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So, FYI, here are the choices that are the turning points in our favorite characters lives.

David Rossi--Never left the BAU. Still wrote all of his books and is a well-known author, but refused to give up on his 'unfinished business' until it was finished. Sadly, it is not. At least not yet :)

Aaron Hotchner--Never applied to the FBI. Worked as a district attorney in Virginia before becoming the Attorney General for Virginia.

Jennifer Jareau (JJ)--Again, never applied to the FBI. Now works as a PR rep for a high profile PR firm.

Penelope Garcia--Parents never died. Never dropped out of Cal-Tech. Became a technical analyst for the same PR firm where JJ works.

Emily Prentiss--Caved to parents wishes and became an international business woman.

Spencer Reid--Father decided to take Spencer with him. Now a Nobel Prize winning Physicist.

Derek Morgan--Father somehow survived the shooting. After graduating from Northwestern with his JD, Morgan became a prosecuting attorney for Cook County, Illinois which allowed him to stay close to his family. Recently transferred to work directly under the Attorney General for Virginia.

JJ slammed the alarm clock that violently awakened her. Another day. Another day doing a job that she cared about but worked her to the bone. She loved the PR firm she worked at, she loved her coworkers and her friends more than anything, but something always felt like it was missing; A life.JJ mused to herself. One moment alone, and she might have been able to find one for her, but the truth remained that at thirty years old, she had shut off the slightest possibility that she could have a life outside of work.

She got ready quickly, having perfected the art of looking decent without spending more than an hour on herself; she needed as much sleep as she could get, and the last thing she needed to waste her time on was getting dressed in the morning. Usually methodical and patient, JJ grabbed her keys and left her tiny home at her usual time—7:43, giving her enough time to be exactly five minutes early. JJ had a well worn routine, one that no man, no matter how fantastic, could break.

As JJ arrived, she took in a few deep breaths, the calm before the plunge. Her life outside of Wesson & Davis was mundane; inside however, was a continual panic, her life being ruled by impulse decisions and quick thinking. She took one last sip of her tea, and walked into the glass doors, heels clicking lightly on the tile.

"JJ, the Jackson Bright account needs to speak with you immediately." The intern—JJ swore her name was Laura but she wasn't sure—called the second the blonde was in sight.

"If they call back, tell them I will talk to them when I have a minute." JJ commanded, the Brights were JJ's largest account of her long and diverse client list, taking up nearly all of the company's resources. Being fabulously wealthy, the old-money blue bloods often made very public mistakes that needed JJ's expertise. They paid a hefty sum for what JJ did for them, their 25 year-old son getting a high school aged girl pregnant had single-handedly paid for JJ's trip to the Bahamas last winter, but JJ was worth every penny.

"The Cameron's executive called, he was wondering if you could do a consult." Another employee called—JJ had no clue what her name was, although the woman must have been in that cubicle for the last three years.

"Tell him to make an appointment with my assistant." Cameron's department store had endured more scandal in its Board of Trustees and Top Executives than anyone could have guessed. With major corporations, it wasn't uncommon for corruption to be in the business plan, but they got busted—big. A disgruntled employee turned whistle blower when the CFO began inflating the company's stocks, causing the Cameron's to scatter to keep its stock holders. JJ had never seen such a large purge, the entire upper management, save the President and Vice President of the company, was let go. Cameron's needed JJ's help badly, and for her part, she had delivered. Their current popularity was skyrocketing, despite the rumors that the company would have to shut its doors.

Before stopping into her office where she would be stuck talking to her clientele until given the chance to break free and run around the spacious offices of Wesson & Davis like a chicken with its head cut off, she decided to visit her favorite coworker and best friend—Penelope Garcia.

Garcia, as she was normally called, was fun-loving and completely unprofessional. She stuck out like a sore-thumb in the business suit clad ocean of Wesson and Davis. If it wasn't for the fact that she was the best at what she did, she probably would've been fired by now. But one fact remained; Garcia was the best computer-whiz JJ had ever seen in action. She could find dirt on any blackmailer around. The two had bonded instantly; JJ didn't know how she had ever gone through life without Garcia brightening her day.

"Hey Sugar toes, what can I hit you up for?" Garcia smiled as JJ walked into her office. She quickly clicked out of the browser she had up. JJ didn't need to know what she was doing—yet.

"Nothing. I just came in here to talk." JJ laughed, sipping her ever present tea once again.

"Wait, and spend a moment away from your office? Jayje, how will you survive?" She laughed, making a mental note of everything that came to mind when JJ walked in. Perception wasn't always her strong suit, but this would help her on her secret mission.

"I've got my tea. That's all I need in life." JJ chortled. It was common knowledge around Wesson & Davis that Jennifer Jareau was a tea addict, people would often try to get her to drink coffee, which was the assumed life blood of the earth, but she would always refuse. She left her coffee behind at Georgetown, discovering the sweet aroma of tea. Anyone who would mess with that, she would take down.

"What about a good man?" Garcia asked innocently. "Could you use one of them?"

"And where would I find one of those?" JJ questioned sarcastically, not knowing that Garcia knew the answer to that.

"Online." Garcia remarked, with just enough mirth that JJ hadn't thought she was serious. But she was, she was very serious.

Aaron Hotchner arrived at the office long before he was due. Being the Attorney General for the citizens of Virginia was rewarding enough, though it had seemingly cost him a lot. Once, back when he was still young and unsure of his decision, he had almost thought of leaving his precious career, but Hailey had talked him out of it. He still missed Hailey, but the hours and his love of the job had driven an irreparable wedge between them.

"Hey Hotch." Morgan called. Derek Morgan was Hotch's right hand in the prosecution of criminals. He had come from Northwestern with the highest of recommendations. The justice system was lucky to have Derek Morgan on the prosecution side or far too many guilty men would've walked free. If Hotch wasn't mistaken, he noticed Morgan type a few last details as he clicked out of the internet in record speed.

"Hi, Morgan." Hotch said, unsure of what was going on. If Morgan continued to put the bad guys in prison, Hotch frankly didn't care what the man was up to. "I'll be in my office if you need me."

"Alright." Morgan replied, pulling back up the page he had previously been doting on before as he heard the door click shut. He felt creepy doing it, it wasn't right for man to get involved in another man's love life. It was against bro-code. But if Morgan didn't find Hotch a distraction soon, he would be taking time off for an ulcer. Hotch was over working the entire department, and Morgan was going to bring an end to it.

The E-Harmony profile he had posted in his boss's name was faring well; it looked like there were some very desperate women who could use Hotch in their lives, although Morgan was sure that he would've satisfied them far better than Hotch ever could. But it wasn't Morgan's ability to attract women that was in question. He needed to find the right girl, one that could distract Hotch for long enough for Morgan to recoup from the treacherous hours he had been working. This was not a matter of pleasure; it was a matter of sanity.

He browsed through the various matches that had been suggested, noting that none of these women seemed like they could exactly handle the Aaron Hotchner ways. He was almost disheartened enough to close the book on his weeklong attempt at matchmaking when he noticed a picture of a blonde woman biting her lip casually. Pictures didn't say everything, but she seemed to be laid-back enough. He clicked to get a better look at Jennifer Jareau.

He skimmed through her profile, liking what he saw. Thirty years old, blonde, 5'6, Cancer, Non-Smoker, Presbyterian (non-orthodox), PR Rep in the DC area. She said that she was looking for a 'Constant, stable man', Hotch was nothing if not stable. Likes: Tea, Italian Food, Reading, Movies and watching 'Ace of Cakes'. Dislikes: Mistakes of the fabulously rich, being away from work, coffee. She seemed perfect, the perfect distraction. It was time to make contact.

Morgan took in a deep breath, trying to channel his inner Hotch. He wondered what a workaholic would say to a fellow workaholic that would entice her in for a closer look. If he were to be honest with himself, he would have admitted that the chances of Hotch trying to pick up a girl online were slim to none, so there was no template for him to follow, but that didn't stop Morgan. Persistence was not persuaded into defeat when sleeping hours were involved.

He attempted again, this time to better results. "Hi." Morgan muttered under his breath, typing the message that was going to take his work-addicted boss off his hands for a little while. "My name is Aaron Hotchner, check out my profile." Morgan typed decisively. Sure it was lame, but this girl had to be a little desperate, she was, after all, on E-Harmony.

"Ugh." Garcia cringed as she read the message that had blared upon her screen. "Check out my profile?" She muttered disbelievingly. In the few weeks that JJ's account had been up, the problem hadn't been finding potential suitors; JJ had her fair supply of those. The tricky part was trying to screen out the creepos that threatened her friend's datinghood.

The not so witty repertoire of words that had appeared in that message in no way tempted Garcia to send her very best friend into this guys waiting arms. She clicked to get a better look at the moron who hadn't the decency to even flirt in the message. What she beheld was not what she expected.

While in the one sentence she had based her judgment of Aaron Hotchner on was, in fact, lame, his profile made him out to be something else.

He was cute, Penelope hadn't expected that. He seemed tall from his picture, though it wasn't probably the best shot she'd seen. The page was purely amateur, but she could let that go, not everyone was as talented as she. Maybe she'd give him another chance. He seemed decent enough, there was no indication that he would be like the losers JJ had dated before. Tagging his profile so that she could remember it for future reference, Garcia clicked to see the next contender.

Yuck. Yuck was all that Garcia could think when she saw the profile of one William LaMontagne Jr. He was from Louisiana; oh she couldn't subject her best friend to the accent. Deciding that she wasn't going to even suggest this for JJ, she blocked the user quickly, swearing to stay as far away from this guy as possible. Yes, she had gotten—well gotten denoted that JJ knew what she was doing, so she more had found a way- JJ to try online dating. She was not wasting it on that guy.

Garcia contemplated for a moment, finally deciding that Aaron Hotchner was the best thing she had seen so far, maybe he wouldn't that bad after all. She pulled her face to smile like JJ did. She found that the more she acted like JJ, the easier it was to write like JJ. She began to try to channel her inner JJ, but found it difficult. If she was being JJ, she would never be on E-harmony in the first place.

"Hey sugar." Garcia began, smiling at herself with the bold power she felt. "I definitely liked what I saw. Do you want to chat sometime?"

She recieved a return message far faster than she expected, and smiled at the soft banter in the message. "Baby Girl, I'd chat with you anytime :)"

Maybe this can work out for my blonde, relationship challenged friend after all. She mused to herself as she scheduled a time to meet.