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Love Between Two Captains

Chapter 1

Fuji was walking to the teacher's room to collect her note book when her best friend ran to her and almost knocked her on the floor.

"Hoi...hoi...Fu-ji-ko" Kikumaru Eiji, the famous acrobatic tennis player jumped beside her. He looked so happy.

"What is it Eiji ?" Fuji asked amusingly. She liked the childish side of Kikumaru. It made her fresh.

"You know, I found my favorite toothpaste yesterday." He said happily.

"Oh really ?"

"Yes, I went to the shop yesterday with my sister." They talked happily along the hall until Fuji bumped onto someone.

"Ah.. Sorry" She looked up and saw Tezuka Kunimitsu standing in front of her, looked unhappy. Kikumaru gulped thickly while looking at the tall and cool guy in front of them.

"Use your eyes while you're walking !" Tezuka said emotionless and walked away.

"How rude..." Fuji thought. Well, Tezuka Kunimitsu was a cool, handsome and charming guy at school but he was also the coldest and meanest guy entire the school or even entire Tokyo. Everyone who spent the their time with him would hurt and ran way from him. Fuji wondered how Oishi could stand with this guy for years and became his best friend. Not to mention they have opposite attitude..

"Nya!! Fujiko you okay ?" Kikumaru asked worriedly.

"I'm fine Eiji. Let's goto teacher's room" Fuji smiled kindly to him.


At the court, after tennis practice, boy's club....

"Nya... I'm so tired... Nya!!!" Kikumaru dropped his body to the floor and whined. Today the practice was more disipline than before. Tezuka Kunimitsu was pointed to be the new captain and he became a very mean one. He would gave punishment to everyone who disobey. The regular ran almost one hundred laps and the others or non regular ran fifty laps. So mean for the first time lead the practice.

"Tezuka buchou was so mean. Why he could be like that ?" Momoshiro said. He didn't want to run because it would make him hungry. If he was hungry, he would buy burgers abd lost his money instantly.

"Maybe we should make him stop give us laps." Kawamura said.

"How ?" They asked in unison.

"Maybe we should make him fall in love." Echizen, the great freshman said bored. The regular stared at him. When did that such an idea appeared inside Echizen's brain ?? Inui opened his green book.

"Maybe that'll work. Tezuka, although so mean and cold, I'm sure 76 % he has a soft spot in his heart. The question is who will be the girl ?"

The regular silent. Thinking who should they choose for their buchou ? Just then a certain figure passed them and greeted.

"Good afternoon boys, finish your practice already ? They turn their head and saw Fuji standing in her captain uniform (she was the girl tennis club's captain) and a racket in her hand.

"Ah.. hai Fuji kun. I see you finish yours too" Oishi said kindly.

"Yes, I do. Well, I have to go now. Jya..." Fuji walked away and waved her hand. Then a sudden idea hit their head.

"That's it !! Fuji senpai will be the girl !" Momishiro claimed happily.

"No!!!" Eiji shook his head.

"Why Eiji enpai ?"

"I don't want my best friend to get hurt !"

"I agree with Momoshiro, Eiji. We need a strong and pretty girl for Tezuka. Fuji is the girl who maybe can capture his heart. She's pretty, smart, strong and don't forget she has sadistic side inside her."

"Yeah, she will be a good girlfriend for Buchou." Momoshiro said.

"Very well then, let's go home and think an idea to get them together. We'll discuss tomorrow" Inui said.







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