Blue and Red

A/N: Another old story idea. This one was never completed the way I wanted it to be and I didn't feel like going through and trying to complete. (I wrote this story about quite a while ago. I hardly remember what I wanted to occur in it.) So…there's not really an ending, per se. Use your imagination.


Rating: T for violence

Genre: Action/Adventure/Suspense/Romance

Class: Oneshot (2, 224 words)

They said she was insane, that she thought she was an assassin. They said she thought that Raccoon City and the Spanish incident were real when everybody knows that they were both fake and made up by lunatics. Like her.

I'm not nuts… I'm not nuts… Ada repeated in her head, like a mantra. Those three words seemed to be the only reason she hadn't snapped by now and broken her doctor's neck. Or killed herself.

The room they locked her in was small and cold almost 24/7 unless she got into a fight with an orderly, which happened less and less these days. Her bed was tiny, barely long enough for her to stretch out when she lay on it. And what's worse was it was a clean white and stank of chemicals, like the ones they tried to pump into her system.

Ada Wong, once the deadliest woman around, was curled up in a small ball in the corner of her bed, her knees tucked up against her chest and her forehead rested on them. She felt pathetic and weak, forced into a small space like this.

I should have known Wesker would do something like this… I should've and I ignored the facts… I thought I could get away with betraying him…

The door opened and Ada instantly lifted her head, hoping for the one person who could defend her. But it wasn't him. No, it was her doctor.

A wiry little man, Ada had on more than one occasion thought of breaking his neck or at least an arm. He bothered her and constantly let his eyes roam where they shouldn't, even though she was dressed in white pants and a very loose white shirt. He had huge, watery eyes that were almost always filled with lust and a pointed nose. Worst of all was his fake smile; he had teeth that were whiter than the sterile walls.

"Ready for another session?" he asked in a voice that reminded Ada of Ashley's annoying squeaks in Spain.

Remember Ada, Ashley doesn't exist. President Graham doesn't exist. Wesker doesn't, Umbrella doesn't, and Leon… Sweet, heroic Leon doesn't exist either…

Ada was actually beginning to think she truly was insane, that whenever she had felt an axe slice the air next to her shoulder or the slight pain she'd felt when she'd been shot in the neck by a dart gun were all elaborate tricks made by her mind. But she was always saved by Leon, literally and figuratively. He'd saved her several times in real life and now he saved her by making her stay sane.

Whenever she began to doubt herself, her dreams would be when he'd taken the bullet for her in Raccoon, when she'd felt hot blood splash against her skin. That was too real for her to imagine it. Not that the doctors knew about that. They would just say that Leon didn't exist. When she knew he did.

"Ada, are you coming? I don't want to have to get our friend Johnny," her doctor, Melvin or something like that, said. The orderly Johnny, who still had a ruined wrist from when he tried to grab her butt, was more than likely waiting for her in the hall.

She nodded submissively and again repressed the urge to break a limp. His arm was just so small and she knew where to hit exactly that would break it like a twig. Why not? Johnny wouldn't be able to stop her in time. And a couple more days in solitary confinement might not be so bad. At least then she wasn't scolded for believing in Raccoon.

I'm not nuts… I can't be.

She followed the doctor into the cafeteria and they sat down at a table in the center of the room. He smiled at her and she narrowed her eyes at him.

It would be easy. Lunge at him across the table and a quick twist and the doctor is dead. I'm insane, right? I could get away with it.

She frowned and looked away, breaking the staring contest and forcing herself into the submissive act again. He grinned then, eyes wandering, and she couldn't help but think he looked like he was the insane one. She bit her tongue and looked at her slip-on shoes.

"Um, doctor? There is a man here to see you. Would you like us to put her back in her room?" an orderly mumbled into the doctor's ear. Ada hadn't even seen him walk up. Her typically sharp eyes were dulled by days of no sleep and drugs that they forced on her.

"No, no, she can stay in here. She needs the room to exercise after all. She's harmless, my boy. I'll be right back, dear," the doctor said before leaving the large room.

Ada watched him leave, noticing that the orderly retreated to a corner of the room. She looked at the fork sitting in front of her on a tray that she had, like usual, ignored. The food was lumpy and looked like something one would eat while they were in outer space.

I could easily kill him and escape, she thought about the orderly in the corner. He's a rookie, afraid. It would be easy to stab him and run…

And then she remembered the last rookie she had underestimated. Leon. Though he had been a rookie police officer, he'd handled the situation like a pro. Until she'd gotten hurt. He'd wanted to help her but he hadn't been able to.
How different would things have been if I had survived with him? If I'd actually gotten away from that tyrant before he grabbed me and we'd made it to the train together? Would we have stayed together or would I have snapped and abandoned him?

The orderly made a muffled noise and went down with a thud. Ada frowned as a man in black stepped forward, a black biker's helmet hiding his face. She stood and backed away, her chair falling over with a loud noise, but the man held his hands up. He was unarmed. She saw a pistol in a shoulder harness under his jacket but he didn't go for it.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you," a familiar voice promised.

"Leon?" she whispered and he took the helmet off. Sure enough, the man was blond and blue eyed and looked boyish and yet adult at the same time. It was Leon Kennedy. He flashed her a faint smile.

"Hurry, we have to get out of here," he said, motioning her to him. She nodded and practically ran over to him. She wasn't afraid, just relieved. Relieved that she wasn't insane and that Leon was real. "Here, take my jacket. We'll have to hide your clothes."

She accepted the black leather jacket and slipped it on, forcing herself to ignore the fact that it smelled like him and that it was warm like him. He took her hand and, carrying the helmet in his other hand, exited the cafeteria.

The hospital, or insane asylum, was empty and Ada felt worried. Leon slipped the helmet back on and tugged on her hand, leading her down a hall. She didn't really pay attention to which one it was, all she knew was one second they were alone and the next, four orderlies were shouting at them. Leon pulled her closer to him, grabbed the pistol from its holster, and shot the men, dead on. Ada's ears rang from the thundering booms that echoed in the hallway.

They collapsed, blood blooming out over their white uniforms like petals on a flower. Ada watched the other two orderlies cower under Leon's gun and back away as he led her out of the building. She felt tired and found it difficult to focus on what was going on.

A jet black Ford Lightning sat right in front of them and Leon motioned for her to get in. She did as she was told and buckled up, staring in fear as several orderlies ran out. Then they too were taken out, blood spraying out of their chests and heads. But… Leon was in the truck, how was that possible?

"Thank God, backup arrived," Leon breathed, taking his helmet off. "Are you okay?"

She looked over at him, confused and he smiled slightly. "Sorry. I have to explain some stuff, I know. Let's get you somewhere safe and I'll explain."

She nodded and leaned back, closing her eyes as Leon drove away from the hospital. She wasn't insane and she was safe and that's really all she cared about.


Leon carried Ada's sleeping form inside his house, trying to ignore his two dogs trying to jump up and great their guest. He ordered them to back down and they stared at him in response. He carried Ada into his room and laid her on his bed. She looked different asleep, not like the deadly woman he'd known.

God, what has she been through?

He tried to ignore the feelings that rose inside of him as he quietly closed the door to his room, leaving Ada to sleep in peace. Thor, his German shepherd, and Malu-Pei, his Shar Pei/Malamute mix, sat respectively near his favorite side of the couch, waiting for him. They gave him doggie smiles as they panted silently.

The week had been hectic. Very hectic. It had been three months since Spain and since he hadn't been able to get his mind off of Ada, he'd found himself searching for her. He'd gotten no information at first until he read a report about the hospital.

Umbrella had created it several years ago and Ada, along with several other Raccoon City survivors, was being held there. They were all deemed insane and a doctor, Melvin Marko, was treating them. They all spoke of Raccoon and he told them that the city didn't even exist. Had never existed. With Ada, he'd said that the President wasn't Graham, that the Spain incident didn't occur, and that Wesker wasn't real either.

Leon had been lucky to find the security tapes where he'd said this. He'd handed them over to Hunnigan and she'd given them to the president, who'd sent Leon and several other agents out to stop the hospital.

Thor's head jerked up suddenly and Leon watched as he looked at a pale form standing near Leon's bedroom. Ada. Leon stood and walked over to her, though he stopped about a foot away from her.

"Cute dogs," Ada mumbled as the two canines trotted over to her. Leon was worried they would attack her but Thor rubbed his head against her hand and Malu-Pei rolled over in hopes of a belly rub. "They have names?"

He couldn't answer for a couple seconds, confused by her attitude. He was so used to the aloof and calm Ada that this Ada startled him. She gave him a look and he pointed to their collars. She knelt down and checked their names.

"Malu-Pei. Did you name her that? Or did she come with that name?" Ada asked, rubbing Thor's head while reading the mutt's collar.

"Uh, my sister named her, actually. Malu's technically her dog but she can't afford to take care of her for now. Thor's mine. I…. I stick with simple names," Leon admitted.

"Thor's not a very common name. It became common after the book about the German shepherd that took on a werewolf came out. Did you name him after that?"

"Yeah. Well, my sister kind of told me to. I don't get much of a choice when it comes to names."

She rubbed Malu-Pei's belly and scratched Thor's ears. Both dogs had droopy eyes and their tongues rolled out in bliss. This startled Leon. The two animals were trained guard dogs after all. They typically weren't comfortable with anybody they didn't recognize.

"Honestly, I didn't know you liked dogs. I thought Raccoon would've gotten rid of that," Ada pointed out. He smiled faintly.

"Those were Dobermans. I can't go anywhere near them, honestly. And I've had Thor for going on eight years now. I trust him," Leon said. Ada smirked and stood. The dogs gave her heart-broken looks before returning to the couch, where they plopped down and closed their eyes.

Ada looked at him and he frowned, stating, "I guess you'd like answers? About how I knew you were in that hospital?"

"Not really. I could care less," she said, stepping closer. The dogs shifted their ears in her direction, hopeful for more attention.

"What'd they do to you? Or try to do to you?" Leon asked, unconsciously concerned for her, like always. He couldn't help it. He wanted to- No, had to, for reasons he didn't like to think about.

"Nothing really. I think he might've been trying to wipe out my memories or just make me think I was insane and made everything up. I know I didn't. I'm not stupid and I'm not nuts," Ada said, her voice sad and angry at the same time.

"Of course you aren't. If you are, then so am I. And a shit load of other Raccoon City survivors," Leon agreed. She looked at him, gratitude in her pale eyes. That was a start, she guessed, in the right direction.