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So, first of all, I would like to give my greatest love and gratitude to the Tropers Vonikay and Ran Mouri, who recommended this fic on TvTropes. As a TvTropes addict myself, this is the highest of honours for me and I am beyond grateful. I would also like to thank immensely those who started WPBIO's very own Tropes page. Please, check it out and add to it if you like- rest assured, I will read it dozens of times XD

Link: tvtropes pmwiki / pmwiki . php / Main / WhenPandorasBoxIsOpened

(I'm sure you know the deal here- remove the spaces either side of the slashes and dots and paste it into the searchbar ;) )

Now, formerly this page had links to places to download PDFs of the full fic, but since so many filesharing sites are now sadly dead and gone, those links have been removed. HOWEVER, this fic, the sidefic and the Omake are all up on AO3, and that lovely lovely site allows you to download a PDF of any story! Isn't that nice? :)

Since I'm doing a one-stop link shop here, below are the links to the fic's trailers on YouTube:

TFWITW trailer: www . youtube watch?v=wzitWnODnWA&feature=g-upl&context=G238f370AUAAAAAAAxAA

WPBIO trailer: www. youtube watch?v=ZgkAx33CzLo&feature=g-upl&context=G2c181bbAUAAAAMgAAAA

Once again, I'd like to thank profusely all of those who have read, reviewed and enjoyed the fic. Thank you so much! You are all the light of my life ;)