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Chapter 16

'Mr. And Mrs. Trager?' The doctor asked, waiting till the two adults of the four people gathered around the two teenagers beds walked to him. 'Jessi and Kyle's vitals aren't normal. They aren't in a coma, judging by our tests there is absolutely nothing wrong with their brains or anything else. It seems to simply be that they will wake up when we either want or need to.'

When he saw their exasperated looks he gave a sympathetic smile, slightly confused by the look of guilt that was written all over the mothers face. 'I'm sorry but I really can't tell you anything else. The closest thing to a diagnosis I can give you is that they are in a state that seems to be bordering on catatonia.'

Nicole and Stephen looked over at the two on the beds with the prone figures in them and starting heading back into the room, before Stephen grabbed Nicole by the arm and turned her back around.

She sighed. 'Look Stephen I know what you're going to say and I'm not entirely blaming myself it's just-'

'That's not what I was going to say.' Stephen butted in harshly, yet still justified in his actions. Nicole looked up at him startled. 'Nicole, you crossed a line today. You had no right to say that to them when you knew it would freak Kyle out like that, we all know he's not as strong as he appears to be. I know that is what you wanted to happen.' She began to protest but he again cut her off.

'I know you didn't want them in hospital or hurt but you still wanted the general outcome. When they wake up give them a chance and leave them be for a while before deciding what's "inappropriate" for them because it's different for everyone, especially for people as special as the two kids in those beds. If you don't stop soon, we're going to lose them just when they are becoming part of this family.'

With that said he walked back into the room and hugged Lori comfortingly, the kids had been extremely shaken up by this mornings events and Stephen had been kind enough not to tell them exactly what happened because he knew they would be angry as well. He didn't want any more conflict in their house than was absolutely necessary.

Outside the room Nicole slid to the sterilized floor, leant against the wall and put her head in her hands, letting the tears come.

She had made a terrible mistake.


Kyle looked around at his surroundings, confused at first when he only saw a white mist. But as the mist cleared he couldn't help but let a smile spread across his face.

He had made a split second reaction as he had sat in his tub. He didn't know what would happen and he knew he had to try it anyway. When he had heard her call out to him so desperately he knew how big of a mistake he had been about to make and changed his course with less than a second to spare, only hope that he was good enough to accomplish what he hoped.

As he looked around him now, seeing the tall trees, blue sky and dirt beneath his feet he just knew that with all his concentration, not to mention all of Jessi's, he had managed to do what others would claim as impossible.

Only one thing bothered him and it was her. She was there, just meters from him, and had it not been for the expression plastered on her face he would have already pulled her into a warm and strong embrace but now he dared not to. He knew she didn't understand.

Jessi stood there watching him, extreme caution flowing throughout her body. She still felt the connection, his anxiety, hope and even happiness, but it was weak, and she knew why.

She never let her eyes move from his, looking into his wide, repentant eyes and throwing her own narrowed, distrustful look back. That was the problem and they both knew it. She didn't trust him, not enough.

She had done it because he asked. She heard him just like he heard her, in that last millisecond before she passed out on that couch. He had asked her to do it and so she did.

Trust me Jessi, just one more time. And she did, reaching out and mingling their minds, seeing his basic plan, not having time to search for details and in an instant and lending her strength.

She walked to him, still hesitant, and stopped about a foot away, cursing inside herself when she felt that familiar electric charge within her, but again not as strong.

'Jessi please-' Kyle began, tears threatening to cascade down his cheeks.

'No Kyle.' She interrupted. 'Don't apologize because I don't care. Explain to me I deserve that much.' She finished, her jaw squared in defiance.

It was new to both of them, as they had never even been close to fighting before, and even Jessi was surprised that Kyle was the one to be breaking down in the confrontation, usually she was the one who needed him, not the other way around. But she stood her ground, not willing to get hurt.

Kyle took a breath and thought about were to begin and how to explain himself. 'Jessi, you have no idea how scared I was when Nicole –' Jessi's eyes narrowed even more at the name – 'said she thought it might be dangerous for you, or either of us, if we kept our connection. When she said it something inside of me was different and I felt this…' he searched for the right word for a few moments. 'guilt… When I looked up and saw your face I imagined what it would be like to never see you again, or never hug you or kiss you again and I couldn't stand it.'

He swallowed slowly when a tear ran free and concentrated even more on keeping them back. Jessi just looked on in stony silence, waiting for him to finish.

'I read something a few days ago, an article. It was about hypnotism and psychics. There was a part on a man who claimed that he could attune his mind so closely with what someone else was thinking he could read their minds, share their thoughts.'

He stepped forward, wanting to be closer to her but she took one step back for every step he took forward. Finally he stopped turned and walked the other way, staring up at the trees, not wanted her to see the tears that now stained his face.

'My mind was so clouded when I went to my room and tried to sever the connection, I couldn't think of anything other than what if Nicole was right? But I heard your voice, through everything else I finally heard you in my mind and I knew.' He turned again to face her, not caring anymore about all his emotions.

Her eyes widened slightly when she saw that he was crying, he had kept it out of his voice incredibly well, but a day ago not even that would have stopped her from knowing. That thought instantly brought back the cold exterior, inside a raging mess of emotion.

'Jessi I knew I couldn't stand if I could never hear you again. Without our connection no one would understand me and I wouldn't know what you were thinking, feeling and I couldn't stand it. Even though, as far as we know we've only known each other for a few weeks, you have always been the one to help me, to calm me down or just be there for me and I wouldn't be able to live without that… I wouldn't be able to live without you Jessi.' He finished, this time staying quiet.

There was silence in the forest that their minds had created, crickets chirping distantly in the background. 'So-' Jessi spoke for the second time 'you asked me for my strength because you knew we were already to weak from you trying to… your mistake,' she found it hard to even think about what had happened. 'And we had to do something before we both died… together.' Kyle nodded, keeping his eyes trained on the ground.

'I thought that if a normal man could actually do something like what he was suggesting than maybe together we could be so in sync that when we lost consciousness we would be able to retreat into our shared sub-conscious until we were both strong enough to go back out.'

Jessi nodded, not being able to help a tiny smile coming over her face as thought about how good of an idea it really was. It was a long shot, risky… she loved it.

Suddenly she felt drained, it took so much energy trying to stay away from him as it took to get this plan to work in the first place, maybe even more. She could faintly see the sweat beads on his forehead as well and knew it was hurting him just as much.

'Jessi please,' he tried one more time, feeling the physical strain of being without contact from her in so long. 'I can't lose you.'

The smile stay lightly placed on her face and she finally stepped towards him, wishing he would look up, she already missed his eyes. She walked to him and gently raised a hand to his cheek. Finally he looked up at her.

Her eyes closed for a second and she breathed in deeply, regaining her composure. 'You won't lose me.' She spoke in a whisper, even though no one else was around to listen in.

His yes widened at her acceptance and he couldn't help but smile slightly back at her. He looked unsure for a moment before opening his mouth. 'Can I hug you?' He asked.

Jessi looked unbelieving at him for a moment, never thinking she would hear him have a ask something like that, but looked at their situation and realized it was appropriate.

She nodded and relished the feeling when he pulled her into his chest tightly, his arms encompassing her shoulders and pressing his face into her neck and hair.

Her arms wrapped tight around his back, reaching to the top of his shoulders as she buried her face into his chest.

They stay like that for a moment, completely motionless, until she realized Kyle was extremely softly sobbing into her hair.

She pulled back gently and sat of the ground, pulling him down next to her. Her heart broke at the soft noises being emitted from him and she coaxed him down into a lying down position. She pulled his head into her lap and stroked his hair, taking comfort in the way he desperately clutched at her leg beneath his head.

She relished in the fact that for once he was the one letting go and for once she was the one there to comfort him.

They stayed there for a longer time than either bothered to keep track of, Jessi occasionally dropping alight kiss onto his forehead.

Hours later they were both asleep on the flat forest floor, holding each other closely, still acing each other. Simultaneously their eyes opened and they simply looked at each other.

This time Kyle raised a hand to her cheek, and for the first time since entering that place he did not hesitate over his next words.

'Jessi?' She nodded infinitesimally. 'I love you.' His voice cracked with emotion. He had never felt love before but he somehow just knew that it was the only word to describe what he was feeling.

'I love you to.' She said simply, not over dramatizing it as most people would. They both knew. They both understood.

As they drifted back off to sleep neither hardly realized that could suddenly feel everything and hear everything. They both repeated the words in their heads and grinned when their minds spoke back.

They drifted into blissful, dreamless sleep.


Josh's head snapped to one bed, then the other, his eyes comically wide as his head bounced from one to the other.

'G- Guys…' no one responded. 'GUYS!' Everyone woke with a start, having ignored hospital policy and refused to leave the room during the night.

No one said anything but all had the same expression, wide eyed disbelieving wonder.

'K-… J-…' Lori just couldn't seem to get the words out and eventually gave up, jumping up and tightly hugging first the girl in the right bed, then the boy in the left – who were and had been sitting up in their beds with wide grins on their faces, their entire lit up with some hidden joy.

'Hi Lori, Josh.' Jessi said simply, getting off her bed and crawling into Kyle's, deciding now she had forgiven him there wasn't any sense in staying away.

Kyle just smiled wider and wrapped his arms securely around her waist, vowing to never take their perfect connection for granted again- knowing for sure now that he need her to keep logical side of his brain working and keep the irrational, fearless and occasionally dangerous, one at bay.

They got hugs from all thereof the people in the room and conversed for a short while, talking about random subject, no one wanting to bring up anything too serious yet.

But yet again in one foul swoop a lot of their happiness diminished as a fourth person came in, having heard the conversations going on.

'Jessi… Kyle I-' Nicole began; she was silenced by the identical looks of distrust in their eyes.

They stood and walked towards her, stopping about two meters away.

'How could you?' Jessi spoke up first, having to fight the urge to reach out and slap Nicole, only Kyle's hand in hers and his calming influence flowing through her stopping her from doing just that.


'No Nicole,' Kyle spoke this time. 'Nothing you say is going to change anything anymore. Please just accept us.' He aid softly, still caring for the only mother he'd ever known.

When she simply nodded at the ground they went back to their places on the bed and the other three Tragers gathered round, returning to the conversation while Nicole looked on from the outside, knowing it would take some time to go back to normal but this time she was determined to do the right thing… This time she wouldn't push and this time she would be the mother the two really needed... But first she'd get Jessi a seperate room. She would accept them but they still needed restrictions and no one trusts two teenagers in a room together, no matter who they are.

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