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A pair of eyes glared at the Kage tower, knowing just what was going on in there. A sigh was released and the gaze moved away from the newlywed's direction and instead rested in the direction of home. The owner of the eyes wasn't sure what was going to happen to him now, but he was sure that his former friend and rival was going to make sure that he stayed with them. Not that he was planning on going anywhere else.

Another sigh, and then Uchiha Sasuke stiffened as he heard someone come up behind him. Turning, he saw Hyuuga Hinata making her way over to him, and he wondered why. All of his memories of her gave him the impression that she was shy, as had her actions at the wedding. Her chronic blushing hadn't seemed to disappear with timeā€¦

"Hyuuga," he greeted her, and no surprise, she blushed.

"Sasuke," she spoke, no stutter at all. Maybe she had made progress after all. "I wanted to see h-how you are."

Then again, maybe not. "I'm fine," he told her, turning his attention back to the kage tower.

They sat there in silence awhile, then Hinata spoke once more, "I-I heard that Sakura st-stopped Gaara from killing you."

"Obviously," Sasuke said, no emotion in his tone, "otherwise I wouldn't be here right now."

Hinata blushed, and he sighed. He really wanted her to leave, there was no reason for her to stay. But he had to admit, it was comforting to have another person there.

"Did you love her?"

The question surprised him, mostly because there really hadn't been time for him to actually fall for his former team mate, not properly anyway. He looked down at the woman next to him and asked, "How could I possibly love her?"

Hinata blushed and looked away from him. "I-I guess that's true," she said. "After all, you only ever knew her as a fangirl. But she's not like that anymore, a-and I th-think you realised that earlier."

Sasuke sighed. "Maybe," he admitted, but refused to be drawn into further conversation.

So the two of them sat there for some time, until Hinata fell asleep against his shoulder, then he returned her to her room and resumed his contemplation of the desert.


Two lovers entangled in a passionate embrace had no idea of anything that was happening outside their room, nor did they have any desire to. One of them because he had finally found peace in the form of the beautiful woman wrapped intimately around him, and the other because she'd found the love she'd always craved, and feared she would never find.


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