Ziva: We do what Gibbs tells us…


"The man tried to have me killed boss…"

"I was there DiNozzo."

Tony ran a hand over his face. "Then would you care to explain?"


"Didn't think so," Tony replied quickly before throwing open the car door.

Gibbs made his way over. "Deal with it Tony…we got a job to do."

"Job? Job? Boss, we can do our job without him. We got the tip, we don't need him anymore."

"I'll decide what we need."

"Oh I forgot, you're Simon."

"Excuse me…"

Tony turned towards him. "You know…Simon says…if you screw up, you're out of the game? Im sure you were great at it as a kid."

Gibbs glared intently. "You want out of the game DiNozzo? Just say the word."

"Funny thing about games boss. They're played as a team."

Gibbs took the hint. "Point made."

Tony nodded and slipped into the car. The remaining words being spoken through the silence of their expressions.