An Angel Would Know

Castiel heard the Winchester Brothers before he saw them. He wondered briefly if it was ever possible for them to proceed quietly, but dismissed the thought. He knew it was never going to happen.

"–is not a planet Dean! Pluto is a celestial being! And dwarf planet! It's too small!"

"Bull, alright Sammy! It's a planet. It's a planet because I say so!" Dean opened the door to their hotel room, and froze for a moment when he saw Cas quietly in the corner. Instead of saying anything, he nodded his head in greeting and leapt onto the nearest bed.

"I'll repeat it one more time, Dean. Pluto is too small to be a planet. If Pluto is a planet, its moon may as well be one as well." Sam didn't stop his heated argument to notice Castiel. The angel didn't mind. He stared from brother to brother, wondering what they were arguing about.

All of a sudden, Dean cast a look at the angel of Thursday, green eyes narrowed. "I bet Cas would know." Castiel just barely managed to keep his face under control as he looked back at Sam.

"What are you fighting about?" He asked softly. But he went more or less ignored as Sam locked eyes with Dean.

"An angel would know, wouldn't he?" Both brothers rounded on Castiel, eyes narrowed, each determined not to lose to the other. "Pluto." Sam said quickly.

"Is it a planet or isn't it?" Dean intervened. Castiel's head titled in a look akin to a lost puppy. He'd always thought humans were strange and random. But this 'took the cake' so to speak, though he didn't understand that phrase all too well either.

" really matter?" Dean made a sound as though to say 'of course it really matters!' Castiel's brow creased in a frown. He looked from Sam to Dean. "I's a planet....?" Sam groaned loudly as Dean shouted in triumph and clapped Castiel on the back.

"I'm buying you pie!"

He supposed he'd done the right thing. It was one or the other. But he had the feeling he should have been on Sam's side. He had the feeling he would have gotten cheesecake instead of pie.


lawl. As if an angel really cares if Pluto is a planet or not. Reveiw please!