"He loves you, you know? I can tell, Ahiru-san. You'd have to be blind not to see it."

"See what?"

"Fakir only smiles around you."

That gentle smile, that heart-breaking smile. The expression of utter adoration and overflowing with love. That belongs to you and you alone.

I've known Fakir ever since he was but a child. He had been carrying a heavy burden, his so called sin of murder. In his desperate effort to redeem himself, Fakir protected Mythos. He believed so desperately that if he could protect this person, if he could prevent harm from ever befalling him, maybe then…Maybe then, he'd be forgiven for the death of his parents.

He tried, oh god how he tried. He would never leave the prince's side, not if he could help it. He built a mask and donned on his "suit of armor". He became the knight in the stories. The brave and strong knight that was forever loyal to His Majesty. But beneath that hauberk, under that slotted helm, was a boy so afraid. He was scared of stepping out of his role. He was terrified of facing the "sin" that he committed. I do believe he was so scared of himself.

I believe everyone was. No one wanted to approach the boy who looked at everything with such deep seated malice. The mask he put on was fool-proof, no one could see through it. Except it was fragile, and then one day, it cracked. If my assumptions are correct, it cracked when you came along.

You, in all your determination, a being filled with so much hope, eased him out of his shell. It was painfully obvious and that same time, it couldn't have been anymore subtle. I don't think you realized, but whenever he was around you, his mask would split. He would show emotions that he locked so far away. Blushing, crying…Smiling. And then, one by one, the broken pieces of the mask fell.

He was naked, no masks, nor armor. But I don't think he cared. No, I don't think he did. Why? Why, because you were right there. There's no more need for such things if your arms are wrapped around him so. There's no more need to suffer, no more need to carry a burden that was never his, why? Because he could not suffer with you by his side and he could not carry a burden that you have lifted.

My dear, dear Ahiru-san, do you see now? What you do to him? What you give him?

But you know, I think it is also very painful. For your arms have grown heavy and his adoration has grown suffocating. You who have turn into a duck, you who stays by his side. You have never been so close yet so far. I think, I think he misses you. I think he misses you so much that it hurts.

If I didn't know any better, I would have to say that that stubborn, foolish boy has fallen in love. With you.

It is a tragedy, more or less. Drosselmeyer was not looking where he ought to. There was a tragedy. It was just hidden. Never alone yet forever apart. Oh, if only, if only, Ahiru-san. If only you were born human.

Where is your happy ending, Ahiru-san?