My first fanfiction in English...I apologize for any grammar or else error.

Rain was falling with an unusual strength, and the young man hurried. Of course, he still had the umbrella and the K-way, but that didn't prevent the wind from freezing his bones. When he arrived to the street, the signal turned greed. Thanking his lucky star, he crossed the pedestrian crossing without slowing down.

He notice her when he arrived on the other side of the road. She was a very young girl, in Junior High, he deduced from her uniform…and one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. Long black hair, a porcelain skin, odd red eyes, but an empty look, fixed on something invisible in front of her. She was drenched, her hair sticking her clothes, but she wasn't saying a word. She was focused on whatever what caught her attention.

He hesitated a few seconds, then came towards her.


The girl didn't lift her eyes immediately. Slowly, she moved her eyes on him, full of something like patience or curiosity. He assumed she was wondering what he wanted from her.

He held the umbrella out to her.

"Here, I think you need it more than I do."

She stared at him a few minutes, making no gesture to make him understand if she heard or not.

"It won't change anything now"

He had barely heard her whispering. She nodded as a 'thanks' and crossed the street, despite the signal being red again. The first car moved when she was on the opposite sidewalk. She vanished the next second. He frowned, unable to look away from the spot he lost her.

"Weird kid"

He hurried. He was already late.

The second chapter will soon be updated. thanks for reading