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April 5, 2009


I can't believe Hogwarts is doing this.

This stupid "pen-pals" thing. It is a complete waste of time, and really, there is no point to it, especially since they choose our pals (which, by the way, I do not consider you as one). I'd much rather be writing to one of my stupid idiots for friends, Crabbe and Goyle. They don't even talk much, so it's not like I'd have to worry about having to reply immediately back to them. Seeing their sizes, I think they'd just eat my letter. Why did they even do this anyways? What are we going to gain by this? What class is this for?

And you know what the saddest part, mudblood, of this is? That we have to write these letters the second month we're back from Summer Holidays, and that we are in the same school. I always knew this whole school was looney. And are the students of this godforsaken school really that fat and lazy that they cannot just simply hand the letters to each other when they reply if they see each other in the halls or something? Wait until Father hears…

And what am I supposed to talk about with a mudblood? We have nothing in common, I'm sure. This is an outrage, and I am going to try and talk to Dumbledore about this. There has to be a way out. Well, I think I'm done with spoiling a bookworm like you with the writing and letter of a pureblood god like me. If you don't write back, fine by me. Plus, I think this letter is lengthy enough for the first one.


P.S. I don't want you to touch my name, even if it's written on paper.

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