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Another one of those "what-ifs" that has been done to death…what if that "date" had turned out a little differently?

This night has been a complete disaster. Cameron thought to herself as she clung to House on the back of his motorcycle. What the hell was I thinking? Why would I think he would act any differently tonight than at any other time?

I was such an ass, a complete and utter ASS. House was lost in his own thoughts as he sped to Cameron's apartment. Did I really *have* to shut her down that way? I never meant to hurt her…

House brought the motorcycle to a stop in front of Cameron's building. Cameron removed the helmet as House swung his right leg over the seat, unclipping his cane.

"Don't worry, House. I'm a big girl, I can walk myself to the door." Cameron spoke in clipped, icy tones.

House shrugged. "It's been a while since I've done this 'dating' thing, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to walk the lady to her door. It's the least I can do…" His voice trailed off to a near-whisper as they arrived at the entrance.

The two paused at the door in awkward silence, Cameron fumbling for her keys, House bouncing his cane on the stoop. What's the protocol for ending a date from hell? Cameron wondered as she continued to dig through her purse for her keys. Well, hmm, gee, that sucked, see you Monday? Ugh…

"Found Hoffa yet?" House's voice cut through Cameron's reverie. "I'll call the FBI and tell them we've solved the case."

"Sorry…having trouble finding my keys." Cameron mumbled as she felt her face heat up. God, it just doesn't matter what a jerk he is…he still has that effect on me!

"Forget the damn keys for a minute." House placed his large, rough hand over Cameron's soft and smooth one. Last chance, House. Do *not* screw this up. "Look at me."

Cameron lifted her eyes to meet House's. Gah, damn near heartstopping…what was I going to say again?

"Look, Cameron…about tonight…" House took a deep breath and leaned heavily on his cane. "This," gesturing to his coat and tie, "this just isn't me, and I don't think it's really you, either."

"I'd really like to try this again." House rushed on. If I don't get this out now… "You know…like the monster truck show?" Cameron looked slightly baffled. House sighed, shifting slightly and rolling his eyes. "Remember, we went, no pressure, no expectations, just fun. And it was. Fun, I mean. Yeah…" Great, now I'm babbling and making a damn fool of myself. I should just turn around and walk away now. There's no way in hell I can fix this. Forget it, House, just forget it. He turned on his heel and started down the steps to his motorcycle.

"House? Wait!" Cameron's sharp voice stopped him in his tracks. She trotted gracefully after him, catching up to House and reaching for his hand. For the first time since the beginning of the evening, a gentle smile crossed her soft features.

"*If* you're serious…" House looked up to meet Cameron's gaze as she spoke quietly. "Then, yes, I would like to try this 'date' thing again…but maybe without the 'date' part."

House's normally somber face lit with a slight smile. "Think I can probably make that happen. Maybe not monster trucks this time but…something fun." House wrapped his hand around the nape of Cameron's neck and pulled her to him, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "So…see you Monday, then?"

Cameron nodded, too stunned to speak just then. Shaking slightly, she found her keys. "See, found them! Call off the search party!" She squeezed House's hand lightly and kissed him softly on the cheek. "See you Monday, House."

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