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Kyla walked down the hallway slowly and slid the knife out of the holder on her leg. Peeking around the corner, she smiled a little because the demon still hadn't caught onto her scent. She knew that she should probably have a gun on her, but she could make due with the knife.

Walking down the next hallway of the large mansion, Kyla held her breath as she suddenly heard footsteps. Stopping in her tracks, Kyla raised the knife, and then she was about to bring it down when a familiar man with dark hair came out around the corner in front of her.

"Put the knife down, Kyla." Sam said with his hands in the air.

Kyla sighed and lowed the knife. "Sorry, Sam. Where's Dean?"

"Still upstairs." Sam replied, and then Kyla raised an eyebrow.

Creepily enough, Sam looked different to her. She had known Sam and Dean for long enough that she knew that Sam happened to have a scar on his neck, and this thing that appeared before her as Sam had no such scar. Starting to walk past him, Kyla stabbed the knife backwards and hit the creature with the knife, twisting it and then pulling it out.
Turning around, she came face to face with the shapeshifter, and grimaced as she realized she had missed and he was getting away.

"SAMMY! DEANY! MOVE YOUR ASSES AND GET TO WHEREVER I AM!" She screamed, chasing after the demon.

When she caught up to him, Dean had knocked it out cold with the butt of his rifle, and so she plunged the knife into his heart and then frowned.

"We'll have to burn him." She said. "Can't have people thinking Sammy's dead and on the run too. By the way...where IS Sammy?"

"Right here." Sam replied, and Kyla turned around, smiling at him.

"You want to help me kill your brother?" Kyla asked.

Sam raised an eyebrow, but then his eyes widened as Dean lunged at Kyla, but she swung the knife back and it penetrated Dean's soft flesh. Turning around to finish the job, Dean showed up and looked at Sam and Kyla. Kyla pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped the blood off, and then smiled at Dean.

"Mission accomplished." Kyla grinned, putting the knife back in the holder.

"Damn-it, Kyla! I told you this was personal!" Dean said.

"Well, when they seem to come for the beauty of the operations, someone has to do something." Kyla retorted.

For her, fighting with Sam and Dean was more than she could even hope for. They'd known each other since elementary school, and she loved them both. Sometimes, now that they were older, she even lusted after both of them, but she never told them. She was sort of like Dean in her flirting manner, but she was also kind of set on her morals like Sam. Traveling with them both kept her entertained and feeling like what she did mattered, and so she took whatever they dished outand vice versa.

"It's true, Dean. The girl is a natural-born demon magnet." Sam said.

Kyla smirked. "Yes, but they just don't do it for me the way humans do."

Dean smirked too. "That's what you say now."

"Gag me." Kyla replied, but she smiled. "We need to burn them."

"All right." Sam said, going over and picking one of them up. "Grab the other one, Dean."

"I don't want to touch it." Dean protested. "My hands are full anyways."

"Stop being a wuss." Kyla told him, and took his gun from him. "There, now your hands are empty."


Back at the motel, Kyla sipped her Starbucks coffee and leaned on Dean as he looked up things on his laptop.

"If that's porn again..." Kyla began.

"Oh please, you think I'd do that with you here?" Dean asked.

Kyla laughed. "I don't put anything past you, Deany."

"Not 'Deany' again." Dean protested as Sam sat down.

Kyla shifted so that she was now leaning on Sam, and Sam put his arm around her and leaned his head on hers.

"You two look cute together." Dean said with a cocky grin.

"You and my feet look cute together too." Kyla told him.

He gave her a look. "You know, just because I said you had cute feet once, in like fifth grade, doesn't give you license to mock me about it for the rest of my life."

Kyla gave it a thought. " does."

She gave him a triumphant grin, and then he tickled her and Sam moved so that he wouldn't be harmed by her flailing. She started to laugh uncontrollably and Dean pinned her to the couch. She raised her leg a little, rubbing it against him and he gave her a surprised yet pleased look.

"Dean, I didn't know you felt that way." She said.

Dean let go of her and sat on his end of the couch as she propped herself up on her arms.

"You're funny." He told her, but avoided eye contact with her.

"I think it's about time we all turned in." Sam said as he stood up and stretched. "How are we sleeping tonight?"

"I thought I'd sleep in Dean's know...ravage him and what-not." Kyla joked, but Dean's face flushed, which was new for him.

"Riiight." Sam told her with a smile. "You do that...just don't wake me."

"We'll just do it out here." Dean said with a smirk, and Sam departed for the night. "What's up with you, Miss Flirt?"

Kyla shrugged. "Just felt like being vulgar. Did I top you for the most vulgar comment ever yet?"

"Not a chance." Dean said with a smile. " want to turn in now...or do you want to ravage me?"

Kyla laughed and got off of the couch. "In your dreams, Deany. I'm going to go and make sure Sammy isn't taking up the entirety of our bed."