Ramen Doodles

By Andrew J. Talon

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Author's Note: When I have writer's block, I often write a lot of random snippets of ideas, omakes, and continuations of other author's ideas that kind of petered out. As I'm afflicted with a bit of writer's block regarding Key Through the Heart (again), I've decided I'm not going to leave you guys in the lurch. Therefore, enjoy some writing I've been doing over at The Fanfiction Forum.

Due to my wish to keep you guys entertained, but also due to the fact I have little time to write more material, I've been digging around my archives for older snippets and stories I've written for you guys. At this point I probably have at least half a million words written for Naruto alone. So, here's the first of a number of perverted time loop chapters. This one has the theme of Naruto not remembering previous time loops, but his lovers from previous loops remembering them. And the only way to reawaken his memories are… Well… You'll see.

WARNING: This is a LEMON. Don't say I didn't warn you and complain about it because I WARNED YOU. All right? All right.

The bathroom door slowly opened, and Naruto peered inside, frowning. He really didn't know why Ino Yamanaka, of all people, had asked him to come here. Before, she hadn't paid him any attention, or had just laughed derisively whenever he'd made a fool of himself.

Which was more times than he cared to admit. So he came into the dark bathroom, thinking himself ready for anything.


The lights came on. Naruto turned, fists raised, prepared to do battle...

With a sexily smirking Ino Yamanaka, laying across the bathroom counter, wearing a pair of cat ears and a tail. She slinked off of the counter and knelt down in front of the shocked Naruto, purring and nuzzling his crotch.

"Naruto-sama, thank you for coming," she said, quickly unzipping his pants and reaching into his boxers. Naruto's eyes got really big as she pulled out his rapidly hardening cock, cooing in joy when she saw it.

"Ohhh... Is this for me? Thank you, Naruto-sama~," Ino moaned, putting her pouty lips over the head of his dick and beginning to suck. Naruto gasped.

"I-Ino? Wh-What the-?"

"Shh," Ino soothed, jerking Naruto off as she took her hot mouth off his member for just a moment. Naruto moaned, eyes rolling back, knees bending.

"Let me take care of this for you, Naruto-sama... And then you'll take care of me, nyah~," Ino mewled, before taking Naruto's cock into her mouth and going to town on him. The blonde moaned and groaned as she bobbed her head back and forth along his length, squeezing the crown of his cock with her throat muscles with each insertion, sucking in her cheeks to massage it from all sides, and always, her talented tongue swirling and dancing over him.

It became more and more familiar to him as his orgasm built, and as he came with a loud moan into her welcoming mouth, he felt a big smile come over his face.

Ino beamed up at him as she swallowed his load, licking her lips.

"Mmm... Nyah, Naruto-sama, you taste good~," she moaned. Naruto kneeled down and kissed her deeply, Ino kissing back enthusiastically. The boy broke the kiss and reached up to rub her cheek, and she purred, nuzzling him back affectionately.

"Thanks for reminding me," Naruto chuckled. Ino leaned forward and nuzzled his neck, her breath hot against his skin.

"Nyah~... I was so lonely, Naruto-sama," she mewled, and Naruto sighed, reaching out to caress her backside.

Every girl he'd been with during the loops had been different. Hinata was affectionate, aggressive, and a bit of an exhibitionist. Tenten was heavily into bondage. Sakura, well, she was very informed about various sexual positions and sometimes a bit of a dominatrix. But all were content to love him and be loved by him, in varied and exciting ways.

Ino was... Different.

He'd lost his temper on one loop with Ino, who had been bitching about him beating the crap out of Sasuke (Which was always the first step on getting the stick out of that bastard's ass). So, he'd decided to really shock her, so he'd taken her in his arms, growled "Shut up", and then kissed her with the experience of who-knew how many loops in leaving girls breathless.

He'd expected her to just stare speechless at him, maybe flop to the ground. And she'd done these things for a few moments...

Before going down on him like nobody's business and taking his resulting load all over her face. She'd then begged her "Naruto-sama" to "make her his bitch", and with an invitation like that, how could he refuse?

Every loop after that, Ino had become the most submissive and obedient sex slave imaginable. She loved being punished by him, she loved being paraded around nude, she loved being treated like, well... A slave. Not that he abused her, of course, but if spanking her and making her crawl around his apartment in only a tail and a pair of kitty ears made her happy, well, he was perfectly willing to do that.

"Naruto-sama~," Ino moaned into his thoughts. "Please..." She gently took his hand and placed it underneath her skirt. He felt how hot and wet she was, wearing no panties, and couldn't help his grin.

"Naughty Ino-chan," he chided. "Going around without any panties."

Ino shivered, and then yelped as he smacked her bottom. She purred, and nuzzled his chest.

"I'm sorry, Naruto-sama... They were so wet and uncomfortable to wear when I spent all day thinking about you..."

Naruto sighed and hugged her. "It's okay, Ino-chan..." He grinned. "I'll just have to... Fix that, won't I?"

Naruto ran his hands down from the small of Ino's back to her tight, firm ass, gripping her through her skirt. The kunoichi moaned quietly as he fondled her ass, nuzzling his neck with every squeeze. She gasped as he pulled her cheeks apart, pulling her and himself up to their feet. He smacked her taut bottom once more, making her shiver.

"Ino-chan," he said with a warm smile. His hands slid down to touch her inner thighs, and Ino moaned quietly. Naruto raised his eyebrows at how slick her skin was-Her pussy was drooling, fluid running down her legs.

This meant that, if he decided to fuck her senseless now, he could do so easily. She'd squeal, scream, meow, and cum her brains out. But, a good master knew how long to stretch out his slave's anticipation. And the stricter he was with her, the hotter she got. Humming, he withdrew his hands and reached up to cup her red cheeks. Ino shivered, licking her lips, gazing at him with lust and adoration.

"Ino-chan, I want you to do something for me," he said. She smiled broadly.

"Anything, Naruto-sama. Anything."

The fact that she really, truly meant that with all her heart always brought a smile to Naruto's face, and he gently kissed her.

"Mm... Well, I would like to have my way with you, but... Your clothes are in the way." He slid a kunai out of his sleeve, glad he'd gotten into that habit before the timeloops had begun, and handed it to her.

"Cut off all your clothes, including your sandals. Leave the tail and ears."

He stepped back, smiling warmly at her. Ino smiled back just as warmly, and slowly, seductively licked the kunai's flat edge, eyes locked with Naruto's at all time. She trailed the kunai down, across her cheek, down close to her throat, and over her shoulder, not cutting herself once.

She cut off one strap of her tank-top, letting it fall and expose her bare shoulder, and then outlined her breasts and nipples with the tip of the kunai, making it's way to her other shoulder. A quick cut there and the tanktop drooped, pooling around her waist and exploding her bandage-wrapped bosom. Licking the kunai again, Ino slid the weapon down her chin and throat again, finally slicing through her bindings and then down to her tanktop. The bandages fluttered to the ground, revealing her flawless, perky breasts, and with a quick cut to her shirt, she was topless.

Turning around, she gave the kunai another sensual lick, reaching up to the back of her head with the knife and expertly snipping the tie she kept around her pony-tail, allowing her long, golden hair down to flutter at her back like a silken curtain. Ino looked over her shoulder, still broadly smiling and feeling her heart flutter at Naruto's approving grin.

Carelessly she traced the outline of her ass through her skirt with the kunai, moaning a bit as she pushed it between her ass cheeks and rubbing the cool metal handle against her rear entrance. Taking the edge of her skirt in her free hand, she slowly cut up, knife soon reaching the top of her skirt and splitting the garment in two. Like a falling leaf it fluttered to her feet, and Ino purred, shaking the tail attached to the top of her tailbone via chakra sticking.

She slowly turned around, running the flat of the blade over her stomach and breasts, toying with the tip of the blade at her nipples and bellybutton, clever fingers never once making a mark on her flawless skin. Naruto felt his mouth go dry as she bent down, meowing adorably, to quickly cut her sandals to pieces. She stepped out of them, shaking her feet to dispose of lingering cloth and rubber, tracing along her legs with the kunai until the weapon was poised at her damp sex, Ino moaning quietly as she rubbed the cold steel over her engorged pussy lips.

Naruto moved forward, arms behind his back, surveying Ino with a sexy smirk.

"Ino-chan... You cut off all your clothes."

"Y-Yes, Naruto-sama," she breathed. Naruto reached out, running a hand from her tailbone up to her lovely neck, enjoying the resulting purr from his sex slave.

"All just for me."

"Y-Yes, Naruto-sama," she hissed. Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck, lightly nipping her shoulder with his teeth. Ino moaned again, and pushed her ass against his crotch wantonly.

"Even though you'll have to come out of this building, without a scrap of clothing... For all to see?" He murmured in her ear. Ino nodded slowly, feeling her pussy grow even wetter.

"Yes, Naruto-sama..."

"For all to see that you're my kitty? My slave? Who would happily show herself off to everyone without an ounce of shame?" Naruto pressed. Ino trembled, biting her lower lip, which let him know she was nearly at her breaking point.

"Y-Yes, Naruto-sama!" She gasped. Naruto grinned, and turned them both around. He pushed Ino forward, and the blonde girl braced her hands against the bathroom sink, shivering in anticipation.

She spread her legs out, moaning low in her throat as his warm hands ran over her back and bottom.

"With my cum dripping out of every one of your holes? Would you like that, Ino-chan?" Naruto whispered. Ino nodded fervently.


"Naughty Ino-chan... But if that's what you want," Naruto grinned, and snapped his fingers. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Ino gasped in delight as over a dozen Narutos filled the bathroom. She moaned in bliss as the original undid his pants and slid into her steaming hot pussy, up to the hilt in seconds.


"Then that's what Ino-chan gets," Naruto grinned, beginning to fuck Ino hard. The other clones grinned and closed in around the naked catgirl. Ino mewled and eagerly sucked off two clones at once, both sitting up on the bathroom sink, while her hands were pulled onto the cocks of two more clones flanking her. The original Naruto increased the speed of his thrusts into her tight center, making her muffled cries, moans and screams ever louder.


With a bellow, Naruto slammed the head of his cock up against her cervix and came, spurting a large amount of his seed into her womb. Ino's eyes rolled back into her head as she came in response, squirting juices onto the bathroom floor and screaming onto the cock in her mouth. The clone she was sucking off came with a gasp, filling her mouth with hot cum that she nearly choked on. Releasing his cock, Ino gasped for breath, only having time for a few before the other clone on the counter grabbed her head and shoved his cock between her lips.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" She moaned eagerly, as Naruto withdrew from her pussy and her throat was fucked. The feeling of being Naruto's cum dumpster just made her hotter and more energetic, thrusting her head against against the clone's thrusts into her hot mouth and pushing her hips against the new clone now taking her pussy. All the while she continued jacking off the two clones in her hands, soon rewarded with twin grunts and ejaculations all over her sides.

The gangbang went on, Ino being forced onto her knees to sink onto the cock of another Naruto, while the original wrapped his arms around her waist and slid his (fortunately lubed) member into her ass.


Her resulting scream was muffled as another clone shoved his cock into her mouth, moaning and thrusting into her throat. Ino's eyes became half-lidded in bliss, reaching up to take two more clones into her hands. Other clones pushed in closer, rubbing their cocks against her breasts, her ass cheeks, a few even took long handfuls of her hair and wrapped the silken tresses around their members, happily jerking off with her soft hair.

Ino loved every bit of it, opening her mouth lewdly with her eyes closed to take loads of cum all over her face and mouth, begging the clones to fuck her tits and being obliged, and always screaming for more whenever a Naruto in her pussy or ass shot their seed inside of her, triggering so many orgasms she lost count.

What seemed like hours later, Ino was alone with the real Naruto, covered from head to toe in cum, enthusiastically moaning around his cock as he thrust into her mouth, her tired tongue still licking at his member.

"Gunngh, gunngh, gunngh," she got out with every lewd penetration of her throat. Naruto gritted his teeth, his hands buried in her long hair, gripping her scalp.

"Haa! Haa! Haa! Haa! I-Ino! Auuugghhhhh!"

He finally came a final time, filling her mouth with his cum. His hands dropped as he panted, catching his breath. Ino swallowed his load and mewled quietly, diligently licking up the mess from his member, and then nuzzling his crotch even as she tried to catch her breath. Naruto, still breathing deeply, looked down on Ino with a broad smile.

"Good girl, Ino-chan... Such a good girl... I love you, Ino-chan... You've made me very, very happy," he said with complete honesty, bending down into a crouch and kissing Ino's lips. The blonde girl sobbed happily, hugging her master. Naruto didn't mind the large amount of semen covering her from head to toe-It was all his, after all.

"Naruto... Sama..." She sniffled, kissing him back. Naruto sighed, and stood up. He quickly dressed, and turned around, Ino still on her knees on the floor, looking up at him diligently. It scared him to know that she could have sat in that batchroom for days if he'd wanted her to, covered in cum, a lot of it dripping out of her holes onto the tiled floor... But also made him want to cry a little.

He had no idea what he'd done to warrant such love and devotion, but he wasn't one to spoil it. Naruto smiled widely at her.

"Ino-chan... Can you walk?" He asked. Ino shook her head tiredly.

"N-No Naruto-sama," she said quietly. He picked her up bridal style, and kissed her again.

"Then I'll just have to carry you home," he said. Ino snuggled deeper into his arms, cat ears still attached to her head, just as her tail stayed firmly attached to her backside. Naruto chuckled at the cute scene, and carefully maneuvered them out of the bathroom, heading down the hallway.

He had no idea how long this loop was going to last, but he intended to make the most of it.

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