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A/N: This is AU. It is set after fourth year in the Harry Potter series and pre-Supernatural series. Ages of the boys: Dean 16; Harry 14 going on 15; Sammy 12 (Dean, January 24th, 1979; Harry, July 31st, 1980; Sammy, May 2nd, 1983). Will feature an 'abused' Harry and a protective John as well as Dean. The year is 1994.

Spoilers: for Harry Potter books 1-5 and Supernatural season 1


Dumbledore stared hard at the witch sitting across from him. She had contacted him a week ago claiming to have valuable information regarding Harry James Potter. She claimed to have worked for the Potters before their untimely deaths and, as such, had witnessed the events unfolding around their precious son's birth.

"Bathsida, why didn't you reveal any of this earlier?" Dumbledore enquired patiently. The old witch sitting across from him looked frail and as though she could drop dead at any moment.

"Don't you be hasty to judge old Bathsida," she chided, poking a crooked finger in the headmaster's face, "I assumed that the child would be well cared for in Lily's sister's home and saw no reason to reveal the truth. Now that Voldemort is back and after talking with Mrs. Figg, well I have my doubts as to Harry's safety in that Muggle home." She handed a folder of papers over to Dumbledore, "Here, you look at these and come to your own understanding of what happened young man," and with that Bathsida stood and left.

"Severus," Dumbledore's voice held a note of well-checked anger, "please just perform the test for me. It is imperative to his safety that I know for sure whether or not Harry is the son of Lily and James Potter."

"Fine, but it is obvious that the boy is a Potter. He is the spitting image of James. I've also heard that he has his mother's eyes," Severus rolled his eyes. "You know, you really shouldn't listen to old hags," Severus sneered as he turned back to his potion, putting the final ingredients Dumbledore had gathered for him in and stirring counterclockwise once and then clockwise twice. Eyes widening in surprise, both men beheld the answer within the potion that Severus had reluctantly brewed.

"How? Why?" Severus whispered.

"Lily was highly gifted in charms and potions," Dumbledore smiled sadly as he turned to leave the frowning potions master. Fingering an old faded photograph of a young blonde-haired woman with strikingly beautiful green eyes to rival Lily's and a man with a disheveled shock of black hair, Dumbledore exited the room. Perhaps Lily hadn't needed to use charms on her 'son' after all, he could easily be 'mistaken' as the son of the smiling couple in the photograph as well as the son of Lily and James Potter. The photo slipped unnoticed from his fingers as his thoughts went to the boy in Number 4 Privet Drive.

Potter is not a Potter, how is that possible? Severus glared at the potion, giving it one final clockwise stir. Still not a Potter…

Finished with his brewing, Severus stalked out of his potions office. The boy wasn't even a blood relation to her and she had died for him. She had placed her own life on the line for a 'son' whom she and James had all but adopted. Sure, she had carried him in her womb for nine months, but the boy wasn't even truly her own. How could she so foolishly have risked her life for the child of two strangers?

A discarded square of paper caught his attention and he bent to pick it up. Intent upon his thoughts, he reluctantly turned it over in hopes of discovering who the tattered love note belonged to, for surely that was what it was, a lost love note mistakenly left behind at the end of term. Much to his astonishment it was a picture of a young man and woman. They had their arms intertwined about each other's waists and a look of true joy on their faces.

Could this couple be Potter's true parents? Her eyes were not an exact match to Lily's, but they were close and Potter looked strikingly similar to the young man in the photograph. Harry, for he was no longer a Potter, resembled this man much more so than he did James. Lily had only had to do a few simple charms on the boy to ensure that he got her eyes and James' poor eyesight, Severus thought rather unkindly, grudgingly admitting that Harry looked much more like the man in the photograph than his old school rival. Wouldn't Sirius be in for a shock?

Severus grinned maliciously, wishing he could bear witness to the old Marauder's comeuppance. The betrayal of a friend, however innocent, was still painful and Severus knew that it would hurt Sirius to know that his best friend had lied to him or, at the very least, had not trusted him with the complete truth. Chuckling to himself, Severus made his way to the Headmaster's office, taking another look at the photograph in his hand, wondering if the couple pictured were even magical or if Lily had somehow altered Harry's genetic make-up to ensure that he would be born a wizard. Or maybe it had been enough for the fetus to have been carried in the womb of a witch? Intriguing...