Just got a copy of Star Fox for the 3DS and have some inspiration so yay! Update for you! And before you ask about the following this fic is purely BROmance (brotherly love) so this isn't a yai paring (though I have nothing against homosexuality) Enjoy!

Ch. 15~

"Who is that guy?" Fox asked looking up from both his drink and his thoughts. Falco simply shrugged from where he sat on the stool next to his, swirling his drink in its glass.

"He's a guy I ran into a couple of times." He said simply. Fox frowned a little at his vague response. It tormented his curiosity but again-he respected Falco's privacy so much more. Ugh! But it had already been three months since he joined Star Fox. That last dogfight with Star Wolf had sparked his interest about their newest member. Their conversation had been as follows:

"So we meet again bird! I hope you haven't forgotten about the great Leon!" Leon had said. Fox couldn't help but notice the slight…hunger in the lizard's voice.

"Great, you stalked me here too? I thought you gave up in Zoness." Falco's reply sounded bored and uninterested. He remembered narrowing his eyes at the conversation as he dodged Wolf's lasers.

"You're mine bird! You hear me? Mine!"


"What does Leon have against you?" Fox asked him. Falco looked back at him with a curious look in his eye and Fox instantly shied away from his own question. "S-Sorry it's none of my business." He replied quickly. Falco shook his head with a chuckle.

"It's ok, I promise; you're not going to spontaneously combust if you ask me a question." Falco replied sarcastically. Fox looked back at him, surprised but ended up chuckling in response.

"Oh good, I was worried." He teased. Falco smiled a little response, his gaze momentarily distracted by the bar tender as he rushed past them with a tray full of drinks. Fox realized had had also been distracted by the sudden movement. He recovered and asked again.

"So, what does he have against you?" Falco looked back at him and lowered his drink.

"Let's just say he doesn't take rejection too well." He said with a chuckle. Fox didn't understand.

"So…you didn't let him join Hot Rod?" Falco gave a single chuckle in response to his words and simply shook his head.

"No that's not exactly what I meant." He said calmly. Fox frowned; unable to formulate the answer his ace pilot was expecting him to. In what way did Falco reject Leon?

Fox swallowed a bit of his drink and stole a glance at Falco while he did so, seeing the avian's eyes following a light green bird that had just entered the bar. Fox couldn't help but look at her too. It was one of those dames in expensive clothing with amazing attributes. Fox lowered his drink, ready for his next guess.

"You stole his girl." Fox said pulling his pilot's attention back to him.

"His girl?" he quoted with a chuckle.

"What?" Fox asked still bewildered that he was still wrong. Falco shook his head, amused by something.

"I think it'd be accurate to say that he'd be the girl." Falco said before taking a drink. At first, Fox didn't understand. His gaze shifted to a couple sitting at a table across the way and he saw a tiger flirting with his date-who looked very uninterested. Fox's eyes widened the second he understood.

"He's gay for you?" Fox gasped. Falco laughed at his shock. Fox thought back to the conversation he had overheard. It all made sense! "Leon hates you because…" now he was lost.

"-Because I'm not gay and or gay for him." Falco practically recited. Fox stared at the avian.

"Oh my…" his voice trailed off before he struggled to suppress his laughter.

"Go ahead, you wouldn't be the first." Falco sighed.

"I'm sorry it's just, I had it in my head that you had just stole from him or something!" Fox defended. Falco rolled his eyes.

"If only right?" Falco replied. Fox laughed again.

"I'm sorry it's just…I didn't see that coming." Fox sighed. Falco smirked back at him.

"So now that we're on this topic, I couldn't help but over hear from Peppy you've never had any girl and-"

"I'M NOT GAY!" Fox practically blurted out. He went three shades of red when the bar went silent. Falco laughed.

"I hate you." Fox grumbled as the bar once again brimmed with life.

"It's ok Foxie there's no shame in it." Falco said patting his shoulder.

"Shut up." He said shoving back at him. It was that very moment he decided he liked Falco.

Fox rubbed at his tired eyes and looked around at his surroundings-for a moment forgetting where he had decided to escape Peppy's agonizing speeches about Falco's death. Ironically-no not ironically…he had locking himself inside of Falco's room. He stared out the window-at really nothing in particular and lay on the bed of his ace-pilot-where he had collapsed previously to his grief.

Fox gritted his teeth and curled into a ball. Damn it! Not again. Stop crying there's time for this later! He couldn't stop himself.

"Leon you bastard! Return Falco to me!"

Fox paused, allowing the memory to replay itself in his head.

"Sorry, but Falco belongs to us now."

"Ha! I no longer need that dog!"

Fox jumped from Falco's bead and moved to the door. He paused and looked back into the room.

"Don't worry…" he said to the silence. "I'll make them pay." With that, he left the room he didn't intended to enter until his business was done.

Right away he noted that Peppy was no longer in the bridge, or the whiskey bottle for that matter. Fox brushed it from his mind and walked over to the console. R.O.B. was still offline but id didn't bother him. A few buttons being pressed were followed by a few key strokes and then the screen read, "dialing." Fox waited patiently for the call to go through. He wanted answers, and he was going to get them.

Why was it taking so long?

"Communication Offline." R.O.B.'s voice replied simply. Fox's eyes widened. What? He couldn't reach Wolf… His hands flew to the console a second time. A chill ran up and down his spine. What the hell was going on?

He tried contacting Panther and sure enough reaching him was taking forever.

"Communication Offline." Fox stared at the screen. No way… Did Leon…? No, Wolf would have taken him down, there's no way Leon would have killed him. Fox shook his head. Something was very wrong. The Bulldog squadron had collected Pigma's body already. Pigma was dead again but how had he come back to life after they had shot him down? He had been infused with an apperoid…how had he even reverted to his own body?

Fox stared at the screen for a long time before trying to make one more call.

He entered the name that was haunting his thoughts, "Falco Lombardi."

"Online Communication." Fox stared at the screen. Online? "Answering Communication sequence."

"…Falco?" Fox called meekly. There was silence for a long time before at last he heard something. Fox became very still as he listened. Voices…he was hearing voices. He turned up the volume to its maximum and listened.

"Yes I'm aware we are behind schedule. This Leon fellow took too long in delivering Lombardi." Fox's eyes widened in shock. Delivering Lombardi? Falco was still alive!

"He has deserted us my liege, Star Fox chased him off and he has yet to return." There was a long pause. Who ever owned that voice was obviously using a communicator? Fox narrowed his eyes as he pressed another series of buttons. The screen came online and he found himself looking at the corner of a book, a pen across from it and a window with a view of sector Y. The communicator…it was on a desk or something.

Fox couldn't believe his eyes-or luck for that matter. They weren't far from where this transmission was taking place! Fox's heart thumped in his chest as he impatiently listened for the voice again.

"Of course, although, only two members of Star Fox ventured to Fichina. I assume the others are grieving." Fox frowned. Vivi and Amanda needed to be warned. "Chainbrood has given them recon missions from what I hear. I doubt they'll get in the way any time soon you're grace."

So whom was this person talking to? Someone who obviously thought they were high and mighty.

"Understood. I will personally keep Lombardi in my custody."

"Gotcha." Fox mumbled angrily.

"I hope the Krozoa spirits are in fact solidifying your progress my lord." Fox's eyes widened. What? What were these people doing with the Krozoa spirits?

"Good, farewell my lord." With that the voice stopped but their footsteps came closer. Fox's watched as a tall monkey came into view and started walking towards the desk. He grabbed the pen with his hairy fingers and then grabbed the book, this unfortunately knocked Falco's communicator onto the floor. As this happened-Fox jumped when he found himself staring at Andross's face.

The monkey's hands came into view and lifted the face from where it sat on the ground. Light twinkled through a pair of fake eyes…a mask? This guy was pretending to be Andross? Fox froze. The Krozoa spirits…who had this guy been talking to?

"What is this?" the monkey suddenly asked. Fox froze, realizing the communicator was still on. He had to do it, he had to hang up or else this guy would know he had been listening. He reached for the button and froze again when the feed from the camera revealed that it was pointing away from the monkey, which meant the screen was too. Fox let out a relieved sigh as he moved again to press the button. One last glance at the screen and he stared as a figure was led through a pair of doors. Fox stared at the being as he was led into the room with a guard on each side. Relief washed over him.

"Falco…" he practically breathed. He looked exhausted, bandages on his shoulder and ribcage were stained with blood but he wasn't really in bad shape. Fox watched as a second figure was being led in. They were about Falco's height, and looked like another fox-

"Welcome back, both of you." With that the feed was suddenly cut off. Fox looked down at the controls and frowned when he realized the monkey had hung up-probably just hit the button.

The call window closed and he found himself staring at Venom through the windshield. He made a fist.

"Falco…" He muttered quietly. "I'm coming for you, so don't worry anymore."

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