I'm such a sucker for a challenge, so I've succumbed to the fanfic100 challenge over on LiveJournal. The mission is to write 100 stories (all at least 100 words long) based in one fandom and using the given (often single word) prompts. My regular readers (hi, guys!) will know that I'm a Rodney McKay whumper, so I've chosen my favourite theme for this collection.

I've decided that I'm going to write drabbles, rather than fully fledged stories. These are chapters that are less than 1000 words long and are usually short scenes or reflections on a character's thoughts at a particular moment.


He stood still and tilted his head down as he furrowed his brow at the body on the ground. Such beauty in life was now gone in death and he could not process the emotions flooding his system.

"Come on, McKay, we need to get moving!" Sheppard called out to him.

"I…I…" but words failed him.

Rodney McKay; never one to admire nature's enchantment, but rather the stunning symmetry he found within lines of code or technology, had been rendered speechless.

He thought they should all stop and mourn the loss, or at least acknowledge the passing of another being.

A hand on his arm brought him back.

"I'm really sorry, Rodney, but we'll have to leave it."

A bright chirruping above lifted his eyes up to the canopy and even through the sorrow he smiled. For many blue, green and yellow birds were looking down on him and he knew they would continue to lament the fall of their friend in song, long after he had gone.

McKay took a last look at the brightly plumaged bird on the ground and sighed sadly before he rejoined his teammates.