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As always I would like to thank my BETA, the great Hepburn. This story is technically a sequel to "Here comes the Wedding", but you really don't need to read that to get this.


The Batman is running down the hallway of an empty office building towards his current opponent, a man dressed in a green and black body suit and who is wielding a triangle. "Batman! I'm used to fighting Wonder Woman you know? Doesn't that put me a bit out of your league?" Angle Man arrogantly asks.

He holds up his "Angler" and twists it slightly. Suddenly a cubical to Batman's right hurtles itself into his path. Grunting at the pain from his already bruised ribs, the Dark Knight vaults over the obstacle and continues relentlessly forward. Next Angle Man points his weapon downwards, and a piece of the ceiling rips itself out and downwards nearly hitting the vigilante.

With an angry yell the villain jerks the Angler to the right and the wall on Batman's left side explodes outwards. The hero barely rolls out of the way of the debris in time, but he is soon on his feet again and continues forward. "Not bad for a common mortal!" Angle Man shouts at his rapidly approaching enemy, "But you are still out matched by my power!" The villain crouches low, holds the Angler above his head and quickly chops forward with it. The glass window behind Angle Man shatters into a thousand pieces, all of which hurtle straight at Batman.

The Dark Knight jumps forward and into the air, pulling his cape together in front of him as he does so. The shards of glass fly into his cape, but are unable to pierce it. After coming through the hail of glass the Batman dramatically throws open his cape as he lands on the supervillain (knocking him prone), and proceeds to beat him senseless.

The hero then cuffs him and confiscates his magical triangle. "Diana was right, you are pathetic," he tells the unconscious man, as he leaves the building.


Cheetah, running almost too fast for the eye to see, circles around the large form of Giganta's unconscious body and past Wonder Woman, slashing at her arm along the way. "Don't you love this new speed of mine Princess?" she asks.

"I love that you think you're going to win this battle." Diana answers, blocking the razor sharp claw with her bracelet.

"Not only am I going to win this, but I will do it so fast that I'll have time to get reacquainted with that partner of yours," Cheetah says, "I think I'll do more than kiss him this time!" Diana throws an angry punch at the furry blur and gets sliced up her arm as a reward.

The Batman walks out of the building and sees Diana on the defensive against the speeding supervillain. Though he has no doubt that the Princess will turn the tide, he decides to help move things along. He points the Angler at a fist sized piece of ruble, concentrates on it, and jerks back the triangle. The rock floats off the ground to about ankle height in the path of the speeding blur. Cheetah hits it at a blinding speed, trips, and is sent hurtling face first at her enemy. Wonder Woman smirks and delivers a hard uppercut to her chin, which sends her into the air and flying across the street. The cat woman bounces off of Giganta and slams into a parked car.

" And I thought I disliked my rogues gallery?" Batman says, walking over to his wife.

" And I can't believe you kissed my archenemy?" Wonder Woman says crossing her arms in front of her chest.

" Well actually she kissed me, I was tied up at the time…Remember? Completely helpless," he says.

"Uh huh," Diana answers, with a tone of disbelief but also with humor in her voice.

"Ready to go home?" he asks. When she nods he steps close to her and says into his ear piece, "Batman to Tower main, priority WMBC, authorization code Biff Bam Pow." A second later they are teleported to into the Bat Cave.

After they arrive the voice of Mr. Terrific asks through their com links, "So why is it alright for you to make personal use of the transporters Batman?"

"Because I built and paid for them Holt. Batman out," he answers removing the ear piece.

Diana shakes her head and rolls her eyes, "You know he doesn't like it when you use his real name?"

"Yes I do," he answers. Alfred walks over to him with a open first aid kit as Batman begins removing his costume. " Is Robin still on patrol?" he asks the elderly butler.

"Yes. Master Tim has been a little held up mopping up a few things, he should be on his way back shortly," he answers. Alfred looks down at the large bruise on his charge's side, " I see that you didn't manage to break even one rib this time? Master Bruce you're slipping."

" Alfred while you play medic with Bruce, I'm going to go take a shower and change," Diana tells them as she walks out.


Diana walks out of the bathroom wearing only her wedding ring, drying her hair with a towel. A large figure steps out from the shadows and silently sneaks up behind her. When he gets within arms reach he wraps his arms around her waist, pulls her back to him until her back meets his chest, and begins planting kisses where her neck meets her shoulder.

"Bruce," Diana says, trying to get his attention.

"Yes," he answers, moving his kissing up her neck while listening to her but giving most of his attention to the task at hand, namely her lovely neck.

"Bruce we shouldn't, you're hurt," she says, pulling away slightly.

"Yes I'm hurt, but I'm alive," he whispers into her ear, "Trust me, you will only make me feel much better."

His kisses finally reach her lips and Diana decides to acquiesce to her husband's desire, his kisses were well placed and had the desired affect. After all, she thinks to herself, he's been hurt far worse than this.


Later that night the couple lounge together on a couch in front of a big fireplace in the Manor. As they do Tim Drake walks in. "How went the patrol?" Bruce asks.

Tim shrugs, "It was a fairly quiet night," he answers.

"Nothing you couldn't handle?" Bruce asks.

"As amazing as it sounds, I was able to handle the evil Calender Man all by myself," he answers.

Diana chuckles at the mental image. "Good. So how's school?" she asks.

"School's...good," Tim says, "Actually that's something I wanted to ask you about. I've been working pretty hard between school and being Robin, so I was wondering if I could skip model UN?"

Bruce says yes at the same time Diana says no. They glance at each other then in unison they answer, "We'll talk about it tomorrow." Tim walks out of room giving himself fifty fifty odds.

Bruce pulls Diana a little closer saying, "You make a good blanket," he tells her.

She lays her head on his chest. "You make a good pillow," she answers.

Together they watch the fire burn. All in all, not a bad day, Batman thinks as the he and his wife fall asleep.

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