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Alfred, long time retainer of the Wayne household, is swiftly but elegantly making his way to the Manor's study, because he is hearing shouting coming from there. Once he reaches the room, he is slightly surprised to find the Master and Mistress standing at other sides of it, screaming at one another.

"I cannot believe I heard such...horrendous lies coming out of my own husband's mouth!" Diana yells.

"You are taking this far out of context," Bruce answers. Well in truth most of the volume was coming from Diana's side of the room, however at the moment Bruce's voice was so full of frustration that it sounded like sand paper.

"Oh am I? So I did not hear the words 'the great hero Heracles' come out of your mouth?!" she retorts.

"I was giving an award to an author, who had written a fiction story..."

"Fiction is completely right! No account of all the slavery rape and...!" Diana interrupts.

"About Hercules! I was merely complementing his novel before I gave him the damn award, your anger is completely out of line," he finishes.

"My anger is out of line?! I'll show you out of line!" the princess shouts as she begins picking up random items around her and chucking them at Bruce with great accuracy. The Batman however is dexterous enough to either catch each item, or move out of its way.

Deciding that a little peacemaking is in order, Alfred silently slips into the room. "Excuse me your highness," he says, addressing the Mistress of the house.

Upon hearing the butler's voice, the Amazon stops but she is still seething in rage as she says, "Yes Alfred?"

"I would like to ask if it was possible for you to not take your frustrations out on the room, whom I believe is simply a innocent bystander," he says.

"Of course Alfred, please except my apologies," she answers, dropping a book she was going to use as a projectile. "I think I'll just go down to the cave," she announces before kicking apart the grandfather clock entrance and bounding down the stairs.

The Batman sighs and shakes his head, then goes chasing after her. As he is racing down the stairs he shouts, "Diana I think this is going too far!"

When he gets into the cave proper, he hears his wife answer, "Oh no, that wasn't too far." She grabs hold of the Batmobile, lifts it above her head, turns to look back at him and says, "Now this is too far!"

The Batman sets his feet, points his finger at her, and says in a voice so deep it nearly vibrates the ground, "Put. Down. My. Car!"

As much as seeing that infuriates her, Diana's regal mind is able to process two important things. One, that destroying her husband's car in a fit of superhuman rage may irrecoverably wreck her marriage; and two, if her aim is too good and his reflexes are too slow she may irrecoverably wreck her husband. So instead she simply drops the large vehicle back on the ground, turns around in a huff, and flies off.

Bruce lets out a heavy sigh, and rubs the back of his neck. "You know Master Bruce..." Alfred says from behind him.

"Not a word," Batman answers before turning around and walking back upstairs.

Somehow though, once he's back in the manor, the elderly Englishmen materializes in front of him. "Actually sir, I'm quite relieved by all of this," he says.

His charge crosses his arms over his chest and narrows his eyes at him. "Really?" Bruce asks.

"Well you and Mrs. Wayne have been married for over a year without a single decent altercation," Alfred explains, "and if experience have taught me anything, it is that marriages where the partners never fight, are doomed." Bruce gives him a confused look so he continues. "Every good fire needs a bit of stoking to keep it burning, and a relationship without its occasional battles may lose its passion." The old man steps and pats his speechless ward on the back, "From what I've seen tonight, I think you and the princess will be burning brightly forever." Then Alfred leaves Bruce with his thoughts.


Three nights later Diana is sweaty and exhausted. She is gripping the headboard tightly and using the last of her strength to hold herself up. Breathing heavily she says, "I...want...to say I'm sorry...for the tantrum I through..." to her husband, who happens to be just as sweaty and exhausted, and who is lying on the bed under her.

"I'm sorry...too," Bruce's mind tries searching for more words, but in its present state it just can't find any, "I'm...just sorry."

Diana smiles and snuggles next to him. "I forgive you," she says. Then she kisses his cheek and tells him, "Goodnight," before she drifts off into pleasant sleep.

Before he follow her into sleep, Bruce's mind is able to come up with two thoughts. One is that he truly loves the woman in his arms, and the other is that Alfred knows everything.


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