Title: Queen Takes Pawn

Subject: Batman

Genres: Drama/Romance

Sub-genres: Action

Front Summary: ‹Sequel; Nolanverse; AU; Pairings Inside› Chelsie learns that dealing with an obsessive Joker who thinks he's in love is difficult, while Jonathan and Scarecrow meet their new psychiatrist after Dr. Grayson suicides.

Summary: ‹Sequel; Nolanverse; AU; Pairings In Separate Section› Chelsie learns that dealing with an obsessive Joker who thinks he's in love is difficult, while Jonathan and Scarecrow meet their new psychiatrist after Dr. Grayson suicides on account of the wayward doctor's manipulative words. Three guesses on who's his new psychiatrist! And what, I wonder, will become of the love triangle in this sequel to As The Crow Flies?




Minor Jonathan/ScarecrowxChelsie/Crow(OC)


(Note: That's as clear as I can make the pairings without becoming overly complicated with specifics.)

Notes: This story is a sequel to As The Crow Flies. To understand this particular fic, you ought to read the first one. It helps for you to understand who Chelsie and Crow (OC(s)) are, and other bits.

Also, I know the Joker is supposed to be sort of asexual (at least in Ledger's version, as many people say), so there's no need to give me a lecture. However, it's obvious by all the JokerxOC (And JokerxHarley Quinn, of course!) fanfics out there that the fangirls want him to be otherwise. I myself think it's a pretty interesting road to go down, so my AU has removed the asexual label from the Clown Prince of Crime.

(I know it would fit better to be under Burton's Joker, but I don't think he has the kind of following Heath Ledger's Joker had as far as fangirls go.)

However, that does not mean he is in any way a romantic type of person. The kind of love - and I believe there's all kinds of love in the world (none of it pure) - that he displays is obsessive and possessive in order to fit better with his persona.

If you're a purist who can't stand to see the Nolanverse Joker as anything but asexual or with Harley Quinn only, this fic is not for you.

Mostly, this one goes out to all the JokerxOC lovers and writers.

Don't get me wrong, JokerxHarley Quinn is yummy, but I'm an OCxCanon writer.

Disclaimer: Batman is owned by DC Comics and whoever else owns it. I in no way claim it as my own; I'm just borrowing. Any OCs are mine and the plot is also mine.

A/N: This is where Author's Notes will go from now on.

The song clip below the chapter title is from Jamie Cullen's Get Your Way. I in no way claim the song or its lyrics as my own.

I thought since I ended the first fic with a song lyric, I might as well open this one with one.

Queen Takes Pawn

by Syrenia

Prologue - Intrigue

Try to pick it up, reading the signs;
It's turning out to be a real good time
And who'd have thought that entertainment
Lies in the winter of your discontent

Now, sit at the table, face to face
Queen takes pawn, check or checkmate!
I feel your foot brush against my leg
I'm not that easily led

You flutter your eyes and you toss your hair
I have to say that it is kind of unfair
Let me tell you, baby, now what's in store;
You win the battle, but I'll win the war!

~ Jamie Cullen - Get Your Way

Things were going swimmingly for Chelsie and Crow - at least as well as could be with Jonathan/Scarecrow locked up in Arkham, the poor dears - but both personas loved chaos just as much as fear and decided to stir things up a little.

Crow exchanged toxin for explosives, her thugs from the mob helping her to blow many buildings of varying importance to smithereens.

First, she blew up a bank without stealing any money. Second, she blasted away at a clothing store - Crow and Chelsie had deemed it as having terrible fashions - because they sold real fur. Third, Crow made a public appearance near a popular Burger King and taped herself with the building blowing up in the background.

Standing on top of a building at noon near her next target, a popular Burger King, Crow and Chelsie turned on their camera, the former gesturing to the building behind her.

"Hello. My name is Crow! See this lovely Burger King, Gotham citizens?" Crow asked in her scratchy-soft voice. "Well, I have a surprise in store for you today!"

She held up a small box with a red button which was obviously a detonator.

"Why, you ask, am I going to blow a Burger King to smithereens?" she crowed out with a following laugh. "My dear, they say "have it your way" and my way is with explosives!"

Chelsie chuckled at the back of their shared mind, enjoying the show.

Crow's thumb hovered over the red button, "Now, children, haven't your mommies and daddies taught you not to go about pressing red buttons all willy-nilly? Well, my lovelies, this is why!"

Her thumb smashed down on the button, the explosion of the Burger King building making Crow fall onto the floor as she cackled madly.

"You get to see this live because my men have us hooked up with their technical mumbo-jumbo," she told her audience from her new seat on the roof. "Now, I know I'll definitely become the enemy of that Batboy hero of Gotham, but I wouldn't mind it at all. In fact, that's what I want!"

Her countenance grew serious, "Batty, you intrigue me. Why do you fight for good in a world of evil? And for all these pathetic, undeserving people who pretend to live normal, innocent lives like ants in a colony? Batty, Batty, Batty, they don't deserve you one bit!"

She then stood, turning the camera away from her and onto the smoking, fiery Burger King, the wails of victims caught in the explosion still audible.

"I blew up a bank because people covet money, I destroyed a clothing store because it sold real fur and now I've gotten rid of this Burger King because... it looked like it needed to be blown up! Heehee!"

Swinging the camera back around to face her, she smiled at her audience.

"Come find me, Batty-kins," she teased. "I want to meet Gotham's own criminal slash hero!"

With that, she cut off the camera, running over to the thugs and giving it to them.

"Aren't you going to wait for the Bat?" one thug asked with a grin.

All her men didn't fear Crow; they knew she was coo-coo for cocoa puffs, but she wasn't out of control, and most of the time, she'd rather fuck them than hurt them.

She waved at him dismissively, "Bats only come out at night."

And they all shared a good laugh.

The Joker turned off the TV after Crow's first video to the public.

Normally, women didn't fascinate him in the least. On the contrary, they were rather annoying and an unwanted distraction. But this particular woman had captured his interest thus far.

At first, buildings blew up and no one took claim of the acts, the fact that someone else was attempting to copycat him to some degree making him agitated and intrigued at the same time.

Once the culprit showed her face, however, he eagerly awaited more.