet a mistress who would warm their beds. I loathed this part of the day, why couldn't the sun just stay till the next day? It didn't have to hide for the moon to come out. I wrapped my jacket tightly around my skinny body so the cold won't allow the goosebumps crawl on my skin.

"Ladies, are you ready to bring me money?" Aro laughed as he examined each and every one of us to check if we were ready.

"Great! Another night, I can't wait to get out of this hellhole," Jessica whispered as she crushed a small rock with the heel of her shoe.

Everyone wanted to flee this shithole after all who wanted to be a prostitute forever? But none of us where in any shape to do that considering we didn't really have any way to make our money. It was something that had brought us to this forsaken place. Aro had been kind enough to offer help to us and we were grateful but the truth was that it wasn't enough.

"I'm going to find a fucking husband tonight!" Heidi squealed with delight as she lit her cigarette and passed it down to Jessica.

"You say that every fucking day Heidi," I rolled my eyes and collected the cigarette from Jessica and took a pull. That felt really good! I thought to myself as I inhaled the smoke and felt it spread through me.

"Yes, but today is different. I have hope," she continued as she pulled a small lipstick from her purse and applied it to her pink lips.

"You have hope everyday Heidi!" I snapped, as irritation crept over me and fell my head back to pack my brown hair blowing with the wind.

"It isn't bad to have hope, people have dreams and someday it will come true just like other people's dreams come true." Heidi spat angrily.

"Yeah, like Jess here who has hopes that she will become an actress? We don't see that happening." I mocked.

"Thanks Bella," Jessica frowned as she took another drag from the cigarette.

"Even if you do find a husband, there is no way Aro would let you go and you know that."

"If I pay him, he would let me go," Heidi continued.

"No he won't,"

"Yes he will, you don't have to be so cynical all the time! Everyone isn't like you," she stomped off angrily to the other girls who stood on the left side of the building.

"Bella, why can't you resign from being a bitch all the time?" Angela hopped into the conversation as she watched Heidi's retreating from.

"I just want her to accept reality and stop living in all those fantasies she dreams about, life is much harder and she should be prepared." I smiled. "Now here are our customers," I watched as a black 650i BMW stopped right in front of us.

"Hey sweethearts, which one wants to be my bitch for tonight?" A dark-haired drunken guy popped his head out of the passenger seat window with a bottle of wine in his left hand.

I grimaced with disgust as Angela entered the car. All these jerks should at least pay some respect to the woman who would give them pleasure. Ugh! "Bye bitches, bring me some money tonight!" Angela exclaimed as they drove off.

I leaned back into the wall and began to shiver as a light breeze blew across my face. I reached into my pocket to fish for more cigarettes as a silver Volvo stopped in front of me and Jessica.

"Hey sir," Jessica said, her lips curving into a smile as she approached the Volvo.

"Hey, who is your friend?" A seductive voice asked as Jessica's face fell.

"Oh, her name is Bella," she turned to glance at me briefly before returning her gaze to the gentleman.

"Could you ask her to come over?" he asked politely as she blushed and turned over to me.

"Yeah, he wants you." She said as her eyes fumed with jealously.

I couldn't help but smile at her before turning to the young gentleman who requested for me. "Yes?" I asked as he opened the front door of the car.

"Are you gonna enter?" He asked impatiently as if he was trying to get away from something.

I hopped into the Volvo and continued to smoke my cigarette as he turned the radio on. A familiar song filled through the car as I tried to remember what it was. I pushed back into the sit and closed my eyes as I recognized the song to be Sweet thing by Van Morrison.

"So you listen to Van Morrison?" I asked as I turned my head to look at the young gentleman driving the car for the first time. He was…handsome. He wore a grey shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He had bronze messy hair that kept entering his eyes, with a very structured squared jaw and set of cheek bones. His hands looked soft, like he didn't work much using his hands.

"Yes," he turned to look at me for brief seconds before turning back to the road. I immediately felt my heart beat faster as I looked at his green eyes.

I decided that I wasn't going to talk since I couldn't make any coherent discussion and went back to smoking my cigarette. The silence drowned us until we reached the hotel. It was the most expensive fucking hotel in Forks and no customer had ever brought me here. In fact, only a few girls from the brothel had been here, Tasha and some other girls. I had heard stories of how beautiful it was but it was nothing compared to what my imagination had cooked up. I stepped down from the Volvo and clenched my jacket tighter as the cold enveloped me. He slid a hand over my waste and I immediately felt a jolt of electricity pass through me at the sudden touch.

"I'm sorry," he smiled politely and we walked into the hotel.

"Hello Mr. Cullen, should I give you the keys to the suite now?" the concierge at the desk smiled flirtingly as she saw us approaching.

"Yes please." He answered.

So he was a regular here…hmm…

He was even more handsome in the light; he was lean and a little bit muscular. He didn't have a six pack or anything as I turned my gaze to his torso but he was perfectly fit.

"Here you go, if there is anything you need, you can call me." She placed the keys in his hand and I swear I saw her wink at him. I felt insulted considering the fact that she didn't acknowledge my presence but then prostitutes were just shadows.

We rode in the elevator in silence as I got overwhelmed at the fact that I was finally in this hotel, which I would probably have never dreamed off. I was happy that Jessica would die of envy when I relayed the details to her in the morning. We finally got into the room and it was heaven. I bit the inside of my cheeks so as not to show my excitement before he would think I was a young child who could not satisfy his needs.

"Do you need to prepare?" he ran a hand through his hair absentmindedly as he placed the keys on the glass table.

"Uhh…" I stuttered, as I felt my knees shake when I met his eyes. I really didn't know why I was having this feeling towards him. It was those damn piercing green eyes!

"You can go into the shower and join me when you're ready," he said when he felt that I won't be capable of answering.

I walked slowly towards the bathroom and took a second to gaze at the shower and the bathtub, contemplating which one to use. I finally made up my mind and entered the shower. I let the hot water shower over my body and release the tense feeling I had. I decided I wanted to wash my hair as well, who knew when I would be able to use an expensive shampoo on it again? The hair needed this reward, at least before I returned to the hell hole. My mind wandered to Mr. Cullen as a heat of trepidation crept over me. What if he saw how lean I was and didn't want me? I didn't even know why I thought about this considering that I really didn't take into deliberation what my customers thought of me. If they didn't like what they saw, well then they could as well go to hell. I stopped the shower, cleaned my hair and went into the bedroom.

The bed was five times bigger than the one I had and I was sure it was softer too. I stood for a few minutes at the door as I assessed him lying on the bed. His eyes were closed and his hands were at the back of his head. He looked like he was in deep in thought and I hated to interrupt it but I had to do my job. I moved over to him and lay beside him.

"Mr. Cullen," I called in a soft voice which pulled him out of his reverie.

"I'm sorry," he turned over to his side to face me.

He loosened the knot that tied my towel together and removed it. His hands moved slowly from my chin down to my stomach and as his hands trailed they left goosebumps on the places he touched. His fingers came up to my lips and I pulled at it with my tongue and bit his forefinger softly which caused him to moan. I decided to take off his clothes since he took off my towel while kissing his nape. His huge soft hands enveloped my small slender body and he pulled me on top of him. After removing his clothes, I took his lips into mine desperately as a fire of lust drove through me. He began to kiss me hungrily while his hands ran up and down my thighs. I elicited a moan as he took one of my nipples in between his teeth and sucked on it gently. His left hand drove down and brushed my clit and I gasped at the touch. He used his two fingers and drove them in and out of me as our breaths hitched together.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed and leaned back into the soft mattress as my mind swamped with ecstasy.

My hands began working their way to his dick and when I finally got him, I brought it in my palm and began rubbing it roughly. He hissed and bent his head back as I guided it toward my clit.

"Are you fucking ready?" He asked in a hoarse voice.

I just nodded as I gazed into his eyes as he drove into me. I didn't look away from him as he entered in and out of me as we both started sweating at the incredible friction. My hands dug into his hair as he dropped his head into my neck. I had never had sex with any of my customers like this before. Most of them usually just wanted me to service them and they didn't even treat me with respect. But he treated me with respect. We were reaching climax now and we both knew it. When it finally came, we both fell back and relaxed into the bed. I thanked God that I was on the pill; the last thing Aro wanted was for his girls to be pregnant. I smiled in contentment hoping that he had enjoyed it even though it was short. He seemed too tired to continue and I didn't want to push it. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.