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Title: "Unique - VIII"
Challenge: #1 - marriage
Rating: PG/PG-13 (just to be safe)
Character(s): Bella, (Edward)
Pairing(s): (implied) Emmett/Rosalie, Edward/Bella
Warnings: SPOILERS!!
Author's Notes: Post-Breaking Dawn

Bella heard the last guests drive away and sighed in relief.

The whole family was sitting in the living room, waiting for the new husband and wife to make their appearance. According to Edward, the wedding was just tradition by now; every few years Emmett and Rosalie would get married before they leave a town as a way to bid their farewells.

I'll never understand Rosalie's obsession with weddings…

The newlyweds entered the house, then stopped at the doorway, oblivious to everything but each other. Bella didn't think she had ever seen Emmett and Rosalie share such an… intimate moment on public.

"That's our cue to leave," Edward whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek softly.

Bella nodded absentmindedly, and picking up a sleeping Nessie and also feeling a bit confused, she followed the rest of the family out. With a final "Don't wreck the house," from Esme, they were off, each couple going to a different direction.

Suddenly, as she and Edward sprinted away from the house, Bella understood why they had to leave.

The feral growl and the loud moaning that reached her ears were explanation enough.


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