Paire's Halo

Prompt: Pink

Summary: There she stood … with Peter by her side she looked down at the little piece of plastic that will ultimately change their lives forever.


They had only allowed themselves to cross that line once. That line between Uncle/Niece and lovers. That was over a month ago. Today was day 3 of her missed period. She made him go and buy a test. As freaked out as she was he was equally freaked, when he purchased a test he wanted to make sure it was conclusive so he bought 5 of them.

She was in the bathroom waiting for the results, both of them sitting on the edge of the tub staring at the time winding down on the timer.

A pink plus was bad news…it meant that her first cousin would also be her son/daughter for him it meant that his daughter would also be his great niece/nephew.

A Blue minus was what they were hoping for. It's not that they did not love each other but if they were to have a child together there would be some tough explanations to be had.

30 more seconds was all that was left before they found out if they were going to be parents or if they were going to be back to "kissing cousins" so to speak.

"Claire…what ever happens…I'll be right by your side." Peter said putting an arm around Claire's shoulder as she began to cry. She buried her head into his shoulder and he tightened his grip.

"I hate Nathan and Meredith" She cried

30 seconds later the little kitchen timer beeped and they separated and slowly looked down and reached for the little white plastic stick.

They both took a deep breath and looked at each other.

"You ready?" he asked

"As I'll ever be" she said

Right be for their eyes was a Pink +

They would be parents, the test was positive.

"I mean it Claire I'll be by your side" Peter said

Claire started to cry and Peter pulled her to him

The End!

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