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Ten years later…


It was a typical lazy Sunday morning for us. I was making breakfast in the kitchen, and Greg was at the piano, our four-year-old son at his side. As I watched the two of them, I simply marveled at where our road had taken us.

It hadn't been easy, not by a long shot. That was just part of the rollercoaster that was Gregory House. So much had happened over time that I couldn't begin to digest it all. Once again, looking at my husband and son, I wondered what would have happened if I hadn't given Greg that one…no, two more chances that particular weekend. All I knew was that I would have missed this…who ever would have guessed that Gregory House was sitting at a piano with his young child, alternating between silly songs and sweet romantic tunes.

Our child. He was nothing short of a miracle. I miscarried twice, and turned down two subsequent marriage proposals, before this little guy entered the world. Third time's the charm…or something. That's what people keep telling me, anyway, Greg told me before presenting me once again with that ring. That year had been loaded down with more tragedy than most. Wilson's young girlfriend had died that spring, leaving both Greg and Wilson broken in their own way. Their friendship almost didn't survive, and there were times when I thought Greg wouldn't either. Just when they managed to patch things up, Kutner, one of Greg's favorite ducklings, killed himself, once again leaving Greg reeling.

Two months later, the pregnancy test came up positive…again. As things progressed, we finally dared to hope that this might be the one that stuck. Sure enough, our son entered the world bellowing, just like his dad. Greg held him close and rocked him, those big blue eyes shining with the same something I had seen all those years before. Lawrence James House, he declared, a fitting tribute to both his favorite duckling and his best friend. If anyone tries to call him Larry, I swear I'll crack them in the head with my cane. He's NOT a Larry. He's Lawrence.

A familiar song on the piano pulled me out of my reverie. Greg was once again singing, attempting to teach it to Lawrence. Lawrence just leaned on his dad, his bright blue eyes filled with curiosity and wonder.

"…every long lost dream…led me to where you are…others who broke my heart…they were like northern stars…pointing me on my way…into your loving arms…this much I know is true…that God blessed the broken road…that led me straight to you…"

I smiled warmly and walked over to the piano, two mugs in my hand. I set the red one in front of Greg and a blue one filled with hot chocolate in front of Lawrence, wrapping an arm around each of them. Sunday morning with my guys…life just doesn't get better than that.


My son and I sat at the piano, enjoying a Sunday morning while Cam puttered around in the kitchen. Not quite 5 years had passed since she finally agreed to become my wife. I had to go through a hell of a lot to get there, that's for sure. So much had happened that it almost sounded like one of my soap operas.

Cam had miscarried twice before our little guy finally made an appearance. I stuck with her, trying to be a source of comfort for her, hardly an easy task for me. I asked her to marry me twice…and twice she turned me down. I don't want you to marry me out of some misplaced sense of guilt…or…something, she told me in that twisted Cameron logic. Third time's the charm, that's what they tell me, anyway, I fired back, refusing to give up on her…or us.

It had been a tougher year than usual for us. Wilson's CTB girlfriend had died that spring, and it was nearly the end of our epic friendship. Cam and I had one of our blowouts, and I ended up in some bar, drinking until I couldn't stand up straight. I called Wilson, but got Amber instead. If I could have done it all again…trust me, I wouldn't have. Wilson and I managed to patch things up, but it was never quite the same.

Just when Wilson and I started to find our footing again, Kutner shot himself. He hadn't shown up for work that day, unusual in itself. I sent Foreteen to hunt him down, only to discover his body. It shook me like nothing else. He was bright, curious, daring, appearing for all the world like such an easygoing guy…a better version of me. When he offed himself, it made me question everything. I thought I was losing my mind, and I'm sure Cam did, too. She stuck with me, though, all through the madness that followed.

Two months later, Cam was pregnant again. We barely dared to hope that this one would stick. When our son announced himself with a bellow, Cam burst out into tears…tears of joy this time. I fed off her emotion, holding our son close to my chest. His eyes already wandered around the room in wide-eyed curiosity, and his name immediately sprung to mind. Lawrence James House. The first was to honor my favorite duckling, and the other for the best friend who had convinced me to throw myself at Cam's feet, practically begging for mercy.

Lawrence leaned against me at the piano, listening to me play, and even plinking out a few notes of his own. I took a sip of my coffee, while he took a very serious sip of his hot chocolate. Cam squeezed us around the shoulders and went back to the kitchen to finish making breakfast.

"Listen to this." I whispered to Lawrence. "This is the song that made your mom fall in love with me. Wanna watch her swoon?" He giggled and nodded. "Okay, here goes."

"I get carried away…by the look, by the light in your eyes…before I even realize the ride I'm on…baby, I'm long gone…"

Cam laughed at me and shook her head. There are few sounds on this earth sweeter than that. I took in the scene that unfolded before us. I, Gregory House, a cranky, old, misanthropic, recovering drug addict, was surrounded by the love of a great woman and a sweet little boy. I'm not a sentimental kind of guy, but…it just doesn't get much better than this.

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