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School Projects


I checked my watch, the golden hands telling me that I was late. Only a few seconds late, but as I knew, from experience, a few seconds could make all the difference. I pushed open the doors to the cafeteria, scaring a freshman with my exuberance. I scanned the room, until, with a rush of relief, I saw the familiar blond head bobbing at the end of the line up for food, nearly a foot higher than everyone else's in the room.

I glided to where the trays were, and picked up the first one I saw, and then took my place in the line up behind him. I kept my eyes averted, looking at the back of his ankles, rather than gazing adoringly at the back of his beautiful head. His pants were just a little too short, adorably uncool, exposing a flash of rocket ship patterned red socks, under his a-typical skater shoes, done up too tightly to fit in.

He was silent, as usual, as we both shuffled through the line up, waiting for our turn at the buffet of disgusting, trans-fatty food. His backpack had a new sticker on it, an ad for a band that was one of my favorites.

I sighed. One day, when he noticed me, maybe he would realize how perfect I am for him.

His hand started drumming on the side of his thigh impatiently, and I sympathized for him. He was never good with waiting. And even though this was the second best part of my day, I wished the line would move faster, so he could get his food quicker. His stomach grumbled, as it always did.

I wondered if he skipped breakfast in the morning, or if he just metabolized the food quickly.

We made it up to the buffet, and he started loading up his tray with lasagna. I reached beside him, and grabbed a small piece, of garlic bread, my heart fluttering from being so close. He moved onward, and I quickly grabbed some salad, and a small scoop of alfredo sauce drenched pasta, and scurried after him.

I stood behind him as he paid for his food, using only coins, none larger than a quarter to pay for it. I handed the cafeteria volunteer a ten dollar bill, knowing that the change she gave me would be his.

When she handed me the coins, they were still warm. I clenched my fingers around them, trying to absorb the warmth. It was like magic, holding something that was only recently in his hand.

He was sitting at a table for two by the window, all by himself, as usual. He had his food taking up the entire table, and his backpack on the other chair. He had pulled his iPod out from his pocket, and was looking for a song.

I walked by his table just as it started playing, for a moment catching the beginning of the song before I was too far away to hear it.

I got birds in my ears
And a devil on my shoulder
And a phone to the other
And I can't get a hold of her
And what's a crush to do?
And what's a crush to do when he can't get through?

I smiled again. He had played this song three times this week. I would wonder if he was trying to get a message through, but he was so completely unaware of me, that any idea that he was trying to communicate with me in any way was ridiculous.

I made it to my table for two, my best friend already there, silently rocking out while methodically squishing a peanut butter sandwich. I sat my tray down, and waved my hand in front of her face.

"Hey Bella, come back to earth!" I teased, stealing a sip from her water. She took out her headphones, and smiled ruefully at me.

"Bonjourno Alice, how's life?" She asked, shoving a piece of her sandwich in her mouth. I grimaced.

"Same as usual. Except more homework. You're going to have a take home essay in English, by the way, and the quiz in math was easy. Just remember that logs inverse when they become exponents."

Bella also frowned, taking a swig of her water bottle. We had signed up for many of the same classes at the end of last year, but when we were assigned our classes, our schedules were opposite. I had English and Math in the morning, and Psychology and French in the afternoon. Bella's was the other way around, except with Biology instead of Psychology.

"You get to do a crossword in French today, so if Psychology's easy, the rest of your day will be stress free!" She said, smiling as she demolished the last of her sandwich. She reached back into her brown paper bag, and pulled out a plastic-wrapped bundle of cookies.

I smiled back at her, and grabbed my bag of cookies from my purse. "Whad'ya got?" She said, raising one eyebrow as she opened her plastic wrap to display her cookies.

"I have Esme's homemade banana chocolate chip, ginger snaps, and, of course, Oreos." I said proudly.

She showed me her double chocolate chip cookies, and peppermint wafers. We pushed our loot into the middle of the table, and I grabbed one of her wafers, as she grabbed a handful of my mother's cookies.

We ate in silence, and I contemplated the boy who was four tables away. I wondered if he had anyone that he could be himself with, someone he could trade cookies with, or tell secrets to over the phone. I doubted it. That thought filled me with more unhappiness than I was accustomed to feeling.

I wished that I could be that person to him. I wanted to be the person he could let his guard down around.

Bella looked at me, her eyes open wider than normal, her mouth open, crumbs of banana chocolate goodness falling to the table. She reached her hand and laid it on top of mine, giving me a shake.

I wondered what she was so stunned about, and then I heard it.

Yeah I'm the first to fall and the last to know
Where'd you go?
Now I'm heels over head
I'm hangin' upside down

I turned around, and saw him walking towards us, his eyes scanning the room nervously. He walked down the isle, and passed our table. I was so confused; he never went this way before. He continued down, towards the wrong end of the cafeteria, before he turned, and went down between the other tables back to where he started, and exited the cafeteria.

'That was… so weird." I turned to look at Bella. She smiled and grabbed an Oreo, twisting it until it broke into two.

"He loves you." She said, serenely prophesizing an unlikely future.

"Sure, Bella, I bet he decided to walk all the way around the cafeteria just to pass by my table, the girl he's never spoken to, instead of having an actual reason, like wanting to waste time, or being so zoned out he didn't realize he was walking the wrong way." I looked at her with contempt, but she just smiled back at me, before shoving the rest of the cookies into her mouth.

"Heh wuves euu." She said again, spraying me with crumbs.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, just as the bell rung. I sprung up, and shoved all the garbage onto my tray. Bella rolled her eyes at me, and then swallowed her large mouthful. She stood up, throwing her messenger bag over her shoulder, and took my tray from me.

"Enjoy your next class." She said, smiling knowingly. I grinned gratefully at her, and then dashed to Psychology, all the way on the other side of the school.

I skidded to a stop in front of the door, and adjusted my hair and my breathing rate before entering.

He was there. He always was early, either because he enjoyed the subject very much, or to avoid the rush of people in the hallways after lunch. I figured it was the latter.

Won't you tell me that you're sorry now
'Bout the 10 years wasted time
When you avoided my sight 'cause I was crushin' you
Oh your standards were so high

His music was on as always, and he was flipping abstractly through the textbook. I took my spot behind him in the corner of the room, and the best part of my day started. We had a few minutes before our teacher bounded in, and I always spent them the same way.

Listening to the overflow of his music, and memorizing the back of his head.

If it weren't massively creepy, I would draw the back of his head every day. Alas, once in grade 10, I was caught with a drawing of a girl from across the classroom, and publicly humiliated, called a lesbian, and all that good stuff.

He sighed when the teacher came in, his wide, beautiful shoulders raising and lowering with the air he inhaled. His left hand clenched and he dropped his textbook onto the desk with a barely audible thump.

He pulled a piece of paper and a stub of a pencil from his backpack, and wrote down his name on the top left corner. Jasper Whitlock.

He used no nonsense letters, leaving his 'J' uncrossed; but the 'k' at the end of his name had a large tail, swirling back to the top of it. I wished that I had taken more notes when we did handwriting in Psychology, so I could figure out whatever secrets were available through his writing.

The teacher, Mrs. Gingham, stood at the front of the class, and clapped her hands together. "Class," She announced, trying to attract everyone's attention. "As you know, we have been learning about scientific experiments for the last week or so, and since we're ahead of schedule, I thought it would be fun to have a project!"

Collective groans filled the room. Mrs. Gingham frowned and went on, "You have been assigned partners, the people whose last name are from the beginning of the alphabet with the people at the end! Here are the partners!"

She paused, reaching for a piece of paper. I was worried. Did this mean…?

"Tony Avalign?"

A deep, "Here" came from the back of the classroom. "You're with… Sarah Zheng?"

A small Asian girl raised her hand timidly, and said "Here."

Mrs. Gingham looked happy with the first pairing, and then moved onto the next. "Valerie Bagdley?" A girl raised her hand with a bored expression. "You're with Lanna Young." The girl beside her squealed, and they both grinned at each other.

"Alice Brandon," Mrs. Gingham called, and I raised my hand.


"You're with…" She paused, looking for the name on the list, "Gregory Yeoman."

My heart dropped. A girl in the back called out, "I think he dropped out, he hasn't been here for over a month."

Mrs. Gingham frowned, and crossed something off her list. "Okay, Mrs. Brandon, you're now with… Jasper Whitlock."

My heart soared, and the beautiful blond boy looked up from what he was doodling on his paper, and said, 'What?"

Mrs. Gingham frowned at him, and said "I just said that you are working with Alice Brandon on this next project. Please try to pay attention."

She huffed, and went on with the rest of the list. "Emmett Cullen? You're with Maggie Summers."

A loud whoop came from the back of the room, and people started to laugh. I forgot how to.

I was in a daze. I wondered if this would mean talking to him. I have had plenty of imaginary conversations with him in my mind, but actually speaking to him… I was unsure if I could do that.

He turned around in his seat, looking at me with confusion. I noticed the color of his eyes, a light blue, nearly lavender in this light. He had dark bags under his eyes, but his skin was flawless in every other way. His lovely red mouth was pulled up on one side, in what seemed to be an uncertain smile. His face was delicate, his hair a little too long.

"Hi." He said, smiling a little more.

"Erugh…" I said, my mouth open in shock. His eyebrows furrowed together, and if I had been Bella, my face would have been a deep red by now.

"I'm Jasper." He said, trying again.

"Alice." I said, pointing to myself and nodding. I was right, conversation was a lot more difficult outside the mind.

If he was put off by my caveman manners, he didn't show it. Mrs. Gingham gave us our sheets with the project outline on them, and I was glad for some sort of topic to start on.

"Apparently we have to find the effect of something on people, and how they spend their money." Jasper said, once more trying to break the language barrier between English and whatever it was that I was speaking.

"Well, I think music would work the best for that." I said, finally forming a coherent sentence.

He brightened up; either at the idea of music for schoolwork, or that his partner was not fully mentally challenged. "That sounds good, I like music." He said, with another mind shattering grin.

"I know." I said. He looked confused again. "I mean, I hope so. If you didn't like music I'd have to label you as an extra-terrestrial, or something…"

I coughed, and he looked a bit uncomfortable. He looked down at the sheet again, and said, "Well, we only have to come up with the idea today, according to this timeline, so I guess we're done that part. Tomorrow is planning."

I nodded miserably as he turned away. Why did I have to screw up the first time I've ever been able to speak to him? I mean, I can act normally around most other people. Why couldn't I be myself around him?

He turned back to me, and I smiled at him, using the cute grin that got the school quarterback to ask me out, I had said no, of course, he was too acquiescent for me. And he wasn't Jasper.

Jasper smiled back, and then said, "We probably wont be able to get all of the planning done tomorrow, we'll have to contact stores and find test subjects and everything. I was wondering if you'd like to work on it after school? We could go to my house."

His eyes were nervous for some reason, and I just nodded.

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow." He stood up, and started packing up his backpack. He turned on his iPod, and a new song came blaring out.

Hey girl you know you drive me crazy
One look puts the rhythm in my hand.
Still I'll never understand why you hang around
I see what's going down.

He walked out, halfway through class, but nobody seemed to notice his exit. I sat in my chair, totally stunned at what had happened. I grabbed my cell phone and started a text message to Bella.

Bells, you wont believe what I just did. HE was assigned to be my partner, and I totally screwed it up. I made him practically run out of class. I can't believe what just happened…

A few seconds later, I received her response

Ali, you are a total spazz. But he loves you. I just know it. Plus I can think of several other reasons why he'd have to run out of the room after talking to you… ;)

I sighed. Bella was no help.

I laid my head on my desk, looking at the wall I sat beside. The rest of the class was laughing and talking and generally being far too loud. They all seemed to be having fun in partners.

I traced a heart on the wall with my right hand.

There was always tomorrow.

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