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Chapter 16 – Interrogation


NOOOO! The one thing that I absolutely hate about having sleepovers with Alice and Rosalie is that they FORCE me to have a makeover. And it's not like I can get out of it! No matter how much I try and prolong the event, they argue that they have all night.

So here I am, stubbornly sitting still with my arms crossed in Alice's living room, sleeping until this torture ends. Alice is finishing curling my hair while Rose is putting on some form of eyeliner.

"Bella! Your hair is actually really nice when you comb it" Alice said surprised.

"Is that meant to be a compliment or an insult Alice" I asked, irritated at not getting out of this.

Rosalie laughed. "Definitely a compliment Bella. There are not many people that Alice would say have nice hair."

"If I have nice hair, then why do you need to 'make it up'" I retorted to Alice.

"You have nice hair naturally Bella…" Alice spoke as if she were talking to a little child, which I did not appreciate "…but when I finish with your hair it will look stunning, beautiful - just like I know you are."

"Awww" I mock awed, "Flattery won't make me think this isn't a complete waste of time Alice" I smiled angelically at her then closed my eyes again.

"Bella, you can be so damn stubborn at times" Rose said frustrated.

"Look who's talking" I muttered, but thankfully neither Rosalie nor Alice heard me.

"But seriously, what's the point of giving me a makeover in a sleepover, when I'm just going to have to wash it off before I go to sleep. It's not like anyone is going to see me, are they?" I heard rustling from near the window, but I discarded it. Probably just the trees swaying.

"Bella, you don't need to have a makeover just so someone can see you. It's more about making you feel confident, and prettier. Plus, it's fun!" Alice argued. She came to stand it front of me, critically analysing her handiwork/

"But I'm never going to be as pretty as you two, so what's the point?" I argued back.

"Bella!" Rosalie scolded. "Don't you dare say you aren't as pretty as us. You're absolutely radiant, and if you want proof, look at Edward!"

I was confused. "How the hell would looking at Edward make me see that I'm 'radiant' as you so say? All it would do is see how perfect Edward is, then make me feel extremely insignificant about myself."

"Bella, Rose didn't mean actually looking at Edward. She meant at how he looks at you!" Alice rolled her eyes, as though it were obvious.

"Why? How does he look at me?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"Oh come on Bella! Please don't tell me you haven't noticed the way he always stares at you, how he smiles when you smile, how his eyes light up whenever he sees, or is near, you. He's totally smitten!" Rose had her eyes wide open, astounded that I hadn't realised this. In my mind I heard a slight creak and muffled sound, but I was too surprised to actually pay attention to it.

"No. You guys are wrong! He doesn't feel that about me. We're friends, that's all!" I tired to tell myself this, but there was a tiny part of my brain that said that I wanted us to me more than friends. I told that part of my brain to shut up.

"Oh really Bella? You sure you don't want to be something more than friends?" Rose taunted, looking me straight in the eye. She had finished putting makeup on me, but now seemed to switch to a different torture – interrogating me about Edward. I don't really know which one is better!

"Nope, just friends!" I replied stubbornly, not giving in.

"So, if you are just friends, then you wouldn't mind me going out with him, would you Bella?" Alice asked innocently.

For a second my blood boiled, and I saw red, but I managed to calm myself. I looked at Alice and saw she had a smirk on her face, obviously sensing the sudden anger.

"I knew it! You love him!" Alice squealed, bouncing up and down.

"Whoa Alice! You're jumping to conclusions. I don't love him. I…I…okay I may have some feelings for him" I sighed, giving in, though with a smile on my face as both Alice and Rose squealed this time.

"Wow, you've finally found someone you like. About time too! Well I approve of Edward." Rose hugged me, and I was glad she was happy for me. Alice joined in too, and it was a three way hug. "He's just so kind and caring, and smart too! He isn't like other guys. I can behave like myself around him. I just feel so comfortable around him, like I've known him my own life," I explained. Well I have known him practically my whole life since I was seven, but I still haven't told Alice or Rose about it yet. I just feel it should stay between Edward and me.

"Wait, what about you two?" I accused. Neither Alice nor Rose had revealed their secrets, though it was pretty obvious who they liked. Alice suddenly broke from the hug, looking shy and mumbling something about getting a drink. But I wasn't going to let her get away that easy.

"Oh no, Alice! You have to tell us what you feel about Jasper." Ha! Now it's my time to be the interrogator. Alice blushed. It's funnier being the interrogator rather than the interrogate.

"I don't know what you mean" Alice mumbled, looking at the ground.

"Oh come off it Alice. It's so obvious you have feelings for him" Rose told her.

"Look, I revealed I like Edward, you have to confess you like Jasper. It's only fair" I said innocently.

She looked up at us with a wide smile on her face. "Okay, okay! I think I'm falling for him. It's not exactly love yet, I don't think, but it's close too. He just makes me feel…I don't know how to explain it…he makes me feel as it I'm the most beautiful person on the world. I love just being with him!" Alice confessed, and we had another three way hug.

"So what about you Rose? We already know you're lip-locking with Emmett, but is it serious?" Alice asked as we broke away again.

Rose smiled at us. "Yes it's serious. Most boys just like me for my looks, but Emmett's different. He sees the real me inside, he takes me seriously. Everyone thinks I'm just a dumb blonde who uses her looks to get everything she wants. Emmett makes me feel as though I'm actually worth something! I love that about him, and how he's always happy and laughing, it makes me happy too!"

"Oh look at us" Rose said sadly, "It's like we're in some corny romance movie where we all confess our undying love for our other half". We all laughed at Rose's dramatic voice, even though her words were technically true. Oh well! Girls will be girls I guess! Then I realised that the laugh was made up of both Soprano and alto, and that it was uncommonly loud, especially for just he three of us.

Rose, Alice and I stopped laughing abruptly. The laughter stopped abruptly as well, but that still didn't stop our suspicion.

"Did you hear that?" Alice asked.

"Yeah. It sounded like it was coming near he window" Rose replied. We walked over to the window, which we had left slightly open as it was so hot in the room.

I pushed the window wide open, and all three of us looked outside. We couldn't see anything, just Alice's driveway.

"That's weird" I said to the others, who shrugged. I was just about to close the window, thinking it was just a figment of my imagination, when I heard very clearly the sound of a phone going off right near the window and 3 very masculine groans.

I stuck my head out of the window and turned to my right, to where Edward, Emmett and Jasper were pushed against the side of the wall. What the hell were they doing here. Oh. Eavesdropping! And while we were talking about our feeling as well!

"Hello boys" I smiled at them cheekily while Rose and Alice joined me to see what was going on. Oh, they were so going to pay for eavesdropping on us.

"Damn Esme calling us to see where we are!" Emmett sighed, sliding down the wall.

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