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Summary: What would the show have been like if Jessi came into it at the same time as Kyle? If Kyle wasn't alone? If the Tragers gained two more children? KESSI

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"My birth was unconventional, at best. My first memory was waking up in the forest. Like a newborn baby, I had no idea who I was, or what was happening. My eyes weren't sure what they were seeing. Every sight, sound, and feeling was unfamiliar. I remember that my first feeling was of fear, a fear of being alone. But then I looked around me… and I saw her."


Chapter 1

The forest was silent, only birds lightly chirping in the morning breeze. Nothing had yet awoken in the forest; none had witnessed the struggle that had happened in the night, yet still there lay the consequences. The forest floor was a mixture of greens and browns, dots of colour scattered at random, signs of life all around. It was peaceful, undisturbed, all places except one.

In a small opening within the forest, not too far away from the city, lay a boy, unconscious, seemingly unaware of the world around him. He breathed peacefully and had no troubles written on his face. His innocence would have astounded any who stumbled upon him, curled in a fetal position, naked as a newborn baby, but still they would be left to wonder about the pink goo that stuck to his body, covering it.

Slowly his eyes fluttered open, squinting at the world around him, his eyes having to adjust to the light, arms raised to protect them. He sat up, slightly wobbly, looking down at himself; the way his hands moved as he lowered them, the length of his appendages. He used a hesitant finger to feel some of the goo that was still on him, looking at it, curiosity shining in his eyes.

He began looking around at the scenery, taking everything in, not knowing what to do. He gradually pulled himself into a kneeling position, turning one way and another, trying to look for something familiar, something comforting.

A feeling welled up in him, something that he was unable to put a name to. It felt as though it would burst from his chest and he suddenly felt like running away, from what he did not know.

Just when he began to panic he looked down, over his left shoulder and instantly felt curiosity take its place again.

There lay a form, similar to his, only different. He turned fully to this other being, taking everything about her in. He reached out and brushed his fingers lightly over her closed lids, not knowing what possessed him to do it.

He jerked back in fright, for when he touched her, her eyes snapped open and she shot upright, into the position he was in not very long ago. She sat, unmoving as they each looked at each other.

She took in everything around her, the same as the boy had done, then once again let her eyes rest on him, fear shining bright in her eyes.

Although he did not know this emotion yet, he somehow knew what it meant. He stood and walked slowly forward, getting used to the knew way of moving. He stood in front of her and held out his hand, begging her with his eyes not to run or leave him alone.

Her eyes flickered back and forth from his hand to his eyes, trusting him almost before she even had the choice. She grabbed the hand and he tugged her up gently, bringing them very close together.

A spark of something ran through them, both flinching slightly at the unknown and unexpected feeling. They released hands and stood, looking at each other.

The girl made the first move, reaching up and tracing the contours of his face. This seemed to encourage him as he also lifted a hand and did the same, starting by running a hand through her hair.

They each turned as a noise sounded near them, still jumpy in the face of the unknown. A snake slithered towards them, stopping only a foot away. It hissed at them, using its defense mechanism for protection.

The two beings tilted their heads in an identical way, looking at it curiously, wondering what a strange thing wanted. The boy stepped forward, placing the girl behind him, feeling the need to get rid of the thing that seemed to be threatening them and feeling unexplainable urge to protect her from harm.

He heard the strange creature make the noise again and took a deep breath, letting out a hiss of his own, a fierce look on his face. The snake stopped the noise and quickly turned and slighted away.

He turned back to face the girl and smiled brightly at her, feeling his face as he did, wondering why it was contorting in such a way, then realized that she was doing the same.

He turned back and walked forward a few steps, staying where they were wasn't getting them very far. He looked back when he heard no footsteps behind him. She stood in the same place, only a few feet away, looking uncertainly between him and the ground. He went back and held out a hand, unsure if she would come with him.

A smile lit up her face again and this time instead of questioning it she grabbed his hand and let him lead her away.

They were walking for a length of time they knew not and finally reached the city. The noise came on suddenly and loud. The girl cringed away from it, only continuing because of her unwillingness to leave him.

Confusion over came him as he saw people who looked just like him rushing towards him, wearing some strange cloth.

He felt himself being wrenched away from the girl he woke up with and for the first time another emotion took him over as he saw her frightening, pleading face. He clenched his fists and shoved himself away for the men trying to restrain him, walking as fast as he could towards her. He grabbed the man who was holding her by the neck, daring him to fight with his eyes. The man made strange noises with his throat and finally let her go; as did the boy once he saw her safe.

He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, staring cautiously at them. The men gathered in front of them, simply looking at them now.

The two did not seem violent until they had tried to grab the other. They hadn't spoken and looked quite out of it. Maybe it was drugs? Whatever it was the men did not think they could understand them, since they had ignored them in their approach. One of the policemen stepped forward and looked the boy in the eye.

'We are here to help you, just come with us. We won't hurt you, we'll help you find your parents, get you home.' He slightly accentuated each word, motioning with his hands for them to get into the police car that was parked only a meter away.

He gently reached out to the boy this time, deciding it was best to leave the girl out of it, if his reaction before was anything to go on.

He touched his shoulder and gently directed him to the car and opened the door. He was glad to see that the boy seemed not to want to fight; the burning anger in his eyes not five minutes ago seemingly disappeared completely.

They eventually got them in the car, only having one more problem when one of them trying to get the girl to get in via the other door. He ended up with scratch marks on his face from when he attempted to pry her hand out of the boys.

He drove them to the Juvenal hall center nearby and left them in the hands of the manager.

An hour later and Lou had watched them intently. They sat, side by side, one each of their hands grasped by the others, the other furiously dotting a piece of paper with colored crayons, as they had since they arrived and been put into a shower and clothed. He picked up the phone and dialed the number of one of the best he knew to handle something like this.

'Hello?' The phone was picked up on the third ring.

'Hi Nicole, its Lou, Lou Daniels. How are you?' He said, deciding he may as well start with the niceties.

'I'm good Lou. What is it?' The voice spoke.

'Well, I got some people here I know you are going to want to meet. They showed up here this morning and well… they are right up your alley.'

'So,' Nicole sighed, 'in other words, no one else wants to treat them? And why is there more than one?'

No, it's not like that… No one really knows where they came from but they refuse to let go of each other. They're sharp and… well… you have to see for yourself.' Lou said, picking up the first picture the girl had drawn, then looking at the boy in amazement.

'Okay, well I'll come by early tomorrow.' Nicole said, seeming to be in a rush.

'Uh, any chance this afternoon is okay?' He said, smiling into the phone.

He heard her sigh again, but knew she wasn't really angry.

'Fine, color me intrigued, I'm on my way.'

With that he heard the dial tone and put down the phone, once again looking down at the picture and laughing under his breath in amazement.

Nicole arrived one hour later, meeting him at the front. They were silent as they walked, both having thoughts of their own.

Lou's mind was running around, trying to figure out how to explain these two to her, while Nicole was just trying to figure out what she had in store for her that had Lou acting the way he was. She was definitely intrigued.

Lou opened the door for her and lead her inside. As they entered she stopped and stared. There they sat, still drawing, bit of crayon lying everywhere. Lou had started pinning some of the pictures to the walls as room was running out on the desk.

Nicole looked at them, amazed. There were tens of pictures everywhere, some of trees, obviously from the forest they had come out of – Lou had filled her in on some stuff on the way to the room – some of Lou himself, but the majority were of each other. Telling who drew what was possible. The pictures that the boy had drawn were completely dotted, exact replicas of the subject of the drawings. The girls however, while almost the same differed slightly. She used strokes in hers, not often, just every now and then to add something. Her pictures seemed to have more emotion in them, less like a photo, and slightly more like art. Another way to tell who had drawn what was quite simply that most of the picture surrounding the boy were of the girl and vise versa.

Nicole turned to Lou, her mouth hanging open in shock. He just nodded his head and grinned. 'Yeah, tell me about it. I haven't been able to get them to stop since I gave them the paper and crayons.'

Nicole stepped closer. "Do they understand us or… anything?' She asked, not quite knowing what to say.

'Nope, well, not from what I've gathered. They don't communicate in any way… except with each other… and on that note, just a word of warning, don't try and separate them, it hasn't turned out well for anyone who's tried so far.'

Just then someone came through the door and gave the two trays of food. Nicole looked at Lou questioningly.

'Well, I decided it was best to keep them away from everyone after the boy peed his own pants and I realized I had to teach them both how to use the bathroom. Luckily they were both fast learners.'

Nicole chuckled slightly at this, just imagining it.

'Anyway, I guessed they haven't eaten anything in a while and figured I should get them food.'

'So, do they have names?' Nicole asked, watching as they both stopped drawing and looked cautiously at the trays in front of them.

'Well, at the moment they are John and Jane Doe.' Lou said, 'We haven't been able to find any records of them from finger prints or anything. There's not even missing person reports anywhere.'

Nicole made a noise of disapproval. 'What are a handsome boy and beautiful girl doing with dead peoples names?'

'Well, the boy does sort of look like my brother Kyle.' He saw Nicole stare at him in disbelief. 'Yeah well, he got all the looks in the family.'

'Right. Its perfect, Kyle.' The boy looked in her direction for the first time, smiling slightly.

Nicole was shocked, trying to figure out if he could understand her or not.

'Yeah, can't say a word but I'll be damned if he doesn't know what we're saying.'

Nicole nodded. 'What about the girl?'

Both were silent, trying to think of a good name.

Nicole was the first to speak up. 'I was always going to call my next daughter Jessi, if I ever had one.'

'Jessi… nice.' Lou said.

They both laughed in shock when she responded in an identical fashion to the boy now christened Kyle.

It was then that they noticed Kyle and Jessi had still not taken a bite of the food, but were only smelling and looking at it.

'Do they ah, know how to eat?' Nicole felt foolish for asking but wouldn't be surprised by this point.

'I guess not.' Lou responded, glancing at her before going over and gently showing them what to do with the food.

After that there was nothing that could have stopped them and the food was downed within a few short minutes. Nicole chuckling under her breath the whole time at the unlikely ness of it all.

'Oh yeah, and another thing,' Lou said suddenly, pulling Kyle up gently in his place, 'no belly button.' He finished, pulling up his shirt, trying not to get in the way of their joined hands.

Nicole had nothing to say to this and simply watched the amazing interaction going on before her.

Kyle sat back down and Jessi seemed to have gotten nervous, not knowing what Lou was doing. She slid closer to Kyle, obviously looking for comfort. Kyle put his arm around her and she snuggled into his side, hiding her face in his shoulder as he visibly held her even tighter, running one of his hands through her hair, strikingly gentle.

I wonder what's going on in those heads.' Nicole thought.

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