Right, I haven´t gotten round to writing a proper Mission Briefing yet (too caught up in the spell The Pied Piper suddenly threw over me :-) but it´s about time we get started on the next Papa Bear Award.

This time for the stories from 2008, and I warn you: there are a lot! But about two-third of them are short stories, so I think we should manage to read quite a few!

There are a few new categories. Here´s the entire list:

Best Drama

A story (5000 words or more) with the strongest, most compelling dramatic impact.


Best Short Story - Drama

A short story (less than 5000 words) with the strongest, most compelling dramatic impact.


Best Comedy

The funniest story (5000 words or more).


Best Short Story – Comedy

The funniest short story (less than 5000 words).


Most Unique Story

A story with a unique plot twist, unusual writing style,

or one that is simply just strange and…

well… unique!


Best Special Story

Several old categories combined in one:

stories based on a challenge, crossovers,

and stories based on an original episode from the TV-series


Best General Story

A category for stories that don´t fit in anywhere else!

(and consequently cannot be nominated elsewhere, save for "best overall story")

See rules at the site for further explanation.


Best Poem or Song

A category that speaks for itself!


Best Slash Story

Controversial or not, with this kind of story boosting this past year,

we can´t very well leave out a category for the best story involving slash!


Best Portrayal of a Canon Character

Best character performance from a canon character

(i.e. a character that was created and appeared in the actual show).


Best Original Character

Best original character created for a story

that you would have enjoyed seeing in the actual show.


Best Teaser

The most tickling teaser or summary

that makes you want to read the story right away!


Best Quote

The most interesting (funniest or moving or silly or so very true or...) line

a character (canon or original) said in a story.

No entire conversations; keep it short.

Note: the quote must make sense even outside its proper original context.


Best Overall Story

If someone were only going to read one single piece of Hogan's Heroes fanfiction,

this would be the one you´d recommend.


You may nominate two entries in each category, but authors are not allowed to nominate their own work. (Authors are allowed to vote for their own work later on, once someone else has nominated it.)

You may nominate one and the same story in several categories if applicable. See the PBA-homepage for the very few restrictions!

Nominations are only accepted by email, and can be sent to the same address as before: papabearawards at yahoo dot com. Sign with your name and (if you have one) your ffnet-ID. The honour system applies!

Final date for nominations is May 15th, 2009.


Sorry, I just found out I can´t upload things to my website from this computer (after the move, I still don´t have internet at home "thanks" to the phonecompany who sent me the wrong modem...) so the PBA-site still has to go with the old info. Hopefully I´ll be able to update it soon!

For any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us at papabearawards at yahoo dot com!

Anyway: have fun reading and deciding again, and we hope to get in many nominations!

(And I still owe you guys a proper Mission Briefing, too!)

Sue & Margherita