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I could feel the paper slip out of my hands as overjoyedness came from within me. I smiled and looked at Hinata then at Jalen, then Itachi.

"Was I right or was I right?" Itachi said beaming a satisfied smile.

"H-He's…" Hinata's words were caught in her throat and I knew what she was thinking. Her eyes started to water as she looked at me in surprise.

I nodded, confirming her worry just in case she thought it wasn't real. I reached out my arms to hug her. She jumped into my arms and I gripped her tight. Moments in life like this make everything bad that happens worthwhile. Setting her back down I wiped away the tears that had fallen.

"Mommy, why you crying?" Jalen asked moving between me and her. I only looked at the little boy as Hinata picked him up.

"I'm so happy," she said.

He only smiled at her giving her a big hug.

"Jalen, you know I will always be here for you, right?" he nodded his vigorously.

"Yea, you are mommy's prince, who's come to save her," I only smiled at his response. I didn't know whether I should tell him I was his father. He seemed happy that I was in his life but finding out your father just appeared out the blue could mean anything to a kid his age.

"Well, did you know that Sasuke really likes you and your mom super-oouber much?" Itachi interjected, "Well you won't believe that why he really is here to stay forever?"

Jalen looked eager, ready to bounce out of Hinata's arms as Itachi kept him in suspense.

"What? What? What?"

"He wanted to see his little boy grow up," he said plainly touching the little's boy head. I gulped down the mucus in my throat hoping he wouldn't hate me after this.

"Really?" the tone of his voice didn't indicate if he was upset or cheerful about this new information.

He looked at me then Hinata who gave him a reassuring nod, that everything would be okay.

"You my daddy?" he said pointing at me confusing on his face as he still tried to process this new found information.

"Yes, I am and I'm—" my word were pushed out of my body in an instant as I felt the body of the little boy on my leg.

"I'm happy you came back," he said sweetly gripping my leg tighter.

"Don't wory I'll never leave you again," I said lifting him off the ground and hugging him.

It felt…


I had a son.

I have a son.

And his name is Jalen.

And his mother is my fiancée, Hinata Hyuga.

I closed my eyes taking everything that had happened to me, recently. Everything.

And happy I was now.

How happy I'd never thought I would be.

How happiness comes in the oddest ways.

And how sometimes you just have to chase your happiness or it might just run away from you.

"Mommy, guess what, we have a new family member." He said cheerfully skipping around Hinata in a circle.

"I know Jalen, I know," she said looking at and I couldn't help but to look at her.

Time had went by and we decided to celebrate by eating at home as a family. Words couldn't describe this moment.

The moment that would last forever.

The moment that people only dreamed of happing to them.

The moment where everything in life didn't matter because you were just that…happy.

Nine o' clock rolled around and Jalen was so uneager to go to bed.

"But who's going to keep you guys company," he said sweetly as Hinata started ti tuck him in.

"We'll keep each other company…and want some more good news. You're going to be the ring barrel at our wedding."

Hinata's tucking in skills needed some work because was out of bed and jumping for joy at the recent news.

"I love you, Mommy," Jalen said finally when we finally got him back into bed after about twenty minutes of trying to catch him.

"I love you too, Jalen," she said kissing his cheek.

"I love you daddy," his words caught me off guard and I looked at the little boy who I knew now as my son.

"I love you too,…son," as I placed my lips on his forehead. The tear that escaped my eye was uncontrollable.

I couldn't help but be happy.

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