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Chapter 1


I am Isabella Swan. I prefer to be called Bella. I am eighteen and full of dreams for my family and I. I dream of having a beautiful house, with a large kitchen where my mom Renee can cook all the dishes she wanted to prepare. I also want to have a nice garden where we can spend our afternoons together with my family. A car would also be nice. Most importantly I want to finish college and earn a degree, then be able to work. I want a life where Charlie would not always be bothered to look for money to sustain our family, a life where Renee can just stay at home and enjoy life as a house wife, a life where I do not have to stay awake at night hearing them argue. I just want to have a happy family.

So much for that. Back to reality

It's 5 o'clock am and I am wide awake. I'm heading towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast. My mom was too tired because she just got home from Jayden's, a bar nearby where she works as assistant cook. My mom is really good in cooking; however, the master cook does not like her so she had just been an assistant ever since she started working there. My dad already left, he works in a construction area in the next village as assistant to the assistant of the foreman. He says he is some sort of a boss too, but actually he just follows the instruction of the assistant of the foreman. If the assistant is too lazy to do what the foreman has instructed him to do, dad would be the man for the job. Renee and Charlie would always argue about this because Renee kept on saying that Charlie should quit his job and start looking for another job because his salary is too small, as she says it, he can't even sustain himself.

After preparing breakfast, I would now take a bath and head to school. I am sophomore college student majoring in Communication Arts. I am studying in De La Salle University here in Canada. I am very privilege to be able to avail a scholarship.

At school…

It's my Speech class and everyone is busy memorizing their script for we were asked by Professor Kin to present a short news casting stint. I am with Alice, my best friend since grade school. She was not memorizing for she has already prepared for this.

"Aren't you nervous?" I asked her.

"Oh c'mon, this is nothing; this activity is far too easy".

"That would be for you".

"Bella, I know you would be fine, so stop fussing over this. Actually I am more worried about my job, I have been late for three consecutive times and my boss seems to notice it".

"I have already reminded you that it is not good to be tardy, maybe you were so busy watching your favorite series and you forgot about the time".

"Okay it is my fault, but I promise you, if you would just check that show you would also forget the time".

"I am not fond of watching Alice, you know that".

"Can you two stop being so noisy and just memorize your script! As you can see there are people here who are trying to prepare for the activity", Lauren said.

"Sorry", I mumbled.

"Why are you saying sorry Bella, we are not even noisy. It's just that her ears are too big that is why she can hear anything", Alice shot back.

"You know Alice why can't you just be like your pathetic friend Swan who would say just say sorry, and admit your mistake".

"Bella is just being kind but I am not kind and I am just stating the fact. We are not noisy, we were just chatting. And the fact that you do have big ears".

"Take that back"!

"Alice, stop this", I said while trying to calm Alice.

"I believe everyone is ready because Lauren, Alice and Bella are already busy arguing. How about Lauren would go first, followed by Alice then Bella. Oh, and Bella, the principal wants to see you after class", Ms. Kin said.