Sasuke sat in his office, thinking. He was trying to figure out how he was going to make a deal with the Nara's Industry. If they started a monopoly they would conquer the clothing and technological industry. But he was now short one, very important, employee. He had to hurry and find a secretary that would work and be able to adapt, quickly. His recent secretary had now been moved to his brother's industry in America. Uchiha Corporation was becoming a universal business but the Uchiha shortage had made it limited. He sat as he waited. He had several interviews in line and hoped that one of these people would be Uchiha material.

"Mr. Uchiha, the first person is here for the interview,"

"Hinata, are you ready?"

"Yes, Neji, I'm waiting for you," Hinata called to her cousin. Neji was her best friend, cousin, brother, and the only one she truly trusted.

"Oh," he smiled, as he walked down the steps, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I know you were making sure you looked perfect for your photo shoot, today,"

"I'm sorry being a model is work," he said. Ever since he entered the modeling agency; he has been an amazing success. He was the youngest and most successful person in Japan, other than Sasuke Uchiha. He and Sasuke Uchiha are in, and have always been in, competition for anything and everything. One would win the sexiest guy; the other would win most successful. It was a never ending battle. Neji was a little worried as of why she would go for an interview for the Uchiha Corporation, but she needed the money. Her recent job was stressful and demanding without the pay to satisfy her basic needs, all the time. Neji said she should become a model, but she didn't want all that attention that Neji gets now. He has no personal life. Since their father/uncle died; they've relied on each other for support. Neji was so much more supportive and sweet now. She really cared for him, just as he did for her.

"Let's go," he said finally. Hinata liked the simple life, but when she was with Neji that never happened. They were, usually she was mauled out the way while other females threw themselves at her cousin. Today she prayed that didn't happen. They got in the limo and went on the ride.

Sasuke pushed the elevator button viciously and persistently. He was unsatisfied at the people who had applied for the job today. He had one more applicant and hoped she would be the right one for the job. He had not seen her file, but needed some fresh air, so that's what and where he was going. He needed to get the stress of an unsuccessful day off his mind.

He got on the elevator, got off the elevator and walked outside. He hated the smell of people around him smoking, the smell of smoke disgusted him, but the chill of the wind on his face made him ignore it. He watched as the bitter gray clouds started to pour down their anger as well. The tears of the clouds washed down on both Sasuke and everyone else outside faces.

Sasuke watched as a limo pulled up. He watched as the driver walked around the car and opened the door.

'High-class, huh?' he thought.

A female walked out. She wore a simple black shirt, and a white buttoned up shirt. With two buttons unfastened. She wore simple black shoes, and black pantyhose. Sasuke watched as the man held the umbrella over the females head. He walked her to the door and Sasuke couldn't help but stare. She was beautiful.

Sasuke scurried to catch her at the elevator. He was able to catch her. He entered the elevator and noticed he was soaking wet. He slapped himself mentally. He looked uncivilized. He wondered what she was doing here.

"Hello," he heard her murmur, barely audible.

'Is she talking to me?' he looked around and noticed he and she were the only ones in the elevator.

"Hello, ma'am," he replied politely.

He noticed a small blush appear on her face.

'She's about to make me melt, damn, people shouldn't look like this,' he thought.

The elevator stopped. He pulled his hand out to inform her she could leave first. 'I hope to see her again,' he thought.

He walked back into his office. He started to worry he wouldn't find a person for the job. He didn't think it was so difficult, to be a secretary and not drool over his every motion.

Or maybe it was.

"The last person is here, sir," Sasuke most trusted supervisor spoke.

"Thanks, Naruto, send them in," he said staring at his computer.

Sasuke now decided he should pull out the person's file. He noticed that she was of Hyuga descent. 'Interesting,' he thought.

He had not noticed that the female had walked into his presence.

"Excuse me," he heard her murmur. Then his thoughts went to a halt. 'That voice,' he thought.

He quickly turned his head to see the female that he saw not too long ago on the elevator.

"Hello, Miss…."

"Hinata…Hinata Hyuga," she finished reaching out her hand towards him.

"Yes, please sit down," he offered accepting her kind gesture and shook it.

"Sure," she politely accepted.

Wow, was all he could think. How was he suppose to interview her if he couldn't get past seeing her face?

"So…why do you think you should be hired for Uchiha Corporations?" he asked finally.

"Because I believe I have the qualities and skills that will be a great asset to this company," she stated confidently.

'Confidence, Beauty, Charm, huh, what other qualities does she have?' he thought.

Sasuke was able to get through the interview without tripping over his words too many times. But he really didn't care for the interview. He didn't care if she wasn't qualified; she was going to be hired and by the end of the month. He would have had slept with her. Then he would probably fire her. He didn't need that on his résumé or reputation. Besides she was related to his rival, Neji Hyuga. This would be the perfect payback. Since he didn't know of anybody Neji was dating; why not go at somebody he was even closer to, and the fact she actually looked good didn't hurt either.

This is going to be fun, he thought.

"Okay, Miss Hyuga, there is no point in making you wait for a phone call, you're hired," he said smirking.

She smiled and said, "Thank you," sweetly.

"You'll start tomorrow. I'll make sure to show you the ropes and trades of Uchiha Corp, but all you have to do is follow my orders and they'll never be a problem," he said with a mischievous grin hovering over his face.

"Okay," she said slowly, skeptical, because she knew his words had an underlining meaning she didn't know about yet..

"No reason for fear everyone here is like family," a real close family, he added mentally.

Sasuke led her outside and waited for her ride to reappear. He watched as she entered and disappeared as quickly as she came.

'Yes now this is why people come to work,' he thought, 'for the pleasure.'


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