"I do not understand why this is necessary."

"As soutaicho explained, Kurosaki Ichigo has an obligation to help Soul Society as a substitute shinigami. But still being alive, he has his own obligations in the living world. Including attending school. If he feels in danger of failing when there is no crisis, then he will refuse to help. It's a matter of pride and holding onto what is left of his life."

"No imminent crisis? I would not have thought even a low-bred ingrate like him could have failed to realize that was a-,"

"I know. But no one is dying now right in front of him. His family and friends aren't in danger right now. His fight is in his head."

"I see. So my role in this is to do what?"

"You need to modify the memories of his teacher and his class enough that he will not be held back. You are strong enough to manage."

"And why has Rukia not done this?"

"She has. Some of Ichigo's classmates are very spiritually aware. It literally would take someone on par with a captain to make them forget."

"I see. And you are not able to be there as well. Very well, I agree to help. What is it I will actually be doing then?"