*A/N: I don't own NCIS (Sadly CBS does) As usual this is a McAbby story. Maybe some Tiva, I'm not sure yet. Anyway enjoy the story.*

Chapter 1

Abby slid the key into the lock and quietly opened the door. She slipped her shoes off immediately, and closed the door behind her. She softly padded into the bedroom. Smiling slightly she stared at the sleeping form in the bed. She had thought he would be sitting upright, gun in hand as she walked in. A middle of the night visitor was not expected. However he always seemed to know when it was her in the middle of the night. She walked over to the bed and gently slid under the covers. Trying not to disturb him yet needing to feel him she lay on her side with her back pressed against his front. She grinned when his arm wrapped around her waist and held her tight. He pressed a kiss into her hair.

"You ok?" He asked. Ever since the incident, McGee had become very concerned and protective of Abby. She was surprised he wasn't irritated that she was out in the dark by herself and she didn't call him to tell him she was coming over.

"Yea." She said non-convincingly.

"Abs. You don't look ok." He leaned over her to see her face.

"Tim." She ran her forefinger down his cheek, "I'm fine. I just had that nightmare again." She shivered slightly remembering the horrific details.

"You're ok Abby." McGee kissed her on the forehead, "I won't let anything happen to you. You're safe now."

Abby looked into McGee's eyes, "Promise?" She cried.

"I promise." Tim brushed the stray tears off Abby's face. "I will not let anyone hurt you. You're safe with me. Always." He lay back down and pulled her into his embrace. He felt her stiffen in his arms, "It's alright. I won't hurt you I promise. You're safe." He whispered knowing that the flinching was involuntary and just a reaction to the past. He talked softly to her, assuring her that she was safe and she was alright, until he was sure she had fallen asleep. He sighed and thought to himself for a while. Wishing he could erase the past but not knowing what else to do for her other than hold Abby and be there when she needed him. After a few moments of thinking he closed his eyes and let sleep overtake him. He knew it would be a long night as Abby was sure to wake up multiple times. But Tim didn't mind, he'd do anything for Abby and if being there while she dreamt was what she needed him for then he would do it.


Abby's Lab (A week earlier)

"What do you got for me Abs?" Gibbs asked, Caf-Pow in hand.

"Well the fingerprints from the crime scene don't match anyone in out database so I'm running it against the local police department's database to see if I get a hit there." Abby walked over to the evidence table, "This is the blood stain from the carpet, it matches the victim but the other blood type is a mystery. I'm willing to guess that the person who bled on this carpet also matches the prints." She smiled anxiously awaiting her prize. Gibbs kissed her on the cheek and handed her the Caf-Pow.

"Good work Abs." He walked out of her lab, leaving her alone with her 'babies'.



McGee was typing furiously at his computer. Tony was on the phone with someone and Ziva was flipping through a case file. Gibbs sat down at his desk while his team worked. He picked up a small box that hadn't been there when he went down to Abby's lab. He opened the box and pulled a letter out.

-You took mine, now I'll take yours-

Gibbs peered closer into the box and saw hundreds of photos. All were of Abby. Working in her lab, walking out of her apartment building, driving in her car, even a bunch from when she and the rest of the team went out. Each picture had a sniper cross hair design over Abby's head. Gibbs shot up from his chair and ran down to the lab, leaving the letter and photos behind. McGee, Ziva and Tony ran after him.


Abby's Lab

"Abby! Get down!" Gibbs yelled. He entered the room quietly, with his gun drawn. Tony, McGee and Ziva walked in behind him. Gibbs signaled to McGee to get over to Abby and cover her.

"You alright?" McGee asked her as he crouched down beside her, his gun aimed at the window above them.

"No! What is going on?" She asked, fear evident in her voice.

"All clear boss." Tony and Ziva holstered their sigs. McGee helped Abby stand back up and holstered his own weapon.

"You ok, Abs?" Gibbs asked hugging her.

"No! What the hell is going on, Gibbs?" She searched his eyes for answers.

"You're not safe." He said cryptically, "We can talk somewhere else."

Gibbs led his team out of Abby's lab and into his 'office'. Flipping the switch to stop the elevator he looked at his team. No one had spoken a word since they checked the lab for assailants.

"Boss." Tony said breaking the silence.

"McGee, you're on protection detail. Abby, you are here, or McGee's. You can't go back to your place until further notice. I will need the two of you to test photos and a letter I received for fingerprints." Abby and McGee nodded their heads silently, "Ziva, DiNozzo drop the case we're on. We've got a top priority case now." Gibbs flipped the switch and brought the elevator back to life. When the doors opened he went directly up to the director's office, leaving the team to bag and tag the letter, box and photos.