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Ch. 1~

The streets of Corneria City had never been so crowded, much less on a rainy and stormy morning. It was a cold autumn rain that tapped quietly on the dozens of black uniform umbrellas hovering over scattered parts of the crowd. Every business, even the tiny and penniless sidewalk hotdog stands stood in the pouring rain, abandoned from use. The crowds were lined up along the side of the main street running through the entire city. Some stood beneath the covers that hovered above shop doors if they didn't have an umbrella to shield themselves with. Every citizen, even some from other planets had gathered, but this wasn't a celebration. No…it was far from it. There were no conversations, no giggles, discussions or gossip. It was silent, and somehow, it seemed as though the silence deepened when a group of six uniformed members of the Bulldog squadron came marching through the center of the street, each manning a handle of the large red wood closed casket. Every citizen was dressed in black. A black suit here, a black dress there, but no other color. They were heading towards the city's largest graveyard, where the casket would be buried. The entire Bulldog squadron watched with silent tear-stained or saddened eyes as the casket passed by.

Among the crowd, five individuals stood, as solemn as the rest, watching the casket sluggishly pass by. One was an old and withered rabbit. He stood with a black umbrella, holding it up to shield himself and the young frog standing next to him who was crying quietly. He had a hand on his shoulder, a tiny act of comfort, and had his eyes glued to the casket. Next to them, stood a beautiful purple vixen that also held an umbrella for herself and the orange vulpine standing next to her. She caressed the side of his hand with her thumb, feeling his fingers weave with hers. She glanced at him in the corner of her eye knowing, not only because she was gifted with telepathy, that there was no one more saddened by General Pepper's death than he was now. She looked away from the vulpine and stole a glance at their silent blue avian ace pilot. He stood with his arms folded across his chest in the rain, unaffected by the rain that was soaking him to the bone. Many in the crowd suffered the same way, but it seemed that being wet was as unimportant as a pebble on the road. The casket was carried into the graveyard, then one of the members of the Bulldog squadron returned to the crowd a few minutes later. It was Bill.

"The ceremony will continue in the graveyard. You can enter through the main entrance or the side gardens." He said before turning around and re-entering the graveyard. The purple vixen turned to the vulpine who still remained silent as the crowd around them began to move towards the graveyard. The avian stood, waiting with them.

"Slippy and I will go ahead." The rabbit said to them as he began to lead the frog away.

"We will be there soon." She replied. He nodded and continued with the frog. "Let it out Slippy." He said comforting him.

"It's alright." She said softly to the vulpine.

"I know." He replied as he watched a couple of children walk by them with their parents.

"Sorry, Krystal." He said after a moment. Krystal looked at him confused. "Could you give us a minute?" he asked with a sad smile. She nodded, returning a more comforting one and took her umbrella, seeing no attempt from her captain to take it and walked towards the graveyard.

The avian gazed up at the smoky grey sky, hearing the soft rumble of thunder. They stood there in silence, as they always did in times like these. He waited patiently for his captain, as he always would. He glanced back at the vulpine when he turned towards the graveyard, his back now to him.

"Ready?" the avian asked calmly. The vulpine nodded.

"Yeah. Thank you, Falco." He said to the avian as they began to walk.

"Don't thank me." He replied simply. The two walked in silence the rest of the way, feeling the impact of the morning's gloom as they approached the place of final farewell.

"He was a good man, an exceptional General, and a caring person." The proctor of the funeral spoke as the casket was lowered into the ground.

"He had hope for the future of the Lylat System, and every child in it. He dreamed for peace, and as his allies and loved ones, were always willing and able to aid him when he called for help, just as he would willingly do for us." He said. "Although this day is a day for gloom, we should be thankful, that our beloved general wasn't destroyed by the aparoid threat only months before, so he could live to see that peace that we will uphold." Mainly, thanking the Starfox team, along with the Starwolf team for their assistance. It seemed that Starwolf hadn't come, but this service was televised for those who couldn't come to Corneria. The service ended once the casket had been completely buried, and the stone plaque cemented to the ground. The Starfox team moved in silence in the rain, as did the rest of the crowd that eventually split up into dozens of different directions. Probably heading to the airports scattered all over the city. Thankfully, their ship was in a hanger, awaiting them with the generous offer to escape any traffic or excruciating lines that took hours for a seat on a plane.

"So…where are we going to go?" Slippy asked breaking the silence.

"Home I guess." Fox replied as they continued walking. Home. Home was the Great Fox, their mother ship. They lived there together, either because of the constant missions they would be dragged into, or because they didn't really have a home to go back to.

The rest of the time aboard the Great Fox was silent. All day, her crew worked as a well-oiled machine of activity and distractions. Everyone doing his or her part, quietly and efficiently. They were in the briefing room, but briefing was the last thing on their minds. They were all just keeping to themselves and their thoughts. Peppy was reading something from a computer screen, an article about the death of the beloved general's heart failure from the effects of age. Slippy was dragging a piece of chalk across the surface of a thick blue paper, designing a blueprint for who knows what he was planning on developing this time. Fox and Falco sat across each other, being the only ones actually interacting with someone else, playing chess, and Krystal merely sat quietly reading a book. It's strange how deliberate people are after death. The doors slid open, and all in the room paused to look up at the doors. ROB, the robotic operator of the Great Fox, entered the room.

"That's weird…" Peppy said turning in his chair towards the robot.

"What?" Fox asked looking over at the rabbit.

"FOX!" Krystal suddenly screamed. Before he could even react, He heard the clattering of the chess pieces flying everywhere, then a pair of arms lock around him before being taken down to the ground and landing on his back, with the chair rolling from underneath him. The rest was hazy…happening way to fast to fully comprehend. He heard fires from a gun but…from whom? Fox listened to the shuffling and panicked commands in the room that varied from taking down ROB and helping Falco. Fox's ears stung from the sounds of the gun's bullets. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed around the room. Peppy and Slippy next to ROB who was now on the ground. A smoking gun, rarely enough not a lazer gun, in Peppy's hand. He watched as Slippy opened ROB's chest and began ripping wires. Krystal was kneeling over him, but she wasn't looking at him with that panicked expression on her face. He glanced around again and blinked. Where was Falco? When he tried to sit up, he realized that something was weighing him down. He couldn't understand why he was so lightheaded. His eyesight was blurry, and every yell or scream he heard echoed as if there was water in his ears. How close had the gun been to him?

"He's bleeding!" he heard Krystal gasp.

"His ribcage!" he then heard Slippy cry out. Fox closed his eyes again and began to reach for his own ribcage while trying to keep his breaths even. He had gotten shot? His hand touched something warm and wet…but he had barely brought his hand towards his chest…Fox opened his eyes again and looked in the direction, seeing Peppy and Slippy scrambling over to him in his peripheral vision. His hand was completely caked in blood, but he couldn't feel the wound…Fox looked down at the source of the blood, knowing although the daze was affecting his comprehension, it shouldn't be so hard…His eyes rested on the source, following an arm that was still underneath his shoulder, then the back of a blue head that lay on the ground next to his. Fox's eyes widened in horror.


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