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Author's notes: This will be a two part story with several instances of male love and lots of coarse language. So, if it's not your cup of tea...don't drink it.

Harry sighed profoundly in satisfaction as he pulled up and zipped his trousers.

"God, you can really blow a fucking load sometimes."

"Yeah, well…I've had a stressful day." Harry said as he reached for the waistband of Draco's trousers.

Draco backed away and motioned toward his left hand and the front of his own trousers where evidence of Harry's pleasure was beginning to stain. "No. I've got your shit all over me." Draco commented before waving his wand efficiently and muttering cleaning spells. Harry watched Draco with a lopsided grin. Once his tasks were completed, he turned back to Harry with a sneer.

"Finished?" Harry said amused.

"I think so." Draco snapped and checked himself over once more. Then he meticulously straightened his robes.

"Come here then." Harry said in his best come hither voice in an attempt to excite Draco further. Harry really wanted to touch him, to bring him off and watch his face contort in pleasure. Harry would never tire of seeing Draco in such a position as the brink of orgasm.

"No, just forget it." Draco turned and began walking out of the abandoned classroom they were currently hiding in.

"You're going to leave? You don't want to get off?" Harry's voice depicted his bewilderment. He'd just received the best hand job yet and he wasn't even going to be able to return the favor. He quickly glanced at his wristwatch. "We've still got fifteen minutes before class."

"Getting Potter slime all over my custom tailored robes has kind of killed my libido."

"Right. I'm so sure you find me disgusting. That must be why you normally go down on me every chance you get."

"Fuck you." Draco left without sparing a glance in Harry's direction.

"No. Fuck you!" Harry's yell reverberated within the empty room.

Draco heard it as he stomped through the hallway. Upon reaching the stairs, he ran. By the time he reached the astronomy tower, he was completely out of breath. And annoyed with himself. His erection was uncomfortable and he had to carefully adjust his robes before entering.

Why, oh god, did he storm out on Harry before getting release. He knew why. Harry was getting weird and trying to bend the rules. Harry had actually tried to engage in kissing not twenty minutes ago while he was being pleasured by Draco's skilled fingers and hand. Draco, thankfully, dodged it in time and all Harry received was the bottom of his ear.

Three months ago, when they had began their relationship, if one could even call it as such, Draco had explicitly ruled out kissing, hugging, cuddling, and any other romantic or intimate nonsense. They were to use each other for one specific purpose only. Sexual gratification. That was it. They weren't dating and never would, of course. They still couldn't stand each other and it was impossible to ask that either one tolerate the other for more than the time it takes to have an orgasm. As evidenced by recent proceedings.

That first night still amazed Draco tremendously. He and Harry had run into each other in an empty corridor, both late for astronomy. They'd crashed into each other as Harry had turned a sharp corner. Both fell to the ground in crumpled heap, limbs intertwining. Verbal insults were thrown as well as several shoves and pulls to eradicate themselves of each other.

Draco's groin had accidentally come into contact with Harry's and he'd felt the hardness. Harry had gotten hard as a rock while wrestling with Draco. Intrigued and somewhat aroused himself, Draco had experimented by rutting slight against Harry. Harry's gasped in horror and tried to push Draco off but his eyes betrayed him. He was excited, Draco was able to tell. Fortunately, Harry employed very little of his strength and Draco was able to do it again, eliciting a moan from his own throat. They both stilled for a moment until Harry had evidently made up his mind. Harry took charge and flipped them over until Draco was under him. They had rutted against each other wildly until they'd both reached completion.

Draco reflected on what a mess it had caused in their trousers as he sighed heavily and fell into his chair beside Blaise in the astronomy tower. They'd left without saying a word to each other. Draco never expected it to happen again. Until Harry accosted him a couple of days later. They had full out sex in the room of requirement that day. It was the first of numerous days to come.

"Its ridiculous to have class at night." Draco muttered trying to bring himself back into the present and stop reminiscing about his first encounters with Harry.

"Draco, how exactly are we supposed to see the stars at noon?" Blaise inquired with a chuckle.

Draco shook his head and said nothing. He did mourn two free evenings a week. And he despised star-gazing. It was as worthless as divination.

His head snapped up when the door opened again, involuntarily searching for Harry. Said person stumbled into the room, having got his robe caught in the entryway, and sought his own chair beside the weasel. Harry threw his books down to the floor and glanced in Draco's direction. As if on cue, Draco glared at him and provided a crude hand gesture. Harry's eyes narrowed and turned to Ron in an obvious attempt to ignore Draco.

"Uh…did you guys have a fight or something?" Blaise glanced back and forth between Harry and Draco.

"When are we not in a fight? Its Potter." Draco crossed his arms of over his chest.

"Yeah, you're always fighting publicly but…you know what I mean." Blaise whispered conspiratorially.

Draco grunted and leaned in close to his best mate speaking so quietly that only he could hear. "Do I really have to go over this again. We're not dating Blaise. We don't walk around the lake holding hands and sharing ice cream sundaes. We fuck. And we fight. That's it."

Blaise grinned his infamous 'I know something you don't know' grin and said, "If you say so."

They were talking about him, Harry could tell by the way Blaise kept shooting glances in his direction. He was trying to ignore Draco but really, it was impossible. Draco occupied his thoughts far more often than strictly necessary. He couldn't spend enough time with Draco, be it alone in an abandoned room or in class, and when they were apart, he could hardly concentrate on anything else. Not they talked really or spent quality time together. But the fact of the matter was that being near Draco was addictive.

Harry looked over to Draco and Blaise once again. Their whispering came to a halt with a scowl from Draco. Blaise, however, was grinning. Harry wondered again what they'd been saying. It was about him, he just knew it. Something amusing to Blaise, that was for sure. Probably making fun of him. Harry mentally laughed, if only Hermione were there to witness his paranoia.

Blaise and Hermione were the only two people who knew about Harry and Draco's affair. They weren't told by any means, it was a complete accident. A humiliating accident.

Harry remembered the night that occurred almost two months ago with certain clarity. They'd been having sex. He'd just finished roughly pounding Draco into an old teacher's desk that smelled of rotten wood and dust, their screams of pleasure of having just receded. The door flew open without any warning just as Harry withdrew from Draco's body. Hermione and Blaise stood stock still in the middle of the threshold.

"Get out!" Draco had shouted harshly and began to search for his clothes while Harry moved not a muscle. He was too surprised and embarrassed. He felt frozen. Almost immediately, Hermione squealed and ran from the room. Blaise, however, watched as Draco pulled on his trousers, with wide eyes and largest smirk Harry had ever seen.

"Blaise. You have two seconds to get the fuck out of here." Draco warned in an wintry voice as he threw Harry his own trousers. Blaise's smile faded but he winked at Harry regardless before leaving.

After they'd dressed, they had a huge fight. Draco had wanted to perform a memory charm on Blaise and Hermione. Harry had adamantly refused. Harry still wasn't sure if he'd ever said so many obscenities in once conversation as he did that night. He knew that Draco brought out the worst in him. But he didn't care. He couldn't end his affair with Draco no matter how many insults, curses, and bad deeds Draco engaged in. Harry knew he was pathetic. It want without saying.

They didn't get together again for over a week though. Unsurprisingly, it was Harry who'd broken down and buttonholed Draco before breakfast one morning. One could only have so many erotic dreams about a regal, grey eyed blonde god before needing to fulfill them.

In the aftermath of the next day, he'd had confronted Hermione about what she'd seen. She apologized profusely for walking on such a private moment. Hermione had claimed that she thought it was odd that there was such a powerful locking charm on what was supposed to be an abandoned classroom. She had argued that she and Blaise had an official responsibility as seventh year head girl and head boy to break said charm and investigate. She was concerned but didn't lecture and promised to not tell a soul and to Harry's knowledge, she'd kept said promise.

The odd thing was that Blaise remembered the incident, Draco had finally caved on the memory charm, but had not relayed it anyone. What was more odd, was that he didn't even bother to take the piss out of Harry and he was friendly now to Harry and his friends. Ron had actually taken a liking to Blaise, a situation that Harry and Hermione were still in awe of. Harry suspected that Blaise may have done better as a Hufflepuff. His loyalty to Draco was outstanding. Seriously, who had ever heard of a trustworthy slytherin?

Ron's voice interrupted his musing and he reluctantly found himself back in the present. In astronomy class.

"What Ron?"

Ron laughed amused at Harry's incoherent expression. Ron had been teasing Harry for weeks now about his ability to daydream at the most inopportune moments.

"We're supposed to head outside. Stars. You know, the reason we're here."

"Yeah, alright." Harry replied with a grin.

Draco had just about lost his mind. Between studying for newts, quidditch, and Pansy's incessant pleas for him to take her to one of the seventh year weekend parties, he worried for his sanity. Draco had been out of the closet since his fifth year and had openly dated two older slytherin blokes within these past two years. Yet, as soon as he broke up with somebody and announced his single hood, Pansy was all over him like the cheap slut she was.

"Draco? You haven't answered me yet." Pansy batted her eyelashes in an obvious attempt at being sexy.

"If I say yes," Draco began slowly and watched as her eyes widened and twinkled, "then will you leave me alone for the rest of the year. No more date requests?"

Pansy's eyebrows furrowed as she transparently contemplated and weighed her options. "Okay." She finally said, sounding a bit unsure. The rest of the year was quite an achievement and Draco was quite astonished that she'd actually accepted the terms. He smiled before plopping a forkful of salad into his mouth.

He relished the few moments of silence wherein Pansy gossiped with Bullstrode and Blaise was eating at lighting speed in order to make to detention. Detention that he'd received unfairly by Professor Snape just that morning. He briefly allowed himself to look toward the Gryffindor table. Huh. Harry wasn't there yet. He glanced toward the entrance and frowned.

Harry strolled into the Great Hall trailed by Granger and the weasel. They were laughing loudly, probably about something mundane or asinine. Its not like any of the three of them were actually witty.

Harry looked really good. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and his tie was slightly askew. And his hair was as messy as ever. He looked like he'd just been shagged. Draco had to restrain himself from licking his lips. They'd not met for several days and Draco had been secretly waiting for Harry to make the first move . Usually it was Harry who asked to meet and usually it was Harry that caved after a fight.

God, he was seriously loathe to admit it. But he was going to have to cave. He needed to see Harry. Draco glanced in his direction again and noticed that Harry was still laughing. He wasn't stressed and miserable like Draco. He wasn't sure waiting for Harry was the brightest of ideas. Draco huffed and let the great hall without finishing his meal.

Draco ambled down the corridor until he reached the men's restroom and made to wait. He leaned against the cool stone wall and examined his fingernails. He was in serious need of manicure.

He didn't have to wait more than twenty minutes before he heard the annoying sounds of the perfect trio. Their trek back to the tower brought them straight past Draco. As they approached, he noticed Harry look at him quizzically. He inclined his head ever so slightly toward the bathroom door and Harry's eyebrows shot up comically.

"Are you lost Malfoy. Shouldn't you be slumming it in the dungeons with the other snakes and rats?"

"Your wit astounds me Weasley. Honestly" Draco deadpanned and with one last glance at Harry, disappeared into the restroom. He registered Harry's voice outside the door claiming to have forgotten a textbook in the Great Hall and that he'd catch up with them. Draco rolled his eyes as he heard Ron protest, saying that they'd wait. Eventually, Granger took a stand and demanded that they go on. She must have gotten through to Ron because a moment later Harry entered, a guarded expression on his face.

"What?" Harry inquired and Draco had to roll his eyes again.

"What do you mean what? What do you think, idiot." Draco couldn't look Harry in the eyes. He really didn't want to see his expression at all. It wasn't like him to proposition Harry for sex and they both knew it. "Don't be a pest."

He heard movement and looked up to see Harry had moved into one of the stalls and was holding the door open in invitation.

Thankfully, Harry didn't say another word, he set right to work at unbuttoning Draco's trousers and lowering them enough to pull out Draco's appendage. Harry grasped his it and tugged slowly, watching it harden further under his touch. Draco carefully kept his breathing in check. Harry usually berated him for being too loud, whenever they were together without a silencing charm.

Harry always worried about being caught. It had happened before so his fears weren't exactly unfounded. As Harry's hand moved more quickly, Draco began to buck. He closed his eyes as he usually did upon reaching release and let go. He came in Harry's hand, recovered, and eventually pulled up his trousers, and still Harry never said a word.

Draco watched as Harry wiped his hand with a tissue instead of spelling himself clean before he tried to shove past.

"Are you leaving?" Draco questioned. Shit. He supposed this was going to be some kind of payback for last time.

"I owed you."

"Doesn't matter." Draco said rudely as he grabbed Harry by the shoulders and switched their positions. Draco dropped to his knees instantly reaching for the waistband of Harry's own trousers. He pulled them completely down so that they pooled around Harry's ankles.

"Not in here. We can't go that far. Somebody might come in." Harry panicked and reached for Draco to pull him back up.

"What's difference really?" Draco argued. "We're still in a stall together," he continued and watched as Harry decided. After a few seconds he nodded and Draco got back into action.

A quick hand job wasn't going to be enough for him right now. It'd been a while since they'd had the time to do more than a quick hand job. He wanted to taste Harry. Harry was delicious and Draco sighed internally in anticipation.

He smiled when he saw that Harry was already hard and ready. He licked Harry's erection thoroughly before sucking gently on the tip. Harry shuddered and moaned audibly. Draco swirled his tongue for a few moments to tease before finally engulfing the entire member. Harry slammed his head against the stall door and swore as he threaded his fingers in Draco's hair.

It wasn't long before Draco had to restrain Harry's hips to prevent him from bucking. Harry cried out suddenly and poured himself down Draco's throat. Draco continued to suck and lick gently until he'd cleaned Harry. Delectable.

"Okay. Stop" Harry panted, shoving Draco's head away. He was so sensitive that Draco's ministrations were about to become painful.

Draco climbed back to his feet as Harry fastened himself up. Their eyes met and Harry smiled smugly at Draco.

"What?" Draco barked, irritated at Harry's expression.

"You know what." Harry said vaguely. Draco was puzzled for only a second until their last meeting dawned on him. The meeting wherein Draco called Harry disgusting. And now he'd just sucked him dry. And enjoyed it. A lot.

"Don't say a fucking word." Draco ordered angrily.

"Wasn't gonna." Harry said laughingly as he left the bathroom.

Harry was in an excellent mood the next day. Ron and Hermione had inevitably noticed.

"Why are you so chipper?" Ron questioned as the three of them made their way to breakfast.

"No reason." Harry replied knowing that his grin probably appeared goofy but he couldn't be bothered to care.

"There's always a reason. Took you long enough to come back to the tower last night." Ron observed, atypical of him. "Are you seeing somebody?"

Harry was taken aback for a minute. He exchanged an amused glance with Hermione. "No, not really."

"There's a lot of cute guys in this school." Ron said offhandedly as they entered the Great Hall.

"Are there?" Harry laughed.

"Cute guys? Ronald, do you have something you want to tell me?" Hermione dissolved into a fit of giggles.

"Ha ha. No, you're definitely my type." Ron said they clambered onto the Gryffindor benches. He kissed Hermione briefly on the mouth to illustrate his point.

"No making out while I eat, please."

"Seriously. I'm just saying that you've not seen anybody since Oliver and that was over the summer." Ron said, turning back to face Harry. Oliver Wood had been Harry's first relationship. He'd actually announced his sexual orientation after a romp with Oliver under his invisibility cloak in the Weasley's back yard.

"Yeah. I know." Harry squirmed uncomfortably. It was funny at first but Ron was about to get too serious. He hated lying to Ron.

"Not everybody has to be paired off, Ron." Hermione came to Harry's rescue.

"Yeah, just because you two are an item. I don't mind being single."

"Okay. I get the point. I'll shut up." Ron grinned and placed both hands in the air as a submissive gesture.

The tucked into their food with gusto before a grueling day of classes and NEWT studying. Harry looked up just in time to see Blaise and Draco enter.

"Hey Ron, didn't you need to borrow Blaise's notes for something?"

"Oh yeah." Ron glanced toward the Slytherin table and waved Blaise over before he could properly sit down. He rushed right over. "Hey guys, what's up?"

While Ron and Blaise were busy exchanging pleasantries and class notes, Harry pulled out a small piece of parchment from his bag and subtly dropped it onto the floor.

"Blaise, you dropped something." Harry stated motioning toward the parchment.

"I did? That's funny, I didn't think I had-" He began but realization struck with one momentary look at Harry's face.

"Maybe its not yours." Ron said before reaching for said parchment.

"No, I just remembered. It's mine." Blaise said and quickly bent down, snatching up the note.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. Why must he do stupid things like that. He should've just sent Draco an owl. Apparently intelligence wasn't his strong suit. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Blaise made his way to the Slytherin and plopped down in his usual position at Draco's side.

"Morning." Blaise greeted Draco. Draco nodded his head slightly which was about as lively as he got before classes. Draco took a large gulp of his coffee, which was beginning to turn cool and watched Blaise unfold a piece of parchment, chuckle, and then drop it into Draco's hand.

"What's this?" Draco inquired as he opened the object.

"Room of requirement, tonight at nine." Blaise whispered in a theatrical tone before continuing normally. "It's not signed but I'm assuming you can figure it out."

Draco shook his head to and fro. "Yeah. I think I can handle it." Blaise laughed which garnered the attention of a few of the Slytherins. They stared in interest, wanting in on the joke. "Oh, sod off." Draco said rudely and they turned away in a huff.

"Why in gods name didn't he just send an owl like normal."

"Don't know."

"And he had you to pass it to me. What is this? Primary School?" Draco feigned annoyance but knew it probably wouldn't fly. At least not with Blaise. Secretly, he was pleased to hear from Harry. And both he and Blaise knew it.

"Draco Malfoy!" Blaise sounded scandalized. "Primary School? You've been reading my muggle studies text books again, haven't you?!"

"Just one." Draco grumbled and busied himself with pouring more coffee into his cup. Damn, stuff was ice cold now.

Harry was evidently studying when Draco entered the room of requirement that night. There were texts and papers strewn about in chaotic unorganized heaps. And he noticed upon closer inspection, ink stains on Harry's hands.

Draco cleared his throat to alert Harry to his presence. Harry looked up briefly and muttered a polite "hey."

"Hey." Draco repeated and stared at Harry until he looked up again. "I'm working on the transfiguration essay due tomorrow. It's complete shite. I've re-written it twice."

Draco chose not to respond and began taking off his robes.

"Have you finished yours?"

"Yes." Draco responded and tossed his robes to the couch beside Harry.


"This afternoon." Draco sighed and slipped out of his shoes.

"Hermione and I are going to Hogsmeade after class tomorrow to get some new quills?" Harry said as he closed his text and shuffled some papers around. Once again Draco didn't respond and began unbuttoning his shirt. "You know, I was thinking-" Harry began but Draco cut him off.

"Seriously? You're seriously wanting to talk to me?" Draco's facial expression displayed his displeasure.

Harry frowned and threw his papers to the floor. "I guess not."

Draco rolled his eyes and finished pulling off his shirt. Just as he reached for the button to his trousers, he realized that Harry had yet to move. He was just sitting there on the couch and staring.

"What? Are you going to fuck me with your clothes on?" Draco questioned, he was getting agitated. He turned away from Harry and fussily disposed of his trousers.

"No. I'm not." Harry said and stood quickly and began his own disrobement.

A few moments later, he approached Draco and reached out to tug on Draco's pants. "It seems unfair that now I'm naked and you've left your pants on."

Draco huffed as if put out but allowed Harry to pull them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them with one foot and then the other.

Once Harry was upright again, Draco reached and began fisting the burgeoning erection before him. Harry, in turn, worked on Draco.

"Have you got the lube?" Draco inquired through his labored breathing. God, he loved it when Harry touched him that way. Simplistic but perfectly timed tugs.

"Yeah." Harry bent to retrieve it from his discarded robes and handed it to Draco who immediately opened the cap and poured a large amount onto his hand. He worked the gel onto Harry's erection thoroughly before handing it back to Harry and parading to the bed. He positioned himself on his hands and knees and waited for Harry to prepare him.

Harry's wet fingers worked miracles at stretching and pleasuring, Draco reflected a few moments later as Harry aligned himself to enter Draco's writhing body. And this was even better, he thought as Harry was fully sheathed.

Their tempo was fast as usual and before Draco expected it, he came onto the sheets beneath him. Seconds later, Harry cried out as he emptied himself into Draco's body.

They dressed side by side, arms occasionally touching. Draco wasn't positive that every time was an accident. Harry was keeping himself in close proximity much to Draco's dismay. They were finished. There was no reason to keep touching.

Their eyes met briefly and Draco saw a epigrammatic twinkle. Harry leaned forward rather quickly and brushed his lips against Draco's, catching him off balance. Draco pulled away as if burned and gasped. "No. You…just no. We've talked about this."

"We've haven't actually. You told me not to do it. There's a difference." Harry yanked his shirt on and sloppily buttoned it, leaving it completely out of order. It looked ridiculous. But sexy, Draco had to admit.


"So? I'm fucking sick of you always telling me what I can and cannot do. I'm not a child, Draco." The elevation in Harry's voice rose. Ah, here comes another fight.

"First of all, I've never given you permission to call me by my first name, so don't. And second, I don't tell you what to do." If Harry's expression was any indication, he was getting angrier by the second.

"You just did!" Harry finally broke out into a yell.

"You're not getting it, are you?" Draco inquired, his voice falsely composed.

"What? That you're a bastard that has to have everything his way or else?!"

"NO KISSING! Why haven't you gotten that through your thick head?! You're not my boyfriend. You're my fucking dildo!" Draco screamed, tired of masking calm.

Harry saw red. It was certain by the way his fists clenched at his sides. And if that wasn't enough of a giveaway, Draco's sore lip was.

"You hit me!" Draco shouted the obvious and resisted the urge to hit him back. Or at the very least, kick him in the balls. But, it would by no means be a fair fight. Harry was larger and much stronger than Draco. And they both knew it.

"You deserved it!" Harry screamed as he threw on his robes and gathered his textbooks.

"You are absolutely infuriating." Draco watched as Harry stalked to the door.

"Yeah, well that makes two of us." And he left, leaving Draco half dressed, standing in the middle of the room of requirement.

Draco's words echoed in Harry's head throughout his entire trek back to Gryffindor tower. Sure he knew how Draco thought of him but it was gut-wrenching to hear nonetheless. For somebody with appropriate societal manners and classic elegance, Draco could be crass and dirty sometimes. Harry liked Draco, he liked him a lot, however, it was obviously not reciprocated.

People tend to purposefully injure each other during verbal sparing matches and tonight was no different. Harry was hurt. And angry. He wasn't exactly sure which emotion was more dominant.

He stomped into the common room and found it empty save Hermione, who was diligently studying. Probably for an exam the following month. For the millionth time, Harry admired her scholastic ability.

"Hi," She said upon seeing him. Harry grunted and brushed passed her.

"Hey…what's with the attitude?"

Harry paused and turned around to face her, suddenly feeling and looking sheepish. "Sorry, I'm not in a good mood."

"Well, that's clear. What happened?"

Harry sighed and plopped down on the couch next to her armchair and relayed the evening's events.

"He's such an arsehole. I really don't know why you put up with him." Hermione clicked her tongue.

"Because he's hot as hell…and the sex is…well…incredible." Harry finally put his thoughts together.

Hermione frowned. "But you deserve better Harry. What about Oliver?'

"What about Oliver?" Harry was suspicious. She knew something. He could tell.

She re-adjusted her position on the chair, bringing her legs up to her chin and hugging them. "I know Oliver wants to get back together with you."

Harry huffed, "And how exactly do you know that? Have you spoken to him or something? I didn't know you two were friends."

"No. I read the last owl he sent you." Hermione said uncomfortably and had the decency to at least look ashamed. Harry grimaced, at a loss for words. "Over your shoulder," she added as an afterthought.

Harry decided not to berate her for inserting herself into his business. She always had his best interests at heart and usually good advice, which more often that not Harry didn't follow and later wished he had.

"Well…I wrote him back. He's a great guy but…its not right. We don't make that great of a couple."

"And you and Malfoy do?" Hermione grunted.

"We might…as soon as he gets his head out of his own arse."

"No Harry! Oh god!" Hermione groaned and Harry raised both eyebrows inquisitively.

"You really like him. I knew it. He's not going to change Harry. He's not all of sudden going to decide to date you."

"It's not like he usually sleeps around, you know. He dated that Slytherin bloke most of last year."

"Yes Harry, but the operative word is Slytherin. Not Gryffindor. And certainly not Harry Bloody Potter."

Harry was stunned at her criticism and use of his name. He frowned deeply. "Thanks Hermione," his voice was cool.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so harsh. But you know what I'm talking about." Harry nodded in agreement and sighed dramatically.

"Unfortunately, I do."

"Have I completely lost my mind or is Finnigan flirting with Potter?" Blaise tracked his statement with a deep chuckle. Draco's head snapped up instantly from his potions notes and followed Blaise's gaze to the Gryffindor table.

"No fucking way." Draco was appalled. "Thought he was straight." Seamus was in fact flirting with Harry, or so it seemed. Draco watched as Seamus fiddled with a few strands of Harry's hair before whispering something into his ear.

"As we all did." Blaise said laughingly.

"No fucking way." Draco repeated himself dumbly.

"Potter looks uncomfortable." They watched as Seamus laid his hand on Harry's forearm and squeezed. Harry subtly put a little distance between them and glanced around the table, finally making eye contact with Hermione.

"That, he does." Draco couldn't prevent the smile that graced his lips and the pleasure in his voice. "I know that look, he's appealing to Granger for assistance."

"Strange, that."

"What's strange?" Draco asked, still staring at Harry.

"That you know what kind of look Potter's giving off."

"Shut up." Draco snapped. Blaise ignored it.

"Ron seems gleeful however. I'm betting he's trying to set them up." Blaise observed.

"Probably. Potter said that Ron's been hassling him about his love life." Draco said distractedly as he watched the train wreck of a prelude to a seduction scene.

"You've been talking about that kind of stuff?" Blaise asked nonchalantly but Draco knew that he had to phrase his answer just right to avoid more questions. He could dig himself into a hole fast.

"He mentioned it briefly last night. There really wasn't time for much talking."

"Hmm," Blaise nodded in understanding and Draco thought about the night before as he watched Seamus embrace his inner queen and shamelessly flirt with Harry.

The thing that stood out the most in Draco's opinion was that they didn't fight. They'd actually seen each other, had sex, and still not fought. It was a rare occurrence when that happened. He had assumed that Harry would be still fuming from their argument, wherein Harry punched him, the week before but alas, Draco received an owl yesterday afternoon. They met in their favorite unused classroom and romped themselves stupid, releasing a great deal of aggression.

Draco secretly wondered if part of Harry's tension had to do with him. Harry was getting more anomalous by the week actually. He consistently tried to engage Draco in conversation. And the kissing thing. Draco didn't know what he was going to do about Harry. They had conversed the night before for almost an hour. Draco had allowed it, part out of boredom. There was nothing to do once he got back to his dorm. And mostly because of curiosity. He didn't know why but he was starting to get curious about what Harry had to say. Which was frightening.

"What are you wearing tonight Draco?" Pansy plopped down in front of him, distracting him from his mental wonderings and cut of his line of sight to Potter.

"Haven't thought about it." Draco growled.

"What's tonight?" Blaise questioned them both.

"The party in Gryffindor tower, of course." Pansy laughed.

"And you're going?" Blaise inquired and Draco nodded.

"As my date!" Pansy proudly announced.

"Can I go?" Blaise batted his eyelashes in impersonation of Pansy. She didn't catch on of course, being dumber than a box of rocks. Draco did and hid his laughter behind his water goblet.

"Sure. Every seventh year is invited," she giggled.

"Right, I'll be there." Draco shot Blaise an incredulous look as Pansy was distracted into conversation with one of her dorm mates.

"Now, tell me. Why in the hell do you want to go this travesty of a social event." Draco questioned, at a loss for why Blaise was entertaining the idea of going. "We normally avoid these things like a new age plague."

Blaise laughed loudly. "Well, that's just it. Who will I hang out with if you're going? Who's going to sit around and make fun of the masses with me?"

Draco knew his best friend well. And that wasn't an honest answer. Both of his eyebrows rose in casual elegance. "What's the real reason?"

"You and Potter in the same room all night with dancing, alcohol, and Seamus Finnigan. It's bound to be more entertaining than a quidditch match."

Harry tried in vain to rid himself of Seamus. He couldn't get a moments peace. It was already written in the stars that he was going to have to kill Ron. Seamus had only been out of the cliché closet for a couple of weeks and since that time, Ron had been slowly encouraging him to go after Harry. Hermione had informed him of this fact after lunch and made him promise not to be angry with Ron. He thought he was doing something good for his friends. What a load of shit.

"So, will you go as my date tonight?" Seamus finally asked the question that Harry had been dreading all afternoon.

"No, Seamus. I'm going stag."


"I don't want to go out with you Seamus. I'm not interested in anything more than friendship." Harry said for what felt like the tenth time that day. Seamus's face fell but he knew it wouldn't last. He be back to hitting on Harry before the hour was up.

"What do we have here? Hogwarts newest resident couple?" Draco's voice sounded from behind them. Harry and Seamus turned and watched as Blaise and Draco approached, identical sneers on their faces.

"We're not a couple." Harry protested much to Draco and Blaise's amusement.

"But we do have a new poof, correct?" Draco said eyeing Seamus.

"So what?" Seamus croaked. He sounded a little uneasy. Harry supposed that Draco did that to people.

"Why don't you go back to the tower without me." Harry stated, with an edge to his voice that left Seamus with no objections. He trotted off a bit disgruntled.

"Can't you have a little more consideration for others?" Harry said once Seamus was out of ear shot.

"Not really, no." Draco answered as Blaise began inching away slowly.

"God, you're such a jerk."

"Yes, and you embody everything that's honest, noble, and just in this world." Draco said scathingly.

"Fuck you."

"Well…that's usually the general idea, isn't it. You fucking me, that is." Draco retorted.

Blaise cleared his throat. "I'll just…yeah," he said glancing at the two of them scowling at each other. He then fled down the nearest flight of stairs.

"Yeah. And I will tonight after the party. Meet in the room of requirement after it's over." Harry was sickened with himself. He still desired Draco no matter how many rude comments or insults were thrown. He'd take Draco right in the hallway if it was possible. He got hard just thinking about it.

"Fine." Draco barked, secretly pleased.

"That's is…if you can get out of Pansy's clutches." Harry genuinely laughed.

"I'd rather be a hetero for the night than stick my dick in Finnegan. That's just disgusting." Draco shivered involuntarily.

Harry ignored the comment. "She's told the entire school by the way."

"I figured."

"Harry! There you are. Where'd Seamus go?" Ron sounded as he and Hermione came out of the Great Hall and started down the corridor.

"Malfoy." Hermione greeted him while Ron shot glares in his direction.

"Granger, Weasley." Draco greeted curtly and took off toward the dungeons.

"Were you talking to the ferret?" Ron asked, looking confused.

"No. Verbally abusing each other is more like it. Lets get going."

They walked back to their dorms conversing about the evening's festivities. As soon as they entered the common room, however, Harry was shocked into silence.

"Oh. My. God." Hermione muttered from beside him.


"Oliver, what are you doing here?!" Harry felt like he was going to pass out. Surely this really wasn't happening to him.

"I was asked to referee the quidditch match tomorrow afternoon. I came early so that I could see you. Dumbledore's letting me stay in a vacant teacher's suite." Oliver blathered in his excitement. He then proceeded to pull Harry into a colossal hug before properly greeting Ron and Hermione.

"This is great!" Ron said enthusiastically. "We've having a party tonight. You'll come, yeah?"

"Of course." Oliver said, eyes turning back to Harry. "I'm only here for tonight. I want to spend as much time together as possible."

Harry glanced at Hermione pleadingly but she bit her lip in answer. She didn't know what to do. Just great.

"Ron, lets leave them alone for a bit." Hermione tugged Ron up the stairs to the boys dormitory, leaving him to deal with Oliver alone.

Oliver leant in for a kiss and Harry turned his head, leaving him only with cheek. "Didn't you get my letter?"

"Yeah. I did." Oliver frowned. "But I thought you'd change your mind if you saw me in person."

"I'm not going to change my mind." Harry said softly. What was with today. He'd went months with nobody being interested and now he's had to turn down two blokes in one day. He briefly wondered it he was caught in some kind of parallel universe.

"We'll work on it." Oliver said and pulled Harry to the nearest couch. Lord, he was just as thick headed as Seamus. This was going to be a long night. He couldn't until it was over and he was able to sneak away and see Draco.