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"It's so weird not flying home for Thanksgiving break, but just for Thanksgiving, isn't it? Or is it just me?" I asked as I clenched Edward's hand as we took off down the runway from LAX on our way to Honolulu.

It had been 5 years. Five great but not always perfect years, since Edward and I had started kind of-sorta-dating in secret. Or whatever bullshit I was asking him to do back then.

I still did that a lot; not the hiding our relationship thing, but asking him to do stupid stuff; like cut coupons and sort things into logical sections every time we had to move in and out of the dorm apartments we lived in.

But we didn't live in them anymore; we had our own small two bedroom apartment, with a tiny backyard for Smith. And it was perfect for us.

"I'm surprised your parents are letting us meet them in Hawaii instead of in Seattle and having all of us fly out together like usual."

"They probably just got tired of pretending we weren't fucking in the bathroom."He replied distractedly, staring out the airplane window.

I laughed and nodded even though he wasn't looking my way. "Probably."

The plane ride was smooth and we landed 5 hours later, taking a shuttled right to the resort. I sent Esme a quick text message letting her know we'd arrived, while Edward checked us in.

She replied back quickly saying that they were about to go on a helicopter ride of the islands but that we should plan to meet them at 7 for dinner at the usual restaurant. I shut my phone and walked over to Edward, wheeling our luggage behind me. He grabbed the keys and took both suitcase handles from me, kissing my forehead softly. I smiled at the simple gesture and followed him to the elevators.

"Your mom wants us to meet them at 7 for dinner."

He pushed the UP button at the elevators. "Okay... are you sure that's what you want to do?"

"Yea, why wouldn't I? We always do dinner with your parents our first night."

"I dunno. I was just thinking we could have dinner the two of us tonight."He shrugged, gesturing me to go into the elevator once the doors had opened. I felt his hand move to my back gently as he followed me inside.

"Oh, yea. If you want." I shrugged, leaning against the wall of the elevator. "Where would we go though? It might be a little weird going to the same restaurant as your parents and not eat with them." I grinned, looking over at him.

His forehead creased and he pursed his lips, staring down at the ground and running a stiff hand through his hair. "Oh... yeah, you're right. Maybe we can go for a walk after?"

"Either way." I smiled, grabbing his hand from his hair and squeezing it. "I don't mind trying a new restaurant either, if you want it to be just us."

"I suppose it doesn't matter." He said, shaking his head dismissively.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. I followed behind him down the hall. "We're staying in a suite?" I asked, surprised since we normally just stayed in a regular room - with one bed, not two like our first time out here.

"Uh, yeah. I thought it'd be nice." He replied nonchalantly, unlocking the door and turning to look at me. "Do you not like it? Do you want something else?"

I smiled. "No, it's awesome." I replied stepping into the room and looking around, taking it all in. Edward turned, closing the doors and I took a few steps back over to him kissing him soundly. "This is a really nice surprise. Thank you." I murmured, leaning my forehead against his.

His eyes shut and for a second he looked frustrated. Why? This room was awesome. His eyes opened again and he sighed. "Welcome." He finally answered, pausing before speaking again. "How do you feel? You okay?"

"Yea, I'm okay." I grinned. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm alright." He responded, exhaling slowly and turning away from me to walk towards the window. Once again he ran a hand through his hair and I wondered what was wrong.

I furrowed my brows and shrugged out of the sweater I'd brought for the plane. I tossed it on the bed as I made my way over to him, wrapping my arms around him from behind. "What's wrong? Usually you love this trip."

"Nothing's wrong... I'm fine. I'm happy." He murmured quietly before taking a sharp inhale. "Everything's going to be fine."

I laughed softly, pressing my lips against his spine. "Of course it will be. We're here and we have this beautiful suite and we're staying the extra few days since we don't have to go back for classes. It's going to be a great vacation." I confirmed, pressing my lips against his spine again. "I love you."

"I think I'm gonna take a shower. I feel like plane." He stated rigidly, patting my hands as the rested over his waist.

"Okay. Can I join? I smell like plane too." I murmured, grinning against him.

"Yeah, if you want." He answered aloofly, pulling away but grabbing my hand and leading us towards the bathroom.

I laughed, following along. "Geeze Edward, don't sound so excited about having me wet and naked. I know it's been 5 years but really; have I let myself go that much?" I smirked.

He reached for the water levers, turning on the spray. "You're always wet for me." He commented sounding distracted.

"This is true." I sighed, sliding my hands up underneath his t-shirt. "Hey you sure you're okay? You've been quiet since we left the airport."

"No." He said in a tone that didn't make me believe his response.

"No you're not okay?" I asked, sliding my hand from under his shirt up to his jaw and looking at him in the eyes. "What's wrong? Tell me. Let me fix it."

He shook his head, his eyes glossy with unshed tears. "You can't."

My heart raced. What could be so bad that it couldn't be fixed. "Bullshit; I'm Bella fucking Swan, I can fix anything." I replied determined. My voice dropped as I looked at him, not moving my had from his cheek. "Tell me, please."

He shook his head, looking down at me sadly. "It's not time. Not yet." He stated mysteriously, turning his back towards me and throwing his shirt off and over by the sink.

"Not time? What are we going to be burned at the stake? Are we witches and in Boston during the 1600s?" I teased, sliding off my shirt and bra trying to lighten the mood a little. "Are you..." No. No, he wouldn't dump me on a holiday vacation, would he? Was that what the suite was for? To make the blow softer?

"You're not going to dump me on this trip are you?" I asked, pausing as I undid the buttons on my jeans. If he was, the least he could do was tell me now.

He spun around quickly, looking at me seriously. "What?"

"You're not going to give me a 'Bella it's not you it's me speech' at any point during the vacation, right?" I asked worriedly. "You're usually Mr. Chatty, so the silence and the evasiveness is kinda unnerving."

"I'm sorry. I'm just nervous." He sighed, moving into the shower and standing directly under the spray.

I finished stripping down and stepped in behind him. "That's not answering my question. Do you want me to leave?" I asked quietly. What the fuck was I going to do without him? He was my family. I felt the tears start to well up at the idea of losing my family. It'd be just as bad as when I lost my parents. I wouldn't have him, or our dog, or his parents; worst of all I wouldn't have his love.

He took a heavy breath, turning around to face me. "No. I don't want you to go." He mumbled into the top of my head as he wrapped his arms around me tightly.

"Thank fucking god." I sighed, wrapping my arms around him. "You had me scared you were going to dump me on Thanksgiving." I laughed sadly, pushing my face into his chest.

He pulled my body up slowly, burying his face in the curve of my neck and mumbling something I didn't quite understand.

My fingers threaded through his hair and we enjoyed the gigantic shower. Even though time had passed, my body still felt the same electricity it had always felt ever since the first kiss. We kissed and touched but kept it relatively tame as we showered and rid our skin of the stale air-conditioned stench.

After wrapping ourselves up in the plush, complimentary bathrobes we meandered back into the main room where a huge flat screen was plastered to the wall in front of the bed. "Did you see Rose's baby shower invite on the table before we left?" I asked as I flopped down against the bed frame and reached for the remote on the nightstand.

"No. Are you going?" He asked, once again sounding distracted. I sat up watching him rifle through his suitcase.

"I was thinking about it. Em is so fucking ecstatic he sent some kind of man-shower invite in the invite Rose sent. Apparently it's going to be a co-ed baby shower." I said biting my lip. Rose had finally conceded defeat and admitted she had been wrong about Edward, after he and I had been released from the hospital after the attack; but they still weren't friends. Honestly, I don't think he'd say her name ever, if her and I hadn't reestablished our friendship. "What are you looking for? I can tell you if we forgot it or packed it."

"Fuck." He grumbled under his breath, roughly pulling on his boxers and white button down shirt. "If you want to go, I'll go." He replied apathetically, tugging out his black slacks from the suitcase.

"Um... ok." I said completely thrown off by his mood swings. I thought I was supposed to be the crazy one in the relationship. "I feel like a broken record but, are you sure you're okay?"

He paused, taking a deep breath. "Yeah." He replied, seemingly calmer as he buttoned up his gray shirt. "I'll meet you in the lobby for dinner. I don't have time to come back." He announced, grabbing his wallet and one of the keycards off the edge of the bed.

"Um... ok." I repeated, as he walked over and kissed me quickly before shoving his wallet in his pocket and jetting out the door.

Okay, what the fuck was going on?


Son of a bitch.

Nothing was going right.

I asked for a villa on the beach, and I got a suite.

I wanted to have dinner with just Bella tonight, but my mother obviously forgot.

I wanted to fucking propose to my girl, and instead I forgot the ring.


Son of a bitch.

"Where can I get a car?" I asked the guy at the front desk. I probably looked like a crazy person, my shirt kinda tucked in kinda not, my hair all over the place and just generally irritated.

"We can... uh, we can call a town car for you, sir. Right away."

I nodded, running a hand through my hair again. "Thanks. I'll wait outside."

I walked out into the heat and leaned my head back against the concrete of the building. Shit. What if she said no? What if she wanted to keep things the way they were? What if... son of a bitch, too many what ifs.

The car pulled up and I got in, sighing as the cool air conditioning wrapped around me. "Cartier, please."

The driver nodded, and we took off. I pulled out my phone and dialed my mother. "Please, explain to me why I'm having dinner with you tonight?"

"Hello to you too dear."

"Mom." I said, still so fucking annoyed. She knew. She fucking knew how nervous I was, and she had to do... this to me.

"Because we alwa-- OH SHOOT!" She wailed suddenly as she realized what the hell I was talking about. "Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'll call her. I'll tell her I feel ill from the ride."

"No, it's fine." I sighed. "I forgot the ring."

Her tone was sincere, and I knew she was apologetic. I mean, this was a big deal. "Are you going to wait then? Propose when you two get back to Baltimore?"

"No. I'm going to the store now to see if I can get another. I swear, I packed it." All such a fucking mess. Plus, Bella thought I was leaving her.

"It's a tiny object Edward; easy to forget. With how busy both of you have been lately, it's an easy thing to miss when packing."

I sighed. "So we'll meet you at 7?"

"You sure Edward? I really don't mind calling her and changing the plans."

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's fine. I'm here, so I'll see you later?"

"Okay sweetie. We'll see you two at 7. Love you."

"Bye." I said, hanging up the phone that Bella bought me and getting out. "I'll be just a sec."

The driver chuckled and looked back. "Second times the charm."

I nodded. I fucking hope so.

None of this was going right.

I've only had this god damn ring since we were 19. I've only been waiting forever to do this. Now, when I finally thought we were ready, this shit had to go and happen. Bella and I worked hard to get here, and to get here together. It was fucking hard enough.

We didn't get into Dartmouth together.

I got in, Bella didn't.

We couldn't go to college together. She cried, and I held her. I told her we'd make it and that it'd be okay. And I meant it. I sure as hell meant it. So I went to Dartmouth, and Bella went to Georgetown. It started out that I'd drive to the train station every two weeks, see her for the weekend, then come back. Then it turned into when I could, and our phone conversations dwindled. She'd call before bed and I'd have nothing to say to her, nor she to me.

We'd sit there in silence.

It sucked and it felt like I'd lost her.

Then Bella didn't come home for Christmas.

Fuck that shit.

Fuck. That. Shit.

I wasn't having it.

I flew to D.C. almost immediately, and went looking for her. What the hell did she think this was? A game? She doesn't call or talk to me, and she pulls this shit?

Bull fucking shit.

I went to her dorm and pounded on the door until her roommate answered. Out with her study group.

Who the fuck studies over winter break?

I got directions to the coffee shop from the chick, and walked down the cold streets. Then I saw her. In the window. With some... guy. Ass hole McCreeperton. He was her study group. She was giving him a huge smile and he brushed some hair out of her eyes. Punch me in the mother fucking balls. That would be less painful.

Then, because we're bonded like that, she looked over at me. My heart fucking broke with how happy she looked. I groaned and sat on the nearest stoop and heard her coming over to me.

"Hey there stranger."

I waved a little. "Hi."

"So did Carlisle emphasize how hard of a time I'm having in Calculus and he sent you out here as reinforcements to my studying?" She asked, so fucking carefree it hurt.

"No. Why aren't you home? Who the fuck is he? Why haven't you called in two weeks?" I was pissed. Why the hell was she acting so nonchalant about breaking my heart?

"Edward, I told you I wasn't coming home the last time we talked. I'm on the brink of failing; I'm barely getting a C- as is, and I need a B to get to the next course." She retorted, getting defensive and crossing her arms over her chest. "And I stopped calling because I was tired of being the one doing all the calling. You know, you have 10 fingers you can fucking call too." She sighed, and I could feel the tension radiating from her. We weren't supposed to be like this...at all. "And who the fuck is who? The guy in there, guarding my fucking textbook? That's Jake, the guy I've been telling you about the past month who is like some math fucking genius and has been helping me not fail this class."

I looked up at her, livid. "I fucking called you, and you never answer. You're always doing something else, or 'Bella can't get to the phone right now' blah blah blah." I mocked her voice mail, cause that shit was all I heard now a days. "And tell me, does having someone run their fingers lovingly through your hair help you think? How about bouncing on his dick? Bet that works like a mother fucking charm." I wailed, pouting like a two year old.

"You know what? That's a GREAT fucking idea. Maybe I should try it." Her jaw clenched and I'd never seen her so angry. "So what? You came out here to... make up some fantasy that I'm cheating on you? Is that what this is? Edward's delusional hour? I don't have the energy nor the desire to defend myself for studying with someone. Would you like me to have a chaperon next time? Should I cut his finger off the next time he pushes my hair back? Oh, do you think Esme and I are having an affair too, because she fucking does that every time I go to visit!"

"You should fucking think about how that makes me feel!" I yelled. "How would you feel if you saw some chick pushing my hair off my forehead?"

"Edward, he touched my HAIR! THE HAIR ON MY HEAD. He wasn't feeling around to see if my pubes were coarse or soft."


She rolled her eyes at me, which only made me angrier. "Edward, you're fucking ridiculous. I really hope you've been drinking and that's why you're being such an asshole right now. NO! For clarification, he has not been anywhere near this area." She made huge circles over her lower half. "I'm FAIRLY certain his BOYFRIEND Seth would have an issue with it."

I looked up at her, confused. "He's gay?"

"He's a boy. He has a boyfriend, whom he has sex with, so.... I'm gonna go with yea." She replied sarcastically, nodding with wide, annoyed eyes.

"Oh." I said, looking down at my hands. "So... you've not been calling because... because you don't want me?" I felt so fucking tiny then. So fucking small, I just wanted to die.

She let out a heavy sigh, and her voice was much quieter. "No. I haven't been calling because I've been exhausted. Edward, you're really smart. You don't even need to try and you ace everything. This... it's all really hard. Adjusting to not having you around, dealing with classes, budgeting and trying to be an adult with the stipend the school gives me, trying to maintain a decent GPA so I don't flunk out. I've been studying all night, almost every night. I don't sleep well because you're not here so I'm exhausted and it's just..." There was a pause, so I looked up at her while she gathered her thoughts. "everything's harder without you in my life like you used to be." Her face fell, and she plopped beside me on the stoop. "And it feels like your slipping away and if you want that I don't want to be the girl that clings and holds on when it's obvious she's not wanted."

I sighed and wrapped my arms and coat around her. "What the fuck would I be doing here if you weren't wanted?"

"Breaking up with me." She spit out.

I laughed softly, against her skin. "No. I won't fucking let you go." I pulled away enough so that I could see her. "Not unless that what you want."

She shook her head, her eyes still looking defeated and sad. "No. I don't want that.. ever." She grabbed my left hand, looking down at the makeshift ring on my finger. "You're mine, remember?" She looked up at me, giving me a small smile. "I proposed and you said yes."

I nodded, and kissed her forehead. "Then let's not fucking do this anymore."

And I held her.

And I didn't let go.

I transferred to Georgetown for Sophomore year, and we lived together ever since. Smith even came out after a while. After that stupid December day, I hadn't known another without Bella.

And this ring would make sure I'd never have to again.

"That's the one." I said to the sales guy, pointing to the ring in the case. "That's for my girl."

"I'll have that ready right away."

Bella would always be mine.

She couldn't be anything to anyone else because she was everything to me.


I was really worried about Edward. I didn't know what was going on with him, but he'd been off since we landed. What seemed even worse, was I hadn't heard from since he'd stormed out so abruptly earlier.

I dressed slowly, trying to shake the dread and worry but it wasn't working. I just wanted Edward to talk to me; to open up to me. We'd never had a problem communicating with each other before so it was even more alarming that we'd start having one now. I threw on the simple halter cut, short navy blue cotton summer dress I'd picked up just before our trip and dried my hair, running my hands through it a few times before sliding on a pair of flip flops. I glanced at the clock noticing I had about 15 minutes. After deciding to head down early, just in case Edward was already there, I grabbed my phone and key card and nearly sprinted out of the room towards the elevators.

But Edward wasn't there. I waited by the maitre'D and saw his parents strolling down the hall from the elevators a few minutes later. I hugged and kissed them both, greeting them as happily as I could considering my current concerns over Edward. "How was the helicopter ride?"

"Fine, Sweetheart, fine. How was your afternoon?" Esme asked, twirling her fingers in my super straight hair.

"It was alright. Quiet. Edward left me for the afternoon." I replied, trying to laugh it off lightly.

Carlisle furrowed his brows glancing at Esme before looking in my direction. "You mean he's still not back? Odd, I thought he said..." He replied, trailing off as he walked away from us, pulling his cell out of his pocket.

Weird. Why would he talk to his parents about what was going on, and not me?

Unless, he was dumping me and trying to work out an easy way to do it. And trying to figure out how his parents would handle the situation.

Shit. He was dumping me.

I wanted to vomit, cry and run all at once. Carlisle strolled back shrugging his shoulders and smiling at the both of us.

"He should be here in a moment. He said the car wasn't too far away. Shall we?"

"Come on, love. Let's get inside." She encouraged, wrapping an arm around my shoulder comfortingly.

"No.. I think I'll wait for Edward out here. We'll meet you both inside." I said giving her a half smile.

She looked at me, worry covering her face. "You sure?"

I nodded. "Positive. He'll probably be here any minute; go on inside without us."

"If you change your mind, just come find us." She replied, kissing my cheek and grinning warmly.

I nodded once more, and smiled. "I will."

They proceeded to go inside and I waited.

And waited.

It had only been 10 minutes but it was incredibly unlike him to be even a minute late. I sent him a quick text.

Hey we're at the restaurant. Where are you?

Not even a minute later, I looked up hearing the doors swing open and hit the wall. Edward. He raced over to me wrapping me up tightly in his arms. "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm here." He murmured breathlessly into my hair.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly, so thankful he was okay. "I was so fucking worried." I laughed quietly. "Don't fucking scare me like that, okay?"

He nodded, pulling away abruptly. "C'mon, let's get this over with." He sighed, tugging me by the hand towards the restaurant entrance.

"Wait." I said pulling him back. I looked at him completely confused. "What's going on with you?"

His head turned to look at me, his eyes expressing confusion. "Nothing, c'mon."

Fucking Christ, if someone didn't start filling me in I was going to have a fit. I huffed and dropped his hand storming in in front of him, murmuring as I slid past, "Fine whatever."

I wanted someone to tell me what was going on, because I was petrified that I was minutes or hours or days from losing it all.

I found the Cullen's table and walked over to it quickly, feeling Edward hot on my heels. I took a deep breath, pulling myself together before sinking in to the booth seat across from Carlisle. Both of them turned around and they smiled as they saw Edward glide into the seat beside me.

"Good to see someone has finally shown up." Carlisle chided, grinning towards Edward.

"Yeah, it took longer than I was expecting, but I made it." He grinned over at his father knowingly.

"What took longer than you expected?" I asked turning to look at him.

He shook his head, waving off my question. "Just some stuff. No worries, love."

Ugh. My lips flat-lined and I shook my head slowly, rolling my eyes. I was on the verge of being rude and excusing myself from dinner I was so infuriated with him, and slightly with Esme and Carlisle. Obviously they had some inkling what the fuck was going on.

Oh right, but I wasn't really family. Maybe it was a family thing. My stomach churned at the idea and I glanced up at Esme, about to excuse myself when the waiter arrived at our table to take our order. Esme and Carlisle each ordered a glass of wine, then the waiter turned to me smiling brighter. "And for you miss?" He grinned.

"What do you recommend?" I asked leaning on my elbow inching closer. If Edward wanted to keep secrets then I'd fucking play his game. He hated when men looked at me and I could tell he was already beginning to seethe as his hand flexed around my thigh. "Well what are you in the mood for?" The waiter asked.

"She'll have a gin and tonic. I'll have an ass kick-- sorry, Jack and coke." He stated, jaw clenched as he threw an arm over my shoulders, pulling me closer to him.

I turned and scowled at him. "Don't order for me." I hissed, turning back toward the waiter. "I'm not really in the mood for a gin and tonic. Just water is fine, thank you." The waiter's eyes shifted seemingly unsure of what to make of Edward and I and simply nodded, making note of it and walking away.

"You're an asshole." I said turning to Edward. I was so far beyond mad at everything, my ability to keep our fight private and away from his parents was evidently not going to be possible; so it was either leave abruptly, not find out what was wrong and be kept out of the loop, or fight.

As it stood both were still an option.

He cocked his head to the side, looking confused. "What's wrong?"

I stared at him wide eyed. Are you fucking kidding me? I sighed, instead of asking him outright and turned toward Esme and Carlisle. "I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling very well. And your son not giving me a straight answer as to if he's dumping me on this trip or not, isn't helping. I think it's best if I just go and call it a night." Carlisle and Esme were both scowling at Edward, but in a flash Esme's face was soft and nurturing. "Of course dear. Feel better, let us know if you want us to bring you up any dinner." I scooted away from Edward and the table, smiling a little back at Esme. "Thank you, but I haven't been hungry all day; I doubt that'll change between now and bedtime." I stood, my face turning towards Edward. "I'm going to get a separate room so you can keep having your space." I said, feeling my eyes water.

I turned and walked out, almost knocking right into one of the waiters.

I was an idiot to think this could last forever.

That he would want me forever.


I groaned took a second to gather my thoughts.

My father was watching me, smirking with amusement. Bastard. "I know I may be old and it's been awhile since I've proposed; and while I know this is a surprise... don't you think you should tell her that you in fact do not want to break up with her."

I nodded, sighing a little. "Yeah, yeah. I'm going. I just have a better chance of keeping my balls attached if I wait a second."

" I don't know that you have a chance of that no matter how long you wait," he smirked, "You're lucky I have friends who do good reconstructive work."

I chuckled to myself and stood. "We'll be back in a little while. Order something good."

I walked out of the restaurant and found Bella tapping her foot while she waited in line at the front desk. She was fuming. FUMING. It was like a cartoon. I could literally see the steam coming out of her ears. I walked beside her and tugged her hand into mine. "Come walk with me."

She relaxed into me for just a second before ripping her hand away. "Why? So you can dump me? Let me just get my fucking room first."

She killed me. This woman was killing me. "Bella, if you're so set on me dumping you, you can get the room after." I grabbed her hand again and tugged. "Come on."

She huffed, but followed me anyway. Yeah, I loved her. "You're mood swings are worse than a pregnant woman. I hope you know that."

"So are yours." I told her, leading her outside and down on to the beach. "Tell me some other reasons that you love me."

"What?" She asked, sounding exhausted, confused and irritated all at the same time.

I shook my head and smiled over at her. "You know, if you weren't jumping to conclusions and having emotional whip lash all the fucking time, you wouldn't be the girl I fell in love with."

"Me? I'M the one with mood swings? Edward you're all sad and shit in the hotel room earlier, and then you come back and act perfectly normal. Like you hadn't bolted from the room. Like you hadn't gone all day without texting or calling once all afternoon. Do you fucking get how worried I was?"

I laughed and sat on the sand then looked up at her. "Sit."

Her eyes closed, her forehead was pinched together and her lip quivered. Shit. She opened her eyes slowly, the unshed tears shining in them as she sat beside me.

I put my arm around her waist and kissed her temple. "You don't even know what's going on yet. Why are you crying?"

"Because I don't know what's going on." She told me softly, laughing a little through her tears. "I hate feeling far away from you and right now I feel a million miles; I don't like feeling out of synch with you."

I nodded. "A lot of things went wrong today that I tried very hard to keep from you."

"Like what?" She asked, scooting herself closer and grabbing my hand to play with.

"Well, first I woke up and I found that somebody stole my shaving cream. Who was that?"

"I think I saw Smith trying to shave the neighbor's dog..." She said evasively, looking anywhere but at me.

I laughed and kissed the top of her head. "Right. Blame the nearly geriatric dog. Then I couldn't find my sunglasses. And you know how I am with those things, and they weren't... anywhere."

"Yea they were. I put them in a case and in my purse so you wouldn't forget them like you did last year."

I nodded. "Well, thanks love. Good to know. Then, did you know we were supposed to have a villa when we got here?"

Her eyebrows shot into her hairline. "I did not. Why? Normally we just get a regular room."

"Mhm. But they lost my reservation, so now we have the suite."

"And the suite is awesome." She smiled, squeezing my hand. "You did awesome surprising me with it."

I sighed, and pulled my arms off of her. "It doesn't end there."

"What do you mean?"

I nodded. "That's where I was this afternoon. I had to replace something." Fuck, this shit was hard.

"Replace..." She pressed, but I was fucking terrified still.

"Mhm." Okay, deep breath. "Bella, you know I love you, right? I'd do anything for you?"

She nodded, "Mhm. And I love you and would do anything for you."

"You're like... my whole fucking world. You're everything I've ever wanted or needed, and the only girl I'm ever gonna love."

She smiled, biting her lip. "Yea, for me too... obviously."

"And one day, five years ago, you and me were standing in the rain, on Whitman Road, and you asked me to be yours forever." I reached into my pocket and pulled out the box. "Now it's my turn. Bella, I love you more than anything. More than I've ever loved anyone or anything. Bella... will you be my wife?"

She looked down at the ring, then back up at me. The tears were back in her eyes, but this time I was pretty sure they were happy tears because she was smiling too. Then she nodded slowly.

Fuck. Yes.

I laughed a little, and pushed the tears from her cheeks. "So you still think we're breaking up?"

She laughed through her tears, shaking her head and laughing a little. "No, but now I kinda feel like an idiot for being such a jackass in front of your parents."

I leaned in and kissed her forehead, and put the box in her hand. "Why? They knew."

"That's why." She laughed, handing the box back to me. "I believe, the way it goes... if I remember correctly from when I did it, the proposer has to put the ring on the proposee."

I cringed a little. "You might not like it though."

"Edward you know me better than anyone; more than I know myself most days. I'm sure I'll love it." She laughed, "Plus it wasn't like I gave you a choice to like yours." She reminded, tapping the ring already in place on my finger.

"Hey, I love it. I don't even need a wedding band now." I told her, kissing her forehead again and opening the box. "This is what I had to replace, because somehow I forgot to pack the thing. I've only been carting it around for fucking ever."

"You mean the antique looking 3 stone one that's been in your dresser a million years?"

I blinked at her. "Shut the fuck up, you knew?"

She blinked back at me before breaking out into huge, belly busting laughs. "I thought that was a family heirloom or something that meant something to you. I never asked because you never brought it up so I thought you might think I thought it was weird that you had this old-fashioned women's ring just chilling in your sock drawer."

I shook my head and closed the box again. "Well, if you want that one you can have that one. I thought you might like this one better. And then I can be the creep who keeps engagement rings on standby."

She looked down at the ring then shook her head. "No, we can make up some story about it and give it to our first daughter when she's all grown up."

I shoved it back in my pocket and looked at the ocean. "Okay. Good plan."

"Um... are you going to..." She started, pointing down at her ring, and smirking. "Or do you expect me to do it, since I put that one on you."

I rolled it over in my hand and didn't look up at her. "Is this the one you want?"

"It doesn't matter to me, as long as I get you."

I looked over at her. "You have to like it, that's the point. But if I can't find the other one..."

"I love this one." She moved closer, resting her hand on my thigh before pressing her lips gently to mine.

I laughed against her lips and grabbed her hand, sliding the ring on a little. "I've never needed you more than I needed you today."

"Me too. It sucked feeling like you were pulling away. I don't care what the surprise is - never pull that crap again." She grinned, laughing a little.

"I won't ever have to." I kissed the tip of her nose. "Once I get this on, you'll be mine forever."

"I always have been." She whispered, leaning in a little closer.

I slid it on completely and kissed beside her ring. "But now I can't let you walk away."

"And you could before?"

I nodded. "If I thought that's what you really wanted."

"It'll never been what I want. It's never been what I wanted." She paused, twisting my fingers up in hers. "Though I do have a bone to pick with you."

I blinked, standing up and holding out my hand to her. "What's that?"

She took it and stood, then looped her arms around me. "I vaguely remember a promise my Mr. Cullen made to me the first time he called me his Mrs..." She looked up to the peach colored sky, tapping her chin like she was thinking. "something about him thoroughly fucking me at least twice a day." She reminded me (as if I could forget) , pouting at me with her full pink lips. "And... since technically it's past midnight back home, I don't believe that the vow was kept." She smirked, pressing said lips against mine.

I laughed, and kissed her forehead. "Well, I'm sorry love. I had a bunch on my mind today."

"That's okay, I guess an extension can be made based on this timezone considering the circumstances." She grinned.

We headed back into the restaurant, and I kissed her forehead. "Thanks, Baby."

She tugged, me toward the elevators taking me by surprise. "Remember when we were in high school and I used to beg you for it all the time?"

I shook my head. "Nothing's changed. What's to remember?"

Her forehead creased. "Hey, I've gotten better."

I raised an eyebrow. "Bella, I'm your husband. Who the fuck are you trying to fool?"

She gave me the biggest smile her face could handle. "You are my husband." She said, almost like she'd just realized that that was what we were doing. "My point was - we're skipping dinner." She breathed, pinning me up against the wall and pressing her lips hungrily to mine.

I laughed against her lips and kissed her back. "But... champagne... and my parents..."

"Will all be there tomorrow." She whispered, her lips kissing up my jaw to beside my ear. "Right now I want you to make me feel like your wife."

I grinned down at her and laughed a little. "Say it again."

"Your parents and champagne will be there tomorrow?" She teased, laughing a little and smiling.

I shook my head, and rolled my eyes. "Fine, fine. Be that way."

She smirked at me, leaving me in the elevator as she walked to our room. She popped the lock, then stepped inside, propping the door open. Bella pulled her hair over her shoulder, then pulled down the zipper on her dress and letting it puddle at her feet. She wrapped an arm over her breasts, then looked back at me coyly. "Edward, your wife needs you."

Holy shit.

I ran for the door and didn't look back.

She was my love.

She was everything.

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard. "I'm so fucking happy that I don't have to live my life without you."