Just a random little drabble that came to me… randomly. My first NCIS fic =) Review please! I'd love to improve as a writer so feel free to be harsh. I am.

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Spoilers: "Bury Your Dead" and "Family"

It was past 11 pm when Ziva went to answer the door. Tony stood there, eyes red and hair disheveled. His suit, the same one he'd worn earlier that day as they'd wrapped up the case, was now in disarray.


His mouth was on hers before she could finish asking him why he'd come. She could taste the stale alcohol on his breath and feel it in his clumsy movements against her, but she let him pull her closer and slip his hands beneath her shirt.

Somehow, they ended up in her bedroom, clothes discarded across the floor. He lay atop her, pinning her to the bed, as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him as close as two bodies could get. She could almost lose herself in the sensations and pretend that the hot, open-mouthed kisses down her neck, the roughened hands against her skin, the reactions he was dragging mercilessly from her body, were meant for her. She felt his tears fall onto her shoulder.

As he spent himself and collapsed atop her, Jeanne's name spilled from his lips, half a moan, half a sob. She clenched her teeth, not allowing herself to say anything at all as she followed him.

Later, once they had come down from their high, they lay in a silence only broken by the sound of their breathing, her hand in his hair, his head on her chest. Tony was not the only one with tears sliding down his cheeks.

The next morning, he was gone.