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Strange Spirits

Chapter 1

The sky looked so beautiful and the sea was calm and tranquil but all of those things didn't have any sort of impression on Yuna what so every that day. She just stood at the dock and began to whistle just like she had been for the last month now. Her whistle could be heard far and wide. She got really good at whistling loudly that everyone came to except what she was doing as though it was a regular thing now. Lulu would often times stand and wait with her on the dock over looking the sun setting over the ocean's waves but today Yuna was by herself.

"He'll be back. He said he would if I just whistled. Right?" she said to herself.

The stars had now started to appear in the clear night sky and Yuna knew it was time to pack it in for the day. She sighed, blows towards the sea one last time and put on a brave smile on her face just like how he taught her. She took a few steps toward her hometown but suddenly the calm air began to bellow a raging wind that caused the seas to white cape in the distance. Then, just as the sun rolled down in the distance on the horizon, a huge creature emerged from the water's depths and roared out a booming cry.

Yuna had found herself over shadowed under the creature's huge shadow. The watery creature vibrated its fins as it growled menacing at Yuna and for a moment the look of terror was on her face, but she regained her focus and took hold of her summor's staff and twirled it in her hand and got herself ready for a fight. She held her staff ready and cast holly on the sea creature, but it wasn't enough to defeat it. The bright blast of shimmering-white light just dissolved upon the hide of the monstrous beast.

Yuna knew what steps she had to take and began to raise her staff high in the air and was about to call upon a summoning, but nothing happened.

She was startled, "Oh no, I forgot" all the aeons were dead since the battled with Sin. The sea creator let out a growl and thrashed it's tail onto the dock and smashed it into bits, but Yuna was able to get up and make a run for it up the beach. Pieces of wood flew in every direction and sounded like an exploding bomb. Yuna saw the creature's head come in closer within range and aimed for a lethal blow. Yuna cast protection on herself and ready herself for the blow, but it never came.

Yuna had raised her arm to shield her eyes from the in coming attack, but when nothing happened she saw a blinding light. She squinted and saw the outline of someone holding back the creature. That person had a sword and suddenly a zing of hope began to form in her heart.

Could it be? Could that someone she'd been hoping was really here? Had he come to rescue her just in the nick of time? Whoever the stranger was she couldn't make them out because the light from the sword was too bright and that stranger was wearing a hood over their head. Who that person in the robe?

Yuna got to her feet and then noticed that time seemed to have stopped. The sea creature hadn't made a sound and was transfixed in place, as was everything else. The piece of wood from the dock and bits of sand were suspended in midair. She could see them clearly and reached out a hand to touch one of the shells that was kicked up in the attack, but suddenly noticed a feather. Yuna tilted her head in a confused and puzzled way and grabbed it in the palm of her hand. The feather was small and white. She looked around and noticed that there were small white feathers everywhere.

Then, without any warning, time slowly began to play again and she saw the bits of rumble and the thousands of free-floating feathers began to move. It looked like it was snowing. Before she knew it time was right again and the sea creature collided with a blue force field produced by a protection spell and roared in rage. The swordsman was thrown and was pushed back into Yuna and both landed in the sand. Yuna gasped with a start, but was helped up by the stranger and she got a glance at his eyes. His eyes were blue-gray and held an intense focus that she felt a bit overwhelmed by his stare.

"Are you all right?"


"Good. Stay close."

He took hold of Yuna's forearm and pushed her behind him and stood ready for the next attack with his sword at hand. The beast seemed to have sensed this and began to prepare to send out a blast of energy. Its body began to vibrate and it held its head downward.

Suddenly, the time had come, and the attack was set. A large burst of red energy came hurtling out from the sea creature's mouth and was making its way straight at them.

The intensity of the blast had been so strong that everything was blinded in an overwhelming flash of red light.

She feared that they were hit, but when the glow subsided. She saw that they were both protected in a shell spell that was cast by hooded stranger. The strange swordsman then placed his left hand over his face and slowly extended his arm outwards towards the beast with his weapon held relaxed at his side. When his palm finally cast over the creature. Yuna saw the spirits begin to swirl and gather as if she had performed a summor's dance. She was surprised and saw the spirits surround the man until he seemed to glow and then a roar out of nowhere echoed throughout the entire beach and a bright burst of flames littered the sands.

Yuna was amazed to see a huge lion appear from the golden flames and then spread out a pair of huge burning wings. The whole animal was made of burning fire that rippled in the wind. She realized with a gasp that this was a summoning. The creature of fire was an aeon. She saw the great lion rise up on its hind legs and rip with its claws comic energy and sent it crashing into the sea creature's path and broke into a glowing white blast. The sea creature roared a cry of defeat and toppled over and faded into spirits.

Yuna stared at the stranger and wondered how he was able to call upon an aeon when all of them were dead. She had never seen this aeon before in her life. She saw the fire creature fade as the stranger turned to face her.

"Thank you for rescuing me."


"What was the name of that summoning?"


"…Oh, I see. What's your name?"


"My name is Yuna."

The strange swordsman pulled down the hood that was covering his face and revealed his intense gray-blue eyes and long brown hair that fell loose around his face and tied freely down his back and swayed in the sea breeze. He had a scar on his forehead and wore a dark blue uniform under his long cloak. She saw he had a blue blade at his side that glowed as if it were made of moonlight.

He had such a quiet manner about him that Yuna decided to give him a smile to add to her gratitude. She proceeded to give him a traditional blitz blow and he hesitantly gave her a garden salute, both of which gave a confusing first impression.

After the incident on the beach saw over, Yuna took Squall to her hometown and introduce him to Lulu and Wakka. Eventually everyone made themselves at home and both thanked the stranger for saving Yuna.

Lulu looked at the stranger and asked, "so, where are you from?"

Squall kept his gaze at the burning fire in front of them and said, "I don't remember."


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