Author's Note: Since a bunch of people have asked for another RV story from me here it is. I know the first chapter is short but I will try and update regularly.


Moka stared horrified.

Midou stared in surprise. "Why did you?" The death blow he'd been aiming for the vampire had been blocked by Aono. The fool had deliberately gotten in the way to shield her with his body.

Tsukune stood for just a moment, and then collapsed as blood gushed from the wound torn into his shoulder and back.

Despite her own pain and weakness the silver haired vampire crawled to his side. "Even though I told you, you weren't needed you put yourself in harm's way to try and protect me. Why? Why would you do that?" She cradled him in her arms. With the water coming down from the sprinklers she was terribly weak, she wouldn't be able to protect him. This is bad! He's lost a lot of blood and his temperature is dropping!

Despite the situation he was strangely calm. So different from the easily panicked boy he had been when they first met. "Whatever happens, I am always grateful to you Moka-san."

"Baka," she said. Trying to sound furious but not managing it at all. "I told you that you are not necessary, that you are just a burden for me. So why did you do this?"

He smiled weakly as his eyes began to close. "All I wanted was to… protect you."

His pulse was slowing down, this really was the end. You idiot! She thought. How could a weak and frightened human like you ever think you could protect me? You… you are so much braver than I could ever be. She brought her mouth down to his neck. She knew his body was at its limit. Knew that any more of her blood would very likely kill him. But without it he would certainly die anyway. Tsukune, you are more dear to me than anything in this world. Even if it kills me, please live!

She bit down and gave him her blood. And as she did so she felt her own energy swiftly leave her. With her own wounds and the water she had reached her own limit.

It was no good, she thought as she slipped down to lie beside him. In the end it wasn't enough, I am so sorry Tsukune, please forgive me.


Midou watched the scene play out and shook his head. "Pathetic, is this all you can do vampire?" he mocked. "I'm going to tear the both of you to shreds."

As he approached them though he was surprised to see that it was Tsukune who struggled back to his feet.

Moka opened her eyes to see Tsukune standing above her. Wait, this power I sense.

"So the pathetic familiar tries to protect his master one last time. Do you really think…" Midou cut off as he felt a powerful demonic aura coming from the weakling boy. As Tsukune began to stagger towards him Midou saw that his hair was no longer black but a rich silver. And he saw the boy's eyes were now red. "You can't be! She's the vampire not you! It's a trick! I'll rip you to shreds!"

With a shout he ran at Aono and brought down his one massive arm and claw to tear him apart.

All at once Tsukune stopped staggering and moved with swiftness and power. Before Midou could even see it Tsukune had run up to him and slammed a punch right into his belly.

"Aaaaah!" He shouted as he was sent flying into a pile of brick and debris.

Before he could even try to stand Tsukune was kneeling over him. His red eyes staring down… hungrily.

"Please forgive me," Tsukune whispered. He reached down and tore into his throat with his fangs and began to feed.

"Yaaaahrgh! Get him OFF ME!" Midou screamed. He tried to push him away with his huge arm but could not budge him.

His men all looked on the scene horrified, too afraid to come anywhere near.

Midou kept fighting. But his struggles grew weaker and weaker as his blood was greedily taken from him. Until finally he stopped moving.

Tsukune did notice Midou's last moments. He did not notice the water that was pouring down or the enemies who were staring at him in horror. He did not even notice Moka, who had managed to get back to her feet and was now looking on silently.

All his senses registered was that hot delicious blood that was filling his mouth. He had never tasted anything so wonderful, had never imagined any kind of food could have such alluring flavor or so much life to it. When he had 'woken up' he had been filled with hunger. No, hunger wasn't the word. He had been ravenous, he had been starving, it felt as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. All that he could think of was satisfying that need.

So he drank, and drank, and drank… until there was nothing left to drink. Even as he let go he was still not satisfied, but he had eaten enough to take the edge off his need. Now he was merely hungry rather than starved. As he looked about he was rational again. He saw Moka standing there but no sign of anyone else.

"Where… where did they go? The outcast ayashi?" Tsukune asked.

"They are gone," Moka answered quietly and approached him. "They fled when they what you… did to their leader." She gently helped him up to his feet.

Now he was really coming back to his senses. He was staring down at the corpse at his feet. He knew what he'd just done, the memory of it was as clear as day. "I… I just…"

She took a hold of his face between her hands and made him look at her and not at the body. "You did nothing wrong Tsukune!" She said sharply. "He attacked us and wanted to butcher us, you had every right and justification to kill him."

"But… but I dra… drank his blood." Tsukune said in shock.

Moka simply nodded. "There is nothing wrong in that, how many times has my other self drank your blood?"

"Moka-san what's happened to me?!" He asked with rising panic.

"I, I was forced to give you my blood again Tsukune. Even though I knew the dangers I felt there was no choice if I was to save your life. I fear my blood has turned you into a vampire. For that I beg your forgiveness." She lowered her eyes to him in apology.

"But… but that's happened before. Each time I would change I would remember it later like it was a dream. This, this feels totally different, and I never drank blood before, did I?"

"Tsukune," she answered carefully. "This change is different from the others. Those times my blood transformed you temporarily into a vampire. This transformation I fear is permanent. Your body had reached a breaking point and there were only three possibly outcomes; death, becoming a vampire, or becoming a mindless killing machine called a ghoul. Though I know it is small comfort Tsukune, this is the best outcome that was possible. That intense hunger you felt is normal for newly, 'turned' vampires, the hunger will never be that strong again unless you are forced not to feed for many months. I will help you with learning what it means to be a vampire."

He stared at her. "So I've really become a vampire this time? I can never go back to being human?" What about my parents? What about my cousin? How can I ever go home again?

"Do you hate me now?" Moka asked him in a quiet voice. "If you do I would understand it."

He looked into her red eyes. Was that nervousness he saw? He'd seen that lots of times from the pink haired Moka but never from the silver haired one. He slowly shook his head. "For me to hate Moka-san is impossible. Please believe me Moka-san. I am always grateful to Moka-san. If you had not done what you did I would have died, so I thank you Moka-san. Thank you for doing this for me."

"Tsukune," she whispered. Something changed in the way she was looking at him. "Tsukune, I… I want…"

"Tsukune!" Kurumu shouted.

The two of them looked to see Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari all running into the abandoned warehouse where the battle had taken place.

As the three girls approached their eyes all locked onto Tsukune and the body at his feet. "Tsukune are you all right? Kurumu demanded. "What happened?"

Yukari was staring at him breathlessly. "Tsukune-kun, have you… become a vampire?"

"We'll explain everything once we get out of here," Moka said a bit sharply. She took his arm and put it across her shoulders as she began to help him leave. "For right now let's get out of here and get Tsukune to the infirmary."

The other girls all nodded and decided to save their questions for later.