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Preface -EPOV

Love - It's a funny thing. Something so powerful, that it can turn your world upside down. It can make you willingly give up your life for the one you love. It creeps up at you like ivy, tightening around you, your heart, and never letting go, until it claims all of you.

Everyone always says love is splendid, wonderful, the best feeling in the world. Yet it is also so unexpected. Lurking in the shadows, it is waiting and waiting…until one day, it pounces on you, and in that moment, your whole life changes forever.

This is what everyone says. Yet I never actually thought it would happen to me. But now, as I ride in the car to some unknown place, I think of her, the person I love, my best friend. I think of how heart-broken she'll be when she finds out I'm gone. But I have to do this. I have to distance myself, and even though it's breaking my heart inside, I'd do it… to protect her!

Chapter 1 – Not Another Make over

BPOV – 10 years later

I can hear the birds humming a tune. It's delicate and swift and flows like music. I can hear their tiny wings flutter in the gentle breeze. Sunlight is beaming down on me from a cloudless blue sky, as I lay down in the park. I am surrounded by daffodils and tulips of every colour and every other sort of plant, adding to the scenic beauty. This is my special place, a special place I have come to over 12 years now. It's a place that I can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. I cross my arms underneath my head and close my eyes, not thinking of anything…

"Bellaaaaaa" Someone shouts in a high – pitched squeal; of course I wouldn't be able to relax, not with Alice being my best friend. I turn my head slightly, and sure enough an ecstatic Alice was skipping towards me, with Rosalie, my other gorgeous best friend, walking beside her, with an amused smile on her face at Alice.

"Oh no! What do you want now Alice?" I whine. I knew I shouldn't of told them about this place! "Bella, Hurry up and come with me! We have a major make-over to plan!" By this time she and Rosalie were next to me, and Alice held out a hand to pull me up. Stubbornly I just sat there and waited for her to explain.

"Come on Bella! We have to go. NOW!" She forcefully pulled me up and reluctantly, I let her. She may be tiny and pixie-like, but man she's strong. And when Alice asks you to do something...well, it's best to give in and stay on her good side!

Still, I wouldn't give in with this make-over thing. "Why Alice? Why do I always have to have a make-over? I swear, the number of times you've given me a make-over, I might as well be a Barbie doll!"

"Don't exaggerate Bella. I do it because seeing as you don't put make-up on yourself, it is my and Rosalie's duty as best friends to make sure you do to accentuate your features." Alice said matter-of-factly, pronouncing each syllable of "accentuate" for emphasis. I just roll my eyes – there really isn't anything to accentuate on me.

"Yeah" Rosalie added in "And anyway, this is a special occasion. We have to all look our best." "Easy for you to say" I mutter. Rosalie as always was looking stunning, with her silky blond hair shimmering in the sunlight, adding to her perfection. Rosalie heard, and sure enough was about to say something along the lines of 'Bella-you-are-beautiful-you-just-don-t-realise-it' which I've heard a thousand times already, when I cut her off by asking "And anyway, what's the special occasion"

"Only the bestest thing ever!" Alice must have been on a sugar rush as she was now bouncing up and down, clapping her hands together wildly. "I heard that there are three new transfers coming to our school today…and they're all boys!"

"Three damn good-looking boys at that apparently" Rosalie corrected. "Errgh" I groan – why is it that all they're interested in is boys? It doesn't matter anyway; they'd be able to snatch any boy they wanted to anytime with just a bat of the eyelid. And I don't really care about boyfriends. I'm happier just being friends with them – saves me the heartbreak. Of course there was one guy that I was best friends with 10 years ago and I still got my heart broken…anyway, best not to think of that!

Alice started pulling me away while I stumbled trying to keep up with her. It was going to be a long morning…


"Here's a question for you Alice. If you had to give up either shopping or make-up, which would you choose?"

Alice had spent nearly half an hour choosing what I should wear for school today. In the end, she had picked black skinny jeans and a v-neck dark blue shirt. Thankfully, she had lost track of time and didn't have time to put make-up on me as we were running late for school, which annoyed Alice immensely.

"Hmmm" Alice debated, swinging her little legs off the table in our classroom, while our teacher droned through the register, "That's a hard one. I choose…both!" Alice finished childishly. "Alice! You have to choose one to give up! It's sort of the whole point of the question"

"Why Bella? Why do I have to choose? I wouldn't be able to live without them both. It's like asking top give up either food or drink. You can't give them up - they're necessities!" Me and Rosalie just looked at each other and started cracking up. Alice made it seem like the whole world was going to end if there was no shopping or make-up. Alice just stuck her tongue out at us, which caused us to laugh even harder.

"Isabella Swan and Rosalie Hale!" Our teacher shouted. "Stop that ridiculous laughing at once!" Rosalie and I tried to control our laughter when the door opened, and three undeniably beautiful people walked inside.

The first is like weight-lifter big, with dark brown, curly hair. He would look intimidating, but he has friendly brown eyes, but some-what a goofy grin on his face. The second one looked like the complete opposite. He is tall and skinny but still built, with silky blonde hair. He has a serious expression on his face, with quick, alert blue eyes. The last one is skinny as well, with beautiful messy bronze hair and dazzling green eyes. He has a faint smile on his face and looks friendly enough, but I get the feeling he is hiding something behind those beautiful eyes of his. Not only that, but as his eyes skimmed the class, he looks faintly familiar…