Hey Everyone! ^^ This is my second story so I hope you like it!

Ichigo was standing in a battle stance staring down his enemy with pure hatred in his stern cold brown eyes. As Ichigo continued to stare at his opponent that was able to beat him into bloody pulp, said opponent just smirked his usual smirk that was more of twisted evil grin.

Grimmjow was a bit surprised that Ichigo was still standing even after his hollow mask was destroyed. But even though he was surprised didn't mean that he was finished.

Just as Grimmjow was about to make another attack, Ichigo collapsed on the ground.

Grimm's POV

Right when I was about to hit the stupid shinigami he just fell to the ground like a giant rock. "Tch." To say I was displeased was an understatement. I know I could've just kicked the shit out of his unconscious body but honesty, where's the fucking fun in that? As I open a Garganta I hear Ichigo's bitchy shinigami friend Ruchki or some shit like that. I laugh as she tries to wake him up, and finally I step through to Las Noches

Normal POV

While Rukia shakes Ichigo and desperately tries to get him to a least twitch a finger, Renji, Chad, Ishida, Inoue, and the other shinigami arrive at the battle scene. All of them were mortified at what they saw. Ichigo had a giant hole through his chest that was clearly made by a cero (1). "Oh my god Ichigo why did you go and fight him? You knew that he overpowered you and you still went!" Rukia was trying to hold back sobs while said this. "Who did he go and fight?" Renji asked with confusion clearly written on his face. "Yes Rukia, who did he go and fight?" Hitsugaya asked in a stern voice, but just like Renji and the others he was curious as well.

At first Rukia was reluctant to answer but she finally gave in because she couldn't stand the stares that were burning holes in her head like that was they were trying to find the answer on their own by going through her mind. "I-Ichigo and I were sitting i-i-in his room talking *sniffle* about school when his h-hol-hollow detector started going off and we both knew it was *sniffle* a-an espada and I tried to stop him but h-h-he insisted on going and was g-gone before I could continue."Rukia stuttered not being able to hold back her sods and tears any longer.

Las Noches Normal POV

Grimmjow was walking down one of the many sterile white hallways of the hollow kingdom known as Las Noches. He was about to enter a room that a giant gothic "6" on that matched his tattoo but he was stopped by that emotionless 4th espada, Ulquiorra. "Aizen-sama is about to hold a meeting in five minutes so start heading towards the meeting room." Ulquiorra ordered in a monotone but stern voice. Grimmjow just gave him an annoyed look and asked "Can't I at least change my clothes first?" "No." was all Ulquiorra said before he turned around and headed to the meeting room with an angered Sexta espada right behind him.

As Ulquiorra and Grimmjow entered the room that was used for special "espada only" meetings, Aizen, Gin, Tosen, and the other espada were already in there, seated and sipping their tea.

As the door closed everyone turned their heads to look at Grimmjow and Ulquiorra. "Ah Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, so nice of you two to finally arrive."the man known as the former 5th shinigami captain Aizen Sousuke said with superiority. Ulquiorra bowed his head "Sorry Aizen-sama I was retrieving Grimmjow so that he wouldn't miss the meeting" "I see. Speaking of Grimmjow why is your uniform red?" Grimmjow looked down and noticed that his entire outfit was covered in Ichigo's blood causing his outfit to turn a deep crimson red with black outlining.


(1)read bleach chapter 348 and see