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Pansy hurried down the stairs and practically ran into Draco. "Why are you rushing about?"

"I'm late…I was supposed to help Brown set up for the party half an hour ago." Pansy ran both of her hands through her hair.

"I'm not going any earlier than I have to." Draco warned. He was still disgusted with himself that he'd told her he would go in the first place. It would be a miracle if he made it through the night without bodily injuring somebody or something.

"I know that silly. Meet me there at seven." Pansy lifted herself onto her toes and kissed Draco on the lips. He shivered but not in a good way. Her lips were little and way too feminine. Now, he would have to scrub his mouth with soap and brush his teeth again.

"Yeah. I'll go with Blaise."

Much to Draco's dismay and Blaise's amusement, the first person they saw upon entering Gryffindor tower was Harry. Typically this would not have been a bad thing, but on this night Harry was dancing sensuously in the arms of Oliver Wood.

"Oh hell." Draco exclaimed while Blaise openly laughed.

"Isn't that Oliver Wood?" Blaise asked and Draco nodded.

"I heard a rumor that he and Harry were…"

"Yes, they were. What in gods name is he doing here?" Draco asked rhetorically.

"I don't know but I do think that he's going to ruin your plans for later."

They watched as Harry's hands slid down Oliver's back to grasp his hips as they swayed to the music. Draco watched Oliver smile and lean down to whisper something into Harry's ear, causing him to laugh. Draco had to restrain the urge to step between them and challenge Oliver to a duel.

"Draco, you're here!" Pansy gushed excitedly as she made her way through the crowd.

"I said I would be." Pansy smiled at his affirmation and tugged on his hand. "Lets dance!"

"Lets not and say we did." Draco said evenly and seriously. Pansy's face fell.

"Some date you are." Blaise remarked under his breath and Draco glared at him.

"Lets just have a drink first." Draco negotiated and allowed Pansy to lead him to the drinks table.

"You coming?" Draco called out to Blaise over his shoulder.

"Um, no. I think I'll look for somebody better to hang out with."

"Funny." Draco rolled his eyes.

Drink in hand, Draco secluded he and Pansy to a private corner and scrutinized the proceedings. He'd rather be anywhere else than one of the stupid seventh year parties. He hated them, everything about them. He hated the loud irritating music, paper decorations, and the uncoordinated dancing attempts of drunk and tipsy teenagers.

He pointedly ignored the now still figures of Harry and Oliver. They were chatting with Brown, Thomas and Finnigan. Ah, Gryffindors unite. It truly was a wretched and ugly sight.

"Pansy, darling?" Draco said flirtatiously, making a split second decision.

Pansy's attention was immediately focused on him, her smile wide. "Yes?"

"Could you put some liquor in this?" Draco handed her his cup of pumpkin juice. "I'm wonderfully comfortable where I am."

"Are you sure?" Pansy looked at him doubtfully.

"I'm sure. It's a party, right?" Draco sounded falsely enthusiastic even to his own ears but fortunately Pansy didn't catch on to how bored he actually was.

"Of course! "I'll be right back."

Draco couldn't stop it, his eyes sought Harry and Oliver. He spied on them for several minutes and contemplated their interactions. Admittedly, Harry didn't seem over the moon or anything for Oliver. Oliver, however, was a completely different story.

He watched as Oliver touched Harry again, this time on his shoulder. It was always something, arm around the waist, arm around the shoulders, a hand on the small of his back. Always touching him somewhere. Constant fucking touching and it was driving Draco crazy.

Draco realized that Oliver was a fit bloke. A Greek mythological statue brought to life was more like it. He watched as Oliver's muscles flexed as he moved and reached for his drink. Draco briefly wondered why in the hell Harry had broken up with him. Harry, while not as muscular as Oliver, was better looking though. He watched as Wood said something amusing and the group laughed. Harry smiled. Harry had a smile that could melt ice. Not that Draco wasn't on the receiving end of said smile often but he'd seen it before. Like now. The youngest Weasely accidentally bumped into him on her drunken walk across the room and he turned to talk to her. He faced Draco's direction so on impulse he stepped out of the darkened corner so that he could be seen. And seen he was. Harry looked startled for a second and then he grinned. He then winked causing Draco to smirk.

"Here you go." Pansy landed right in front of him and handed Draco back his cup, effectively ruining the moment he was privately having with Harry.

"Cheers." Draco said and drank half the cup in one gulp.

A little Less than an hour later and three spiked cups of pumpkin juice floating in his stomach, Draco had to admit that he was feeling pretty good. In a miserable kind of way. He'd watched Harry all the while, pointedly ignoring everything that Pansy said. And Harry had watched him. As much as good with Oliver permanently attached to Harry's person. Damn. Oliver Wood was seriously grating on his nerves.

He really needed to find somebody that he would actually enjoy talking to while in such a state as he was in. Somebody that he could talk about Harry with.

His eyes sought Blaise and found him on the other side of the room engaging himself in mock fighting with Weasley while Hermione laughed at them and rolled her eyes. Draco still couldn't comprehend how well the three of them got on. He knew that Blaise worked daily with Granger but he didn't see any reason as to why he was friends with Weasley, even if he was Granger's boyfriend. Blaise had even tried to get Draco to befriend the Weasel. Like that was ever going to happen.

Finally tiring of Pansy's incessant chatter and pleas to dance, for which Draco had no intention on complying, he headed over to where Blaise was chatting with Hermione and Ron.

"God! Why are you here?" Ron said distastefully.

"I don't want to be here anymore than you want me here, Weasel." Draco replied as he mentally scrutinized Ron. He wouldn't be that bad looking if it weren't for that hair. Draco shuddered at his own thoughts. He'd really had too much to drink if he was spending more a second's time thinking about Ronald Weasley.

"He came with Pansy, I think. It doesn't matter Ron, every seventh year was invited." Hermione intervened.

"Not by my choice. I wouldn't have let anybody from Slytherin come but Blaise if not for Dumbledore's stipulations." Ron huffed.

"What stipulations?" Draco inquired, swaying slightly. Blaise took notice of that and stepped closer to him.

"You've not been involved in any of these gatherings so you wouldn't know. Professor Dumbledore said that we couldn't have them if we excluded anybody." Hermione explained in her student voice.

Blaise leaned in close to Draco and took his cup, smelling it. He then chucked into the closest rubbish bin. Draco made a sound of disapproval before his face was framed by Blaise's large hands. Blaise was smelling his breath. Wonderful.

"You've been drinking. You don't drink." Blaise observed disbelievingly.

"Well, you can't exactly expect me to put up with that shit without fire whiskey, do you?" Draco said and inclined his head in Harry and Oliver's direction.

"What shit?" Ron demanded rudely. Hermione and Blaise exchanged concerned looks.

"Why the fuck is Wood here? He's not a student." Draco ignored Ron and questioned Hermione.

"Refereeing the match tomorrow." Hermione said at the same time that Ron said, "To see Harry, of course."

Draco laughed without humor. "Which is it?"

"Both actually." Hermione answered.

"Maybe I should go say hello!" Draco said a little too loudly. He began to move away but Blaise grabbed his arm forcefully and prevented it.

"Maybe we should leave?"

"No." Draco leaned into Blaise and rested his chin upon Blaise's shoulder, staring out at Harry and Oliver. "If Wood thinks-"

"Ron!" Hermione shouted suddenly causing Draco to stop mid sentence. "Get me a drink, would you?"

"Gladly." Ron smiled at her and scurried off.

"You were saying?" Blaise encouraged Draco to continue. Hermione frowned in displeasure.

"Wood can't have Potter back." Draco pouted and Blaise smiled.

"I don't think that's up to you, mate."

"Well…it should be." Draco stepped back and crossed his arms over his chest in a defensive manner.

"It should be…you can't be serious?" Hermione said incredulously.

"I am." Draco said and glanced in Harry's direction again.

"You should get him out of here before he does something he'll regret later." Hermione warned and Blaise nodded.

"Alright. Lets go." Blaise started to pull Draco toward the exit.

"No." He refused to budge. He wasn't going anywhere until he got laid. Wood needed to find somebody else. Draco refused to allow them to get back together. As if he could do anything about it but still. If they were back together, that would be the end of Draco. Potter was too righteous a Gryffindor to play around.

Draco made up his mind in a split second. He had to ask Potter what was going on.

"Potter!" Draco abruptly yelled out. Hermione squealed in an undignified manner as Blaise clapped his hand over Draco's mouth.

"What's wrong with you, idiot." Blaise said brusquely. Draco briefly wondered what he'd done. He just wanted to talk to Potter.

Harry turned around and raised an eyebrow. He shrugged out of Oliver's grip and started in their direction. Hermione shook her head and waved him off. He stopped and then shrugged before turning back to his group. Oliver glanced at Draco and then at Harry, who kept looking back over his shoulder. Oliver furrowed his eyebrows and slung his arm around Harry's shoulders once more.

"You want to talk to Harry, Draco?" Hermione said quietly but clearly as if she was talking to a child. Draco nodded animatedly. That was exactly what he wanted. Well, sort of. That and more.

"I've got a plan, okay." Hermione said to Blaise

"What do you want to do?"

"I'll sneak him upstairs." She said pointing at Draco, who swayed lifted his head off Blaise's shoulder, where it had fallen again, and sighed contentedly. He was going to get to see Harry. They'd never gotten together in either of their dorms before and enjoyed the possibility of it.

"And you go and get him and tell him what's going on and have him meet us there." She finished, nodding her head at Harry, who was openly staring in their direction, curiosity written all over his face.


"But you'll have to come up with something to tell Pansy. I really can't be bothered to care about her." Hermione said, rubbing her temples with her fingers.

"Sure thing. Draco, go with Hermione." Blaise encouragingly.

"You'll get Potter?" Draco asked hopeful.

"Yeah. Promise. Go on." Blaise's voice was soothing. He knew that he could count on Blaise. He wasn't his best mate for nothing.

Hermione and Blaise shared an anxious but amused look before going their separate ways.

Harry watched quizzically as Hermione ushered Draco into an alcove by the dorm entrance. She glanced around, obviously checking to see if anybody was looking. Only Harry was looking and she noticed. She gave him a tentative smile before shoving Draco up the stairs toward the boys dormitory. What the hell is that about. Harry had no more time to ponder her actions because Blaise tapped him on the shoulder.

"I really need to talk to you."

"Okay." Harry turned to face him fully and waited.

"Ah, alone would be better." Blaise said after Oliver glanced at them curiously.

"Sure." Harry replied before addressing Oliver and the rest of his friends.

"Alright…what's up? Where the hell did Draco and Hermione go." Harry interrogated once they were away from the crowd and hovering by the dorm entrance.

"What's up is that Draco is a little drunk and wants to see you. Hermione took him up to your room."

"Why my room?" Harry wrinkled his eyebrows.

"Well…we were afraid he was going to make a scene of some sort." Blaise said carefully.

"What kind of scene?"

"Not sure really. But I think he's jealous."

Harry's eyes widened, "Of what?"

Blaise glanced at Oliver and then turned back to Harry. He winked. "I'm sure you can figure that out for yourself."


"Yeah. He really hasn't left your side all night, has he?"

"I know. Trust me, I'm not pleased." Harry shook his head.

"That's not how it looks, Harry." Blaise said quietly. Harry frowned. He'd told Oliver that they were not going to get back together. That they could only be friends. And Oliver said that he understood but his actions were another matter altogether. He had found a way to always be touching Harry. And it was maddening. It hadn't been too terrible in the beginning when they'd danced. Harry loved to dance and he'd really gotten swept up in the moment. In hindsight, he realized that he may have accidentally encouraged Oliver. Because Oliver had not left him alone since.

"Its just that there's some history there…I don't want to hurt his feelings by being rude or too blunt." Harry worried his bottom lip.

"History." Blaise repeated. He then nodded and grinned before continuing. "Your present isn't very fond of your past right now."

"Is he really jealous?" Harry couldn't prevent a grin. It appeared on his face of its own volition.

Blaise laughed. "You're happy about that, aren't you?"

"Want me to lie?" Harry chuckled.


"I'm mad about him." Harry said more seriously.

"I already knew that. And he is mad about you. "I'm sure of it. Go talk to him. Or whatever."

"I'm going." Harry said and started up the stairs. When he reached his dorm, he heard Hermione and Draco talking. He paused to listen for a few moments.

"He's not coming, is he?"

"Don't be silly. Of course he is."

"Its been ten minutes, Granger."

"I'm sure he's just talking to Blaise."

"No. He's probably off shagging Wood right now." Draco sounded distraught and Harry didn't have the heart to stay away any longer.

"Hey." He said as he opened the door and stepped inside.

"Potter." Draco said, a bit breathlessly.

Hermione smiled, "I'm going now."

"Thanks Hermione." Harry said as she passed him.

"No problem." She disappeared out the door and Harry closed it behind her.

"You wanted to see me?" Harry began immediately.

"Yes. Yes, I did."

"About?" He prodded. He wanted to get straight to the point. If he was honest with himself, he wanted Draco to admit to jealously and declare his undying love like in one of Lavender's trashy romance novels. He knew that wouldn't happen but he would take just about any form of friendliness from Draco.

"Are you and Wood back together?" Draco asked quickly, a pained expression gracing his perfect face.

Harry smiled softly. "No, we aren't."

"Are you planning to get back together?"

"Why? Why do you want to know?" Harry prodded.

"Humor me Potter." Draco said impatiently.

"No. We aren't."


"Okay. Is there something else?" Draco shook his head and Harry sighed deeply. So much for real communication or intimacy. Draco was obviously jealous if he'd felt the need to ask about Oliver. Draco was worried that he and Oliver were planning to re-kindle their flame. It was small flame, however, compared to the wild fire he had with Draco. But that didn't mean that he was going to rush into Harry's arms. He felt like a fool.

Suddenly, while he was lost in his own head, Harry found himself with an armful of Draco Malfoy. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and clasped his hands solidly, clinging almost urgently.

Harry very nearly didn't understand what was happening. Draco was hugging him. Harry gingerly wrapped his own arms around Draco's waist, successfully hugging him back. Harry didn't know how long they'd stayed that way but it was a awhile and it was fabulous and warm and just fabulous. Draco's slightly smaller frame fit perfectly into Harry's arms, as if they were two pieces of a jig saw puzzle.

Harry heard some sort of sniff and wondered if Draco was crying. No, that was impossible. Draco didn't cry. He heard it again and understanding dawned on him. Draco was smelling him. Seriously?

"You smell good. You always smell so fucking good." Draco said thickly before leaning his head back slightly and licking the shell of Harry's earlobe.

"Thank you." Harry was barely able to respond. He was too overwhelmed. They were rarely this familiar, pressed against each other so closely that there was barely room for a piece of parchment. Which was sad considering they'd been having sex for months. Draco had rules. Rules that were obviously made to be broken and Harry was definitely not going to remind Draco of them at this juncture. It felt amazing and Harry pulled Draco even closer until their mushrooming erections made contact.



Draco didn't say anything else. He attached his lips to Harry's in a flutter. They opened their mouths simultaneously and Harry moaned into Draco's mouth at the first contact with his tongue. Harry explored Draco's mouth, relishing the opportunity. He memorized every contour before pulling Draco's tongue into his mouth and sucking it gently. This time, Draco moaned in pleasure and then reciprocated the action.

Harry lowered his hands and kneaded Draco's arse, something he'd longed to do every time he saw Draco's backside. Draco moaned again and snaked his own hand between them to cup Harry's groin.

"Fuck." Harry broke the kiss to mutter. It felt so good. It always felt so good when Draco touched him. Oliver had practically been trying to grope him all night and it was nothing, absolutely nothing compared to Draco's touch.

"Lets." Draco mumbled and began to undress Harry. First he painstakingly unbuttoned Harry's shirt and tossed it aside. Next he dropped to his knees and lifted Harry's foot to digest him of his shoes. Finally he reached up and unzipped Harry's jeans, pulling them off along with Harry's pants.

Harry knew that Draco loved his member and was unsurprised to find that Draco felt the need to attach his mouth to said body part. Draco hummed around his erection and Harry couldn't prevent bucking into his warm, inviting mouth. Draco grasped one of Harry's hands and intertwined their fingers as he continued his work.

"Draco…Draco stop…or I won't last." Harry was too excited. They'd never been together this tenderly and affectionately before and Harry couldn't take it. It was wreaking havoc on both his emotions and body.

Draco let go with a audible pop and stood to face Harry. "Okay." He then began to undress himself and Harry watched. He watched as Draco's flawless skin was displayed bit by bit. He truly loved Draco's skin. "-yours, Harry?"

"What?" Harry was so caught up in watching Draco and anticipating what lie ahead that he didn't quite catch the words that Draco had spoken.

Draco laughed lightly. "I said, which bed is yours?"

"This one actually." Harry said pointing to the bed that they were currently standing next to.

"Convenient." Draco muttered and utilized every bit of strength he could harvest to shove Harry onto the bed.

Harry hummed in pleasure as Draco followed him onto the bed and kissed a trail from his legs, over his torso, to his lips. They kissed for a while longer and explored each other utilizing their hands.

Draco broke the kiss first and panted as Harry took the opportunity to roll them over and switch their positions. Harry re-attached their lips as he reached between them to tweak each of Draco's nipples.

"Potter," Draco whimpered, bucking his erection into Harry's. Harry felt like the contact was going to drive him insane. It was time. He pulled away for only a second to retrieve the lubricating oil from his beside cabinet. He rubbed it between his fingers and onto his erection as Draco watched eagerly, spreading his legs in flagrant invitation.

Draco sighed in pleasure as the first of Harry's fingers breached him in preparation. Harry watched amused as Draco began to move in time with his fingers writhing on the bed beneath him. "Fuck…now" Draco muttered.

He was ready and Harry couldn't wait any longer.

They both cried out in pleasure as Harry entered him. Harry thought that they'd always been great together, amazing together but this was magnificent. Draco wrapped his legs around Harry's waist and crossed them at his ankles as Harry thrust slowly into his willing body.

Their cadence was impeccable, they moved together perfectly. And for the first time, Harry was permitted to kiss Draco. They kissed until they were forced apart, each needing to call out in glorious release.

Upon waking the next morning, Draco registered that he was exceedingly hot. Immediately, he set about kicking off his covers. And in doing so, he came into contact with something solid.

"Ouch. Shit." Harry's voice sounded from somewhere to the left of him.

"Oh god." Draco groaned as memories from the previous night washed over him like a tidal wave.

"Settle down. I'm trying to sleep." Harry sounded groggy.

"Potter. Why'd you let me fall asleep." Draco whispered harshly.

"You don't have to whisper. I put up a silencing charm before I went to sleep. And I didn't let you. You just passed out not long after we finished." Harry said. He sat up in the bed, obviously giving up on sleep and steeling himself for the fight to begin.

"Fuck!" Draco shouted. "Where're my fucking clothes."

"Here." Harry passed him a bundle of clothes and he dressed quickly on top of the bed. It was difficult but eventually he accomplished the task.

"This doesn't change anything between us. Last night was a mistake." Draco felt like it needed to be said. He shouldn't have drank and he definitely shouldn't have mauled Harry the way he had. It was against the rules. A mistake. Only it didn't feel like it. It had felt right, so very right. But this was Harry Potter. It was one thing to fool around in a clinical manner but quite another to be affectionate have a real relationship.

"It already has changed things between us." Harry argued

"Are you suggesting that we date or something?" Draco laughed as he ran a hand through his hair in an attempt to settle it down. He knew how wild his hair usually looked in the mornings.

"Yeah. That's exactly what I propose."

"We'd still be sneaking around. It's not like we could actually go out together on dates. Not that I'd want to obviously. I detest you."

"Sure we could."

"What? You think we can just walk around the hallways holding hands like Granger and the weasel." Draco was beyond irritated. They could do no such thing and Harry damn well knew it. Nobody would accept them as a couple.

"Actually, I do think we could." Harry snapped. "Who cares what anybody else thinks."

Draco laughed bitterly. "I do."

"Well, I don't."

"Whatever." Draco said and sought Harry's eyes. They were troubled. Harry looked uncertain and sad. Draco had to physically restrain himself from comforting Harry. God, it was amazing what one night could do on the psyche. This was not like him at all. He didn't even like Harry, did he? Of course he did. He was crazy about Harry and he knew it. But that didn't mean he was going to ruin both of their lives for it.


"What now?" Draco asked as he struggled to put on his shoes.

"Nothing." Harry was angry but holding it in. Draco could tell by the tone of his voice.

"Fine," was all he said in response.

Draco crawled over him and grabbed his wand off the floor and cast a tempus charm. Just Great. It was after nine. How in the hell was he going to get out of here.

"I have a cloak you can borrow. An invisibility cloak." Harry said angrily, reading his mind, as he stepped out of his bed curtains. Draco heard him rummage around in what he assumed to be Harry's trunk.

"You missed breakfast." Ron. Just great. Ron was in the room.

"Yeah. I was tired." Harry said politely but there was a slight edge to his voice.

"Oliver was upset that you disappeared last night. Where'd you go."

"I went to bed early."

"Oh. Well, he told me to have you go his room when you got up."

"Alright, thanks."

"I'm heading down to the common room. See you down there."


Harry came back through the curtains and threw the cloak at Draco. He was furious, Draco could tell. "Go."

Draco put the cloak on and left. He didn't know what else to do. As he walked down to the dungeons, he contemplated his loss. He couldn't believe that he'd been so cavalier before about seeing Harry. He should've never allowed it to begin, considering that nothing good could ever come of it. They could never be together out in the open. It was a ridiculous thought. But he couldn't stay away either. He was captivated by Harry.

He waited to take the cloak off until he was at his dorm door. He certainly did not want to accidentally run into Pansy after he'd deserted her the night before. That would be uncomfortable.

"I cannot believe you stayed out all night." Blaise whistled as soon as he walked into their shared room.

"Me neither." Draco said crossly.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Harry said…nothing."

"Uh-oh. Did you and Potter break up?"

Draco screamed in irritation. "How can we break up?! We aren't together to begin with!"

"Somehow, I don't think that's one hundred percent accurate." Blaise commented before slipping into his shoes and leaving the room.

Harry waited until an hour or so before the quidditch match to go and talk to Oliver. He was dreading it for several reasons. He didn't want to hurt Oliver's feelings any more than he already had and honestly, he just wasn't in the mood to talk.

"I'm so glad that I get to see you before the match. I'm leaving right after." Oliver said as he ushered Harry inside his temporary suite.

"Yeah, me too." Harry replied and forced a smile.

"Where in the world did you go last night?" Oliver questioned as they took seats on a fluffy garnet colored sofa. Harry crossed his hands in his lap before replying. "Bed."

"I had thought that we could've…" Oliver looked a little flustered, which was a rare occurrence.

"No. We couldn't have done. I've told you that I just want to be friends."

Oliver nodded disappointedly. "I thought maybe you were with somebody last night."

"I was." Harry admitted.

"Draco Malfoy?" Oliver guessed and Harry nodded. "I figured. Every single time I turned around, you were staring at him or he was staring at you. Kind of a dead giveaway, that."

"I didn't know it was that obvious." Harry pondered Oliver's words.

"Nah, probably not to most. But I was looking for it. I overheard earlier in the day that Ron had been trying to get you together with Seamus so I watched the two of you for signs of interest. What I got was signs of interest between you and Malfoy."

"I see."

"So, how's that working out for you."

"It's not actually." Harry said sadly and Oliver frowned.

"I'm not sure I'm really the person to talk to but if you need…" Oliver began.

"No. It's fine really. Don't worry about. I don't need to talk to anyone." Harry said and laughed artificially. He couldn't even talk about it with Hermione yet. He wanted to go back to bed and hide in his covers. It was over and his fury at Draco's stubbornness had faded. The only thing he could remotely concentrate on was how much he was going to miss Draco when their affair ended.

Harry tracked down Blaise outside the castle immediately after the game.

"I need to talk to Draco." Harry wasted no time with pleasantries.

"Alright. Do you have a note or is this going to be by word of mouth?" Blaise was so very easy to get along with and Harry had never fully appreciated it until this moment.

"Just tell him to be in our classroom after dinner tonight, yeah?"

"Sure. Is everything alright? I don't know if I should say this or not but he seemed a little upset this morning."

"Just tell him for me. Please?" Harry ignored both the question and the comment. He still didn't want to talk about it.

"Yeah, okay." Blaise frowned but nodded his head anyway.

Draco swaggered into the abandoned classroom feeling confident that he and Harry were on track again. He'd requested a meeting after all. In their classroom. That had to be a good sign that they weren't over. Not that they were a 'they' exactly. But Draco was relieved somewhat. Some of Harry was preferable to none at all.

Harry was already there and waiting for him perched on the end of an elderly table. He looked worried and cheerless. Draco's strut faulted instantly. Harry looked up and smiled slightly, it didn't reach his eyes.

"Hey," Draco greeted and received a nod of the head. He propped himself up on a small student desk directly across from Harry. They stared at each other for a long while, each perceptibly waiting for the other to speak or move.

Harry was the first to give up on their ridiculous contest. He moved gracefully off his own table and moved in front of Draco. Harry grabbed him by the waist and pulled him the edge of the desk, so close to the edge that he felt like he could easily fall off. He was forced to lean forward slight and take hold of Harry's shoulders as a preventative measure.

Harry's hands ran smoothly and magnificently from his waist down his outer thighs and finally ceased movement to cup his knees. Draco couldn't prevent a grin as Harry gently urged them apart. He gratefully allowed it and watched as Harry inserted himself between Draco's legs. He watched as Harry utilized one finger, and one finger only, to draw patterns on Draco's rapidly increasing erection through the cloth of his trousers. He then added a second finger, and ran one on either side of Draco's member, adding just the right amount of pressure. Draco watched Harry's fingers slide back and forth before it became too much. He closed his eyes and moaned.

"Does that feel nice?" Harry asked, surprising Draco. It wasn't like Harry to ask questions or provide commentary during their actual encounters.

"Yes, of course." Draco inhaled sharply and reached for Harry's zip, pulling it down enough to place his hand inside. He stroked and fondled Harry eliciting delicious sounds of pleasure. Suddenly Harry placed his own hand over Draco's and stilled his movements.

"Wha…what's wrong?" Draco fumbled over his words, so aroused he could barely see straight.

Harry didn't answer but gazed into Draco's eyes. Uh-oh. He saw the twinkle and knew what Harry was thinking. Draco shook his head but Harry ignored it and leaned down rapidly, catching Draco's lips in a kiss.

God, it was just as incredible as it had been the night before and Draco responded with gusto for a few seconds, his hands grasping Harry's hair roughly before his sanity reigned in. He tore his mouth away from Harry's and shoved him away. Both were panting and Draco felt the loss of Harry's body immediately. Harry stared at him as his chest rose and fell noticeably.

"No." Draco said after obtaining some normalcy of a breathing pattern.

"You don't want me today?" Harry said sarcastically.

"That's not it. You know what I'm talking about." Draco's voice was even despite the chaotic mess of his head and body.

"Are you seriously going to keep those stupid rules?" Harry asked, already knowing the answer and dreading it if the look on his face was anything to go by.


"So, you won't go out with me?" Harry implored.

"This again? I thought when you'd asked to meet that we were over this shit!" Draco yelled out in agitation and flailed his arms about.

"No. I'm not over this shit as you put it." Harry said contemptuously.

"No. Harry. I won't." Draco said quickly. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing in an effort to calm himself. Harry was silent for several minutes until he uttered words that Draco didn't want to hear. He'd been fearful of them ever since their disagreement the morning before in Harry's dormitory. In Harry's bed.

"I don't think I can see you anymore now. It's changed. I've changed." Harry croaked, emotion evident in his voice.

Draco wasn't sure what to say. He wanted to say yes to Harry's dating proposition. He wanted to kiss him again, it'd been marvelous. As much as he tried to deny it, Draco knew that the previous night was the best of his life. Instead he glanced around the classroom at he aged textbooks caked with dust and grime, the scratched blackboard, and the wooden desk where they'd gratified themselves numerous times. He looked everywhere but at Harry.

"Alright. If that's the way you want it. I won't take up any more of your time." Draco finally responded, feeling like he was addressing a business associate instead of a lover. He couldn't find it in himself to be angry. He was hurt. And he absolutely would not admit it. He left quickly and patted himself on the back for not looking back.

"Can we talk." Hermione approached him a week after the infamous night he'd spent with Harry and the train wreck that occurred the following day.

"Alright." Draco answered and escorted her out of the library and into the empty corridor.

"Harry thinks you're crazy." Hermione said as soon as they were alone.

"Hermione, let me assure you that Harry has not seen me crazy yet." Draco replied nonchalantly.

"What is your problem exactly?" Hermione questioned needlessly. He could tell by the expression on her face that she already knew what Draco was feeling. It was a given that Harry had already told her everything that had transpired.

"Harry ended our…thing." Draco couldn't bring himself to say relationship.

"I know. And I don't blame him. Why couldn't you give him a chance."

"Because…it's not possible. We can't date, Granger. I thought you were smarter than this!"


"It just wouldn't be acceptable."

"Who cares what you and Harry do. It's your own business, your own lives. The war is over Draco! And you were neutral! You're not the bad guy and Harry's not the good guy. You're just Draco and Harry."

"We'll get harassed. Harry will be tainted and ostracized." Draco said quietly. Hermione visibly softened toward him.

"I don't think he will. And he doesn't care anyway. He wants to be with you. For some reason, Draco. Whether you believe it or not…you guys could make your relationship work. If you tried." Hermione didn't wait for another response, that was evidently her parting statement. She went back into the library.

Draco stared at the door long after Hermione had left. She was right. They were together. It had been a fucked up relationship but it was a relationship nonetheless. He'd really screwed up. He needed to figure out a way to fix it. He would try. And together, they would make it work. Pleased with his decision, Draco went searching for Blaise.

"I'm re-thinking Oliver." Harry said casually as he and Hermione lounged on the grass in the commons. A dozen or so students were doing the same or milling about searching for their friends.

"You can't be serious after everything that's happened." Hermione scolded.

"No, I guess I'm not really serious. It just sounds appealing sometimes. I really miss Draco." Harry sighed.

"I know. But Harry, Oliver is not Draco and you would just hurt more when you broke up with again."

"I know. But I can't stand Ron trying to fix me up anymore. All he talks about is finding me a boyfriend. Did you know that Michael Corner is bisexual?" Harry chuckled as Hermione's eye's widened and she shook her head.

"Well. Ron knew and obviously he shared that bit of information with me last night."

Hermione laughed. "We may have to lock him in a closet or something. No pun intended, of course."

"Of course." Harry grinned wickedly before continuing, "maybe I should go out with Seamus after all."

Hermione snickered. "Yeah, right. You would make such a great couple." Harry smirked at her and then turned, glancing at the lake. He noticed Draco in the distance, vaguely walking in their direction. Marvelous. As if seeing Draco in class and the Great Hall weren't enough, now he would have to see him on Saturday afternoon. He'd purposefully drug Hermione outside to avoid Draco who seemed to always be everywhere Harry was within the castle.

For the past several days, Draco was all over the place. And as soon as he'd see Harry he'd pause and appear troubled. Then he'd flee. Once, that very morning, Draco had even grabbed Harry's arm in the corridor as if he wanted to say something. Harry prodded him but he just turned away and left. It was odd.

"You couldn't date Seamus even if you'd actually wanted to." Hermione commented.

"Oh, why's that?" Harry said distractedly, watching as Draco approached.

"He's dating some Ravenclaw now. Forget the name. Maybe it was…no…hmm…why can't I remember?" Hermione rambled and Harry tensed. Draco finally reached where they sit on the grass but instead of passing as Harry had assumed he'd do, he plopped down in front of Harry. Draco crossed his legs like he was going to stay a while.

"Draco, hi." Hermione said cheerfully.

"Hi Granger." He greeted her but his eyes remained focused on Harry.

"How are you?" Hermione asked, already knowing the answer. After she'd spoken with Draco the day before, she made rounds with Blaise, who filled her in on Draco's decision. She was pleased to say the least.

"Better, thanks." Draco replied, without glancing her way. Harry was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the intense way Draco was gazing at him. Draco's face was a blend of emotions from lust to need to understanding. Harry dropped that train of thought for fear of getting his hopes up and having Draco knock them down.

"What are you doing?" Harry inquired, distressed with Draco's presence. What was he playing at. Harry glanced around and noticed the attention they were receiving. "People are beginning to stare."

"Okay. Good." Draco smiled.

"What do you mean good?" Harry asked agitatedly.

"I don't care. It's good if they stare."

Draco moved so suddenly that Harry was startled into stillness as Draco grabbed him by the base of the neck and pulled him close. He briefly made eye contact with Draco before Draco connected their lips. It only took Harry a split second to return the kiss hungrily. He loved kissing Draco and had thought it would never happen again.

Draco broke the connection first. "Good because I want them to see me kissing my boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. If you want?" Draco asked, a bit nervously. It was adorable. Draco didn't do nervous very often. Manically horny, sarcastic, and drastically angry he did. But not nervous.

Harry smiled. He didn't think in a million years that he would see this moment. He was ecstatic. "Yeah, I want." He said as he pulled Draco into another kiss.

"Finally! You two have been exhausting me.!" Hermione shouted causing them to break apart and look at her.

As the three of them laughed, Draco glanced around. The commotion was evident. Everywhere he turned, students were staring, whispering, or openly giggling.

"Is this public enough for you." Draco asked.

"Yeah. It'll do." Harry winked before hitting Draco lightly on the arm in a playful gesture. Draco opened his mouth to say something but Hermione beat him to it.

"One question though. Who's going to run off right now and tell Ron before somebody else does?" Hermione questioned.

"I think Harry should do it." Draco answered first.

"I knew you had a few screws loose. You do it."

"No way!" Harry laughed at Draco's horror filled expression.

"Then what are we going to do?" Harry questioned.

They stayed silent for several seconds before they spoke at the same time. "Hermione."

"I knew you going to say that." She sighed powerfully. "I'll be back. Hopefully." Hermione said as she trotted into the castle.

"He won't be pleased." Draco warned but Harry grinned.

"He'll get over it. They'll all get over it." Harry said and then kissed him again.