Abby: Please don't fire me Gibbs, or send me to jail…if I have a choice, Id rather be fired, I think…


"For the record. You'd probably have to quit."

Abby took the Caf Pow from his hands with a smile. "Yeah, like I could ever do that…in fact, even if you fired me I would probably chain myself to my mass spec and refuse to leave…"

"We would get bolt cutters."

She sipped her drink. "Yeah, like that's fair."

"Don't worry Abs. You're not going anywhere."

"Oh Im not worrying…I know you'd never let that happen….but just in case it did I want you to know that I would not go down without a fight…"

"Would expect nothing less."

"I would kick and I would scream…Ziva's been teaching me some crazy ninja stuff and I'm a really loud screamer…"

"I can imagine." He started out the door when he was yanked back inside.

"So you would never fire me right? Not ever?"

Gibbs smiled slowly. "Me? Never. Leon on the other hand…"

She punched him hard on the shoulder. "Gibbs!"

"Its simple Abs…you go, I go."

Abby grinned big. "Aww Gibbs, that's so…so…sweet."

"I try."

"So that totally means that if you go, I go too."

He smiled at her. "So when I retire…"

She plugged her ears. "Lalalalalala I can't hear you."

"Abs…" He put a hand on her arm. "Abs…don't worry, It wont be for a long time."

"Promise?" She threw her arms around him and held tight.

Gibbs managed a small smile to assure her. "I promise."

She watched him turn to leave a second time. "So how many years are there in a 'long time?'"

He continued to smile. "Do I look like I can tell the future?"


He entered the elevator with a grin. "See you in the morning Abs…"

The doors started to close. "How do you know that…unless you can see the future? Gibbs…Gibbs…"