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Summary: No such thing. It always changes.

Couples: Roxas x Namine, Roxas x Xion, Sora x Kairi, plenty of others.



Feels Like Tonight

Chapter One

Summer was coming to a close, but to Namine that didn't mean much except for work and more work. She was lucky to keep her job after being depressed for a few weeks. However, she was more than fine now that she knew Roxas felt the same way about her. He called her every night if she didn't call him first and they chatted for hours at a time about random things. She was happier than ever.

However, there was something wrong with him, and she could tell.

She didn't let it get to her. The last thing she wanted was more drama. She never really got to see him; probably twice since the time he revealed his feelings to her, but that was just what came with long-distance relationships. She wasn't able to visit him because now her work schedule was longer and she only had two days off, but they were split up in the week making it almost impossible to take a small trip to Twilight Town to see him. Namine thought about him every day. She wanted to be near him all the time, but she just couldn't.

This was harder than she thought.

"Namine, there's a customer waiting." Selphie pointed to the cash register.

"Oh, right!" Namine hurried over and apologized to the customer.

It was difficult to work and not think of him at the same time.

Especially when she knew he would call her that night after she got out.

It's what she looked forward to every day.

"Thank you, have a nice day." Namine said, sighing heavily.

"Don't worry, there's only about twenty minutes left." Selphie grinned.

"I know…" Namine smiled.


"You just lost, admit it!" Axel shoved Roxas aside and took his controller. Roxas pouted and moved over so Axel could play; it was loser gives it up. He had just lost to Xion once again on a game of Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Roxas seated himself on the couch next to Sora and Kairi, who were only watching. They have been glaring at him all night and didn't look too happy at all.

They had a good reason, though.

Roxas was spending so much time with these two, mostly Xion. He really enjoyed himself now that he had his best friends back. It was like whatever happened had disappeared and everything was back to normal for him.

"Aren't you going to call Namine?" Kairi reminded him, looking at the time.

"Oh! That's right." Roxas got out his phone and went upstairs.

"This is not good…" Sora sighed.


"Hi!" Namine said cheerfully as she picked up her phone.

"Hey hun." Roxas said.

Namine blushed; she had been waiting to hear his voice all day.

"So… what's up?"

"Nothing… just laying here. I missed you…"

"I missed you too."

It was quiet.

"Sorry, I don't have much time… Sora and Kairi are here… and some others."

"Others?" Namine asked, not really meaning to be nosy.

"Yeah. So hey, what do you say about me coming to visit on Friday?"

"Really?" Namine suddenly forgot about what they were talking about. "Definitely… I'll see if I can switch my work days or something…"

"Oh… you work?"

"I told you, I'm only off Saturdays and Wednesdays…"

"Then I'll be there Saturday. I don't want you to get in trouble."

"Okay, sure." She paused. "So… what have you been doing lately? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. I've… just been hanging out."

He couldn't tell her that Xion and Axel were actually alive; mentioning that Xion was even near him would be heartbreaking to her. She might be happy that they weren't dead after all, but Roxas knew that she didn't like hearing about her.

"Oh, with Sora and Kairi?"

"Yeah. They've started school already, though."

"They haven't called me…" Namine said.

"I'll make sure they do." He chuckled.

"You're so cute."

"Haha… you are too."

She guessed since they talked every day, there really wasn't much to talk about anymore. However, he decided he had to go.

"I love you a lot." Roxas said.

"I love you too…"

"Get some sleep, okay? Sweet dreams."

"Thank you. I will."

They hung up. Even though it was only a five minute call, she still felt like her day was better. She rolled over in her bed and went to sleep.


Roxas came back downstairs. They had stopped playing the game and were just sitting around waiting for him in silence.

"Uhh…?" Roxas put his phone in his pocket.

"Who was that?" Xion asked sweetly.

"N-no one."

He saw Sora glare at him once more, but he ignored it.

"So… what are you guys doing?"

"We got bored. Xion kept winning." Axel groaned. "Do you have any food?"

"Axel, you should know that by now you're welcome to search through my fridge when my parents aren't home."

"Sweet!" Axel raced up the stairs.

Roxas sat near Xion, keeping an acceptable distance. Now that she was alive and well, he wanted nothing more than to spend as much time with her as possible, within reason of course. He still loved Namine dearly and didn't want to hurt her.

However, it's hard when your first love is right there in front of you.

You know, the one you never got to reveal that to.

Yeah, that one.

Xion was the same way she always was; sweet and laid back. However, if you got her angry she'd let you know.

"I'm a little hungry, too…" Xion mentioned.

"Oh… well—"

He was interrupted by Axel. "There's no food."

"There's plenty!" Roxas disagreed.

"Let's just order a pizza."

"Fine. You're paying, right?"


Sora and Kairi looked a little bored over on the couch. They would constantly whisper to each other and barely tried to converse with the others, mostly because Sora was pissed off. As the night went on, Kairi got really tired and fell asleep on his shoulder.

"Sora, want some pizza?" Roxas asked.


"What's wrong with you?"

"You know what's wrong with me."

Roxas dropped it right there. Axel and Xion were staring, wondering what was up. However, they went back to eating.

"I'm going to take Kairi back to the dorms." Sora said, lightly tapping her to wake her up. "I'll be back."

They left. It was true, Roxas knew exactly why Sora was being that way. Ever since he started spending more time with Axel and Xion, he didn't even seem like he was thinking of Namine, but that wasn't true. He thought about her constantly. Whenever Xion would laugh, smile or do anything, he had to remind himself that he had a girlfriend.

Oh, that sounded bad…

"Dude, you okay?" Axel raised an eyebrow.


"It's getting late. My mother put me on a curfew." Xion said.

"Oh… that sucks." Roxas said, standing up with her.

"I guess I'd better leave too. Thanks for the pizza."

"You bought it…" Roxas reminded him.

"Oh, well thanks to myself for it."

"You're an idiot." Xion joked. "We'll see you later, Roxas." She hugged him.

"R-right. Later."


The time was two in the morning. Sora had just gotten home. Roxas had nearly fallen asleep on the couch watching TV.

"Why are you back so late?"

"I had to cool off." Sora said casually.

"Please don't tell them…" Roxas pleaded.

"I don't see why you don't. I thought you loved Namine."

"I do… I really do…"

Sora rolled his eyes and went upstairs to bed.

He knew that Sora could always read expressions and actions and predict what could come out of them. To him it was like Roxas was heading down a path of drugs and crime. That's how pissed he was… or worried… or whatever. Roxas tried to ignore it, but at the end of the night, all he could think about was the guilt for lying to Namine once again.

He hated himself.


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