A/N: Written and uploaded at the request of my beta. I think it's kinda stupid, but I did have fun writing it. Don't you feel bad for those poor chim chims? :D

Application for Employment



1) You must be comfortable in tight spaces, often wedged together with eight to ten other chim chims.

2) You must not be adverse to player characters kicking you in order to receive the blue sphere that rests atop your head.

3) Should a player kick the vase, tree, pot, statue, barrel, etc, in which you reside, you are to fall with the other chim chims and run around the field to present a challenge to the player.

4) If you manage to get away from the player character chasing you, hide behind something indiscreet and squeal to alert them of your presence.

5) You may have to walk around in circles for days on end, should you be placed on a railing against the wall of one of the fields.

6) If you are placed on the aforementioned railing, you are to walk or ride innocently and obliviously until a player character presses the green steam button and knocks you to the ground.

7) Once the player character does what is mentioned in number six (6), you are to copy the motions portrayed in number three (3) and four (4).

Roles of a Chim Chim:

The Common:

You will start here, as a typical rookie chim chim. The Common chim chims reside in small, enclosed areas and endure endless kicking from player characters seeking to get through doors or open trick boxes.

The Golden:

You will graduate to The Golden chim chim when you have been kicked no less than five-hundred (500) times by different player characters. As The Golden chim chim, you will perform the same duties as The Common do, but you will be worth five times more. This new level will make you more desirable to the player character, and it will be next to impossible for you to run from their feet when they get you in their sights.

The King:

This is the second highest chim chim you can become. As The King, you will be larger than most player characters, but much slower than your previous counterparts. It will take a team of player characters to kick you into submission, and once they do, you will give them 99 spheres as a reward for your abuse. You reach The King level only after you have been kicked at least one thousand (1000) times by different player characters.

The Ninja:

This is the highest form of chim chim, and the most revered. To be The Ninja, you will have spent no less than one (1) year as The King. As The Ninja, you are placed in a group with two (2) others and have the ability to attack and disappear as you please. The only requirement as The Ninja is to attack only player characters possessing fifty-five (55) or more chim spheres. Though it only takes one kick to bring you down as The Ninja, you are now able to dart around faster than even The Common, and provide almost no worth to the character you are attacking.

Let the revenge begin.

A/N: For the measure, I have no idea how many chim spheres the king ones actually give you, because my bf and I always have it nearly maxed out when we find them. I just guessed on a number. Hope you enjoyed! :)