A Lonely Vampire

By Dlynn

A lonely and heart throbbing vampire, for years has watched an orphan lay flowers on her parents' tombstone, but when she goes missing. Edward is determined to find Bella.

I spent my whole vampire life alone. No one else seemed important to be in my life. So I walked the earth alone. Drinking the blood of humans, being the monster I had no choice but to be.

As I was hunting, a scent caught my attention. That person's scent was impossible to ignore. I began following that trail.

I reached a dark house that looked deserted. The front door had been ripped off its hinges. I walked in without any hesitation. The entire place had been robbed, I continued following the scent. It led me up stairs into one of the bedrooms.

The door was half closed. As I slowly pushed it open, I instantly saw a man and a woman lying on a bed dead. They were both stabbed to death, but their scent wasn't the ones I was following. It was leading me to the attic.

The staircase to the attic was in the dead couple's closet. I walked up the stairs and when I got the attic, I heard crying. I turned on the light and I saw a little girl hiding in the corner.

When she saw me, the little girl trembled, "Are you going to hurt me?" she asked in a sweet voice.

Something was wrong, I couldn't read her mind, oh well doesn't matter. I inhaled her scent deeply and my instincts told me to rip into her, but a strange power inside me, was able to stop me from devouring her.

This little girl would have been really mouth-watering, so I decided to test it out. I gripped her by the shoulders, the little girl gasped in fear. As I was about to sink my teeth into her tiny neck, something inside my body was burning me in agony. I knew I couldn't hurt her without suffering.

I released my grip on her, "No," I answered. The little girl began rubbing her eyes and was about to fall asleep, I picked her up and cradled the little one in my arms. She slept so innocently, I knew I needed to keep her safe.

I took her out of the house and brought her to an orphanage about a hundred miles away.

As I laid her on the front porch with a note explaining what happened to her parents, I noticed the little girl had a necklace around her neck. I examined the necklace more closely. The heart shaped charm was engraved with the name Bella.

"Well Bella, we'll soon meet again." I rang the bell and disappeared.

After realizing how Bella meant so much to me instantly, I vowed to only drink the blood of animals and then return to be with her.