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Naruto lay in his bed, eyes locked on the ceiling. The blonde genin was deep in thought on his actions the previous day. After being caught holding Hinata with her pants down by Kurenai, he had been unable to think of anything else. He knew that Hinata was told about everything that he had down while running around disguised as her and he felt sick about it. The image of what the look on her face must've been when she heard it all was haunting him. It was bad enough to think of how he was going to talk to her after spreading copies of that photo of her all over the village; how could he possibly face her now!? He groaned miserably and turned over, burying his face in his pillow.

Naruto felt someone's hand grab his shoulder and shake him, "Get up, it's time to do the last task."

Naruto looked up at Twisted, glaring at him, "Forget it. You can do it yourself."

Twisted turned Naruto over forcefully, "No, you're doing it. That's the way it has to be." He grabbed Naruto by his collar and pulled him up. "That's the way it's going to be. Got it?"

Naruto grumbled and pushed Twisted away, "Yeah I got it. What I don't get is why you're doing this in the first place!"

"I have my reasons and they're of no concern to you. Leave it at that."

Naruto got up, "No! Why did you pick me!? Why Hinata?! What are you getting out of this!?"

"Why do you want to know? It's not like you even care about her."

Naruto stomped his foot, "That's not true! Hinata is my friend and I do care about her!"

Twisted burst out laughing. Naruto kept glaring at him until he finally stopped. The dark man pulled nine photos out of his cloak and handed them to Naruto. Naruto took them, seeing the first one was of him slapping Hinata on the butt; the very first task. He looked at the next one. It showed Hinata and Naruto at the BBQ restaurant. Hinata looked crestfallen and hurt; the same look she had on her face just after Naruto had called her a pervert. Naruto continued though the photos, each one showing Hinata's reactions to each of the tasks. Naruto felt a pang of guilt when he came to the seventh one which showed an angry Hiashi Hyuga scolding a very upset Hinata. Naruto looked away, feeling ashamed of himself. He hadn't realized just how badly he had been upsetting Hinata, until now that is.

Twisted seemed satisfied by Naruto's silence. "Take a look at that last one." Naruto looked and saw it was a photo of Hinata lying in her bed asleep, clutching a book tight in her arms. "Look closely at her face Naruto. You can see tear streaks. I took that of her last night and she clearly cried herself to sleep. No doubt due to your actions. So tell me how you can possibly care about her when you do that to her?"

"I…I didn't want to…"

"Then why did you do it?"

"You know why! When I tried to stop you started to blackmail me! How was I supposed to stop upsetting her when you're threatening to something worse to her if I don't!? It isn't fair!"

"Life isn't fair kid. And besides, you're a ninja, you should be able to work your way out of tight spots like this. Now enough of your whining, you have work to do. Here."

Twisted pulled out a book and gave it to him. Naruto saw it was the same book Hinata was holding in the picture. "This…this is…"

"That's right Naruto. It's Hinata's diary. I took it right out of her hands while she was asleep."

Naruto thrust the book back at Twisted, practically snarling at him. "Put it back in her room. I don't want any part of this anymore!"

"Too bad, you're doing it that is unless you want me to show off those photos of Hinata. And just so you know I have much more revealing ones than the one I showed you. If anyone ever saw them Hinata would never live it down." Twisted opened the diary and flipped to the latest entry. "And since we have her diary, why don't we take a little peek at what she's written?"

Naruto lunged at Twisted, trying to take the book back. "Don't! Give it back!"

"If you didn't want me to read it then you shouldn't have handed it to me. Besides what difference could it make? Everyone will think you read it when they find out so what's the harm?"

"Give me Hinata's diary or I'll make you give it to me! And then I'll make you give me all the photos your using to blackmail me and destroy them!"

Twisted chuckled, "Well, well it looks like you've finally grown a spine. I admire that, so I tell you what let's make this interesting. Let's play a little game, if you can catch me and take back Hinata's diary then I'll give you the photos I have of her. But if you can't then you're going through with the task as planned. Agreed?"

Naruto hesitated, thinking it over. It looked like it would be his best shot so he nodded in agreement, "Fine! Just make sure you give me all of the photo's you have of her!"

"Don't worry, I will. But you need to catch me first!"

Twisted threw a smoke bomb and used the opportunity to escape. Naruto coughed and waited for the smoke to clear. When it did he created twenty shadow clones and had them spread out to look while he did a quick search of his apartment, just incase Twisted was actually hiding there somewhere. After checking just about every nook and cranny he left, knowing that Twisted was long gone. He ran off, creating more clones to search the village. He himself went to the Hokage monument knowing he could get a good view of the whole village from there. It was only when he got there that he realized there was a flaw in his plan.

There was indeed a very good view of the village from the Hokage monument. But he was so high up that he could barely see the people walking around the village, not to mention that many parts of the village were still out of his view due to some of the taller buildings in the way. Plus he hadn't thought of the fact that Twisted could be using the transformation jutsu. Naruto was about to just go down and look like all of his clones were doing when he saw what looked like another smoke bomb being set off.

Acting quickly Naruto raced back down to the village and to the academy where he had seen the smoke bomb. He saw Iruka with his class outside; the chunin was currently scolding Konohamaru. Naruto ran up to his sensei, hoping he knew what was going on.

"Iruka-Sensei! What happened? Is he here?!"

Iruka looked up from Konohamaru and raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about Naruto?"

"I saw the smoke bomb! Where's the guy that set it off!?"

"Oh that," Iruka looked back at Konohamaru, "The culprit of that little stunt is right here."

Naruto stared at the younger boy, "Wha…Konohamaru? You did it?"

Iruka nodded, "Yes and what I'm trying to figure out is where he got it."

The Third Hokage's grandson looked down at the ground, "I told you sensei some guy gave it to me and told me to set it off."

Iruka was about to tell the boy not to lie when Naruto interrupted him.

"What guy? What did he look like Konohamaru?!"

"I dunno, he was wearing this weird mask thing that hid his face."

Naruto's eyes widened and he grabbed the younger boy by the shoulders and shook him. "Where'd he go!? Did he say anything to you!?"

Konohamaru answered as best he could while Naruto was shaking him, "H-he said y-you could find h-him in the public baths!!"

Naruto let him go and ran off to continue his search, leaving a confused Iruka and shaky Konohamaru behind. He found Twisted standing just outside the fence to the women's side of the baths and still holding Hinata's diary. Naruto lunged at the man, only for him to take a step back and land flat on his face. Twisted then tossed Hinata's diary over the fence and took off. Naruto sensed that he was being tricked but didn't want to take any chances. He climbed over the fence and thankfully found that the women's side was empty. He grabbed the diary and would have left, but he hesitated. It just seemed too easy. There was no way Twisted was just going to let him get the diary like that. There had to be a trick, a trap, or something.

Looking around he saw that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He carefully checked to make sure there weren't any trip wires or anything near his feet. Last he checked the diary, looking it over to see if there was something off about it. He discovered he was right when the diary suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke and was replaced by some dirty magazines.

To make matters worse, Shizune happened to walk into the baths just then wearing only a fluffy white towel. It took her all of three seconds to notice Naruto and what the boy was holding. The look on her face was off shock and disbelief.


The blonde genin could only stand in place, too scared to move. He had never seen Shizune look so angry before; she almost looked like Tsunade did when she was mad. Before he knew it, Shizune had him by the ear and was dragging him out of the baths and through the changing room.

"I cannot believe what I just saw! Your behavior lately has been bad enough, but this is just too much!" She dragged him back outside via the front entrance. "I'm going to put my clothes back on and then we're going to see Tsunade-sama about this. And don't even thinkof movingan inch from that spot!"

She went back inside to redress continuing to mutter to herself about what had just happened. Naruto however did not do as told and took off, both wanting to avoid whatever was in store for him if he went with Shizune and to try and find Twisted before it was too late.

Not wasting any time Naruto went in the direction he had seen Twisted run after tossing away the faux diary. Surprisingly he found the dark man just standing around in on an empty rooftop not even a block away. Channeling his chakra into the soles of his feet Naruto ran up the side of the building and joined his target. Taking no chances Naruto created seven shadow clones, two of which immediately grabbed hold of Twisted's arms, the other five pulling out kunai and surrounding him in case he tried anything funny. Twisted did nothing and said nothing. It was almost as if he wanted to be caught. The real Naruto stepped closer and grabbed Twisted by his cloak, yanking him forward to look at him face to face.

That's when Twisted's head fell off, scaring the crap out of Naruto and his clones. Taking a closer look the genin found that he had captured a dummy, no doubt planted here to slow him down and give the real Twisted more time to run and hide. Groaning in frustration he had his clones fan out and resume the search, he himself going in his own direction.

An hour passed and no luck. Naruto hadn't found a trace of Twisted and was starting to get tired. He was currently in the training grounds and decided to take a rest. He sat down and leaned back against a tree, closing his eyes. He had nearly searched about half the village, not that it mattered. It wasn't' like Twisted was just going to stay in one place and wait to be found. Naruto was beginning to lose confidence that he could do this. Even with all the clones he had created he still hadn't caught sight of Twisted.

Almost as if to mock him, Twisted appeared out of the shadow of the tree Naruto was sitting at. Naruto leapt to his feet and charged at him. Twisted waited till the last moment and then casually sidestepped the boy, sticking out his leg to trip him. Naruto fell flat on his face.

Twisted used his foot to roll Naruto over onto his back. "Ready to give up?"

Naruto got up and tried to lunge at Twisted again. Once more Twisted dodged and slammed his elbow into the small of Naruto's back, knocking him straight to the ground.

"I'll take that as a 'no'. But you really ought to give up. You clearly can't catch me and to be honest I'm not impressed by your feeble attempts so far."

Naruto got back up and glared at the man, "I'll never give up! I'll keep chasing you until I finally catch you and take that diary back!"

Twisted sighed, "I thought as much. But you do realize that at the rate you're going you won't catch me at all. So I have a proposition for you. A little something that will end this here and now. Interested?"

Naruto hesitated, not sure of whether to trust him or not. But this could be his best, if not only, chance at beating the dark man.

"Alright I'm listening. So what is it?"

"It's actually very simple Naruto. We each try to get the other to give up by using jutsu. We'll take turns using any jutsu we want on each other, but we can only use one jutsu per turn. We'll go back and forth until one of us finally surrenders to the other. Understand?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah I get it. so who goes first?"

"Well since I'm feeling generous, I'll let you go first. Do your best, because if you should fail I plan on doing my worst."

Naruto grinned, "You're gonna regret letting me take the first turn. I got the perfect jutsu to bet you!" The blonde boy formed his all too familiar hand sign and was enveloped in a puff of smoke. "Sexy Jutsu! Bikini version!"

The smoke cleared, Naruto now in his female form. Only this time the girl Naruto (Naruko) was wearing a very skimpy orange bikini. Naruko giggled and walked over to Twisted, smiling sweetly. S/he leaned against the dark man and wrapped his/her arms around him.

"Oh Twisted-kun, could you let me have Hinata-chan's diary back now? Pretty please?"

Twisted didn't seem at all affected by Naruto's attempt and pushed the genin away. "You can't seriously expect me to fall for that. I know that you're still a boy, Naruto. And besides, is that transformation even anatomically correct?"

Naruko gawked at him and released the transformation. He had thought for sure that he could get Twisted to let his guard down enough to pull a fast one on him. But clearly he needed to rethink his strategy. In the meantime he had to be ready for whatever Twisted had planned for him. Past experiences showed that the odd man ad a knack for nasty surprises. Naruto waited for Twisted to make his move, ready for anything.

Seconds passed and Twisted only stood there, not doing anything. Naruto stood his ground, sensing that he was up to something. However it was only a matter of time before Naruto's patience ran thin.

"Hey! Are you going to do anything or just stand there all day!?"

Twisted crossed his arms, "Oh I'm going to do something. But unlike you I'm waiting for the right moment to strike."

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"Not to long before I met with you here I took the liberty of inviting your friend Sakura to come and see you here. I left her a little note telling her to come here as quickly as possible. She should be here in just moment." Twisted formed a hand seal and transformed into Hinata, only it looked like she had just come out of a nasty fight. Twisted grabbed Naruto by the wrists and pulled back, falling on the ground with Naruto on top of him.

"Just a bit of friendly advice Naruto. The sooner you give up, the sooner the pain will end."

The blonde boy didn't have a chance to figure out what that meant when Sakura arrived. The pinkette stopped dead in her tracks, shocked. To her it looked like Naruto had Hinata pinned to the ground with the girl struggling to get free. To make matters worse, Twisted had started to kick and scream for help. The sound of Hinata's cries snapped Sakura out of her shocked state.

"Naruto!!! What the hell are you doing to Hinata?!?!"

The boy got up and started to wave his arms frantically, "S-Sakura! I swear that I can explain! It isn't what it looks like!"

Sakura advanced on him, not wanting to hear his excuses. She only stopped when Hinata got up and ran to her, sobbing uncontrollably.

"S-S-Sakura-chan! Na…Naruto just…just c-came up to…to me and s-started to…to t-touch me. I…I a-asked him to stop…b-but then h-he started to…b-beat me a-and…"

Sakura forgot about Naruto for the moment and focused on calming her friend down, "Hey, take it easy Hinata. It's going to be okay. Take a deep breath and relax. I want you to go find Tsunade-sama for me okay?" She glared at Naruto, nearly making him wet himself. "I'll take care of Naruto."

Hinata did as told and left, looking back over her shoulder and grinning evilly at Naruto. Sakura didn't seem to notice it and waited until Hinata was out of sight before lunging at Naruto and grabbing him by the throat. The boy struggled to breathe as he felt Sakura lift him into the air, a murderous glint in her eyes. Suddenly Naruto understood the advice Twisted had given him earlier.

He used both hands to try and pry himself free of Sakura's deathgrip. However he was only able to do enough to choke out a few words, hoping Twisted would hear him.

"I…I give up!"

Luck was on his side as he felt Sakura let him go. He fell on the ground and gasped for breath. Now with fresh air back in his lungs he got back on his feet. Much to his surprise he found Twisted standing where Sakura had been. Naruto's confusion only lasted a few seconds before he figured out what must've happened.

"Hey, no fair! You used more than one jutsu! You had a clone here the whole time while you hid and transformed into Sakura didn't you!?"

Twisted scoffed, "Nice try but no. I used a genjutsu. I know you suck at them so it was the best way to beat you."

Naruto clenched his fists, wanting to scream with pure fury. He couldn't believe how things had turned out and wanted to just pulverize Twisted right now. But he suppressed his rage and accepted his defeat.

"Just give me Hinata's diary so I can get this over with."

Twisted handed over the book, "Make sure you let her know that you took her diary. I don't want her thinking that you found it and read it by accident. And when you hand it to her, don't look like you feel sorry for her either, it'll ruin the whole purpose in doing it at all."

Naruto grumbled and took the book from him. "So where am I supposed to find Hinata?"

"I left her a note after I stole the diary. It said for her to come here at noon, which is in a little under five minutes."

"You had this all planned out didn't you?"

"Only after you challenged me this morning. But yes I did. Now I'll be watching from the shadows, so don't think of trying to pull a fast one on me."

With that Twisted leapt backwards and melted into the same shadow he had emerged from earlier. Naruto waited the few minutes for Hinata to show up. When she did she looked a bit surprised to see him there. Twisted had neglected to mention that the note he had left Hinata was signed anonymous, so the girl didn't know with whom she was meeting.

For once Hinata didn't blush when she saw him. She looked away, not wanting to look at him. When she spoke her stutter was gone, now replaced with a soft iciness.

"What do you want Naruto?"

Naruto hesitated at the sound of her voice. It sounded all too much like the way the villagers used to talk to him, back when they saw him as nothing but a monster. Hearing her talk to him like that made him feel a dull ache in his heart. He knew he was going to hate himself for doing this, but it was either that or let Twisted humiliate Hinata worse than anything else she had experienced. Naruto swallowed his pride held out Hinata's diary.

"Here, I kinda borrowed this without asking. I didn't think you'd care."

Hinata's eyes widened when she saw what he was holding. She snatched it from him and looked at it, almost in disbelief.

"This…this is my diary!"

Naruto braced himself for this next part. He pushed back the urge to just apologize to her and tell the truth, fighting against every fiber of his being. He did his best to look nonchalant about the whole thing.

"Yeah, and it's got to be the most boring thing I've ever read Hinata."

The Hyuga girl looked up at him in total shock. Of all the things Naruto had done to her lately, this was something she would have never expected from him. Her trust in him was shattered, her admiration for him diminished. Tears welled up in her eyes, soon spilling over and streaking down her face. She lashed out and slapped Naruto across the face, stunning him.

"You're a jerk Naruto Uzumaki! I HATE you!!!"

After that she turned and ran, hurt deeply by the one person she cared about most in the world. Naruto felt sick inside, like part of his heart was torn out. He wanted to go after her and make things right, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He lifted his hand up to touch the red mark on his cheek where she had hit him.

'Hinata, I'm sorry. I really am a jerk.'

Naruto heard footsteps coming from behind him. He turned and saw Twisted, having come back out from his hiding place, standing behind him.

"Good job Naruto. You completed my list. I'll go and get your payment now."

Naruto turned to face him fully. His eyes turned red, his fingernails turned into sharp claws and his canine teeth grew slightly and became sharper.

"Keep your damn money!! I don't want it!"

Naruto took off, not wanting to be anywhere near Twisted any longer. As far as he was concerned if he ever saw the guy again it would be too soon. Twisted watched as the Kyubi container left, smiling to himself behind his mask.

'Good, as I expected he doesn't want the payment. Not that I could actually give him the money anyway. Now I need to go and start Phase two of my plan. Time for me to gather some minions!'

Then he sank back into the shadows so he could go and enlist a select number of individuals to do his bidding.

End….for now.

Alright so I kind of ended it with a crappy conclusion. Sorry if it sucks as much as I think it does. I'm currently working on the sequel "Getting Revenge" and the first chapter should be up soon!