E/O Drabble Challenge of the Week

Challenge word: 'cover'

Word Count: 100 words on the dot!! Woo!!

Summary: Takes place during episode 4.18 "The monster at the end of the book" Dean flips through one of the books that Chuck wrote of them. He finds one of the worst memories he and Sam have.

A/N: Hello everyone! So I hope everyone enjoyed episode 4.18 because I sure did. It made me laugh out loud and it was a perfect twist. It showed that the brother's connection is still strong but Sam Is like going more towards the dark side. Anyway I hope this is enjoyable! Also next week I will be posting early because I am going on vacation on April 13 and April 12 is Easter, so yeah. Peace!

A monster at the end of THAT book

Dean Winchester ran his fingers across the smooth cover of the colorful book.

"In my time of dying." Dean reads aloud from the passenger seat of the Impala.

Sam looks away from the road, "What's that one about?"

"A lot of things." Dean clears his throat, "Dad's death."

Sam presses his lips together tightly and his eyes are suddenly glossy, "Oh."

Then with a swift calm motion the eldest Winchester tosses the book in the back seat.

"Nothing but a monster at the end of that book." He mumbles as he and Sam drive off down the dusty lonesome road.