Hello my fans of other fanfics! I really love hearing from you that you are enjoying my stories…hey I even like the criticisms; it means people are reading and thinking and I love that!

Okay so here we go, this is an exclusive sneak peek for all of you fans who liked reading Broken, My Immortal and 112 Masen Lane.

Now, granted I am writing this one in the fashion that I wrote Broken, my very first. I write up 4-6 chapters ahead of what I post so I can stay up to date and not lag behind so far you forget what the story is about.

Now this story (as all of my others are) is completely Alternate Universe. But I think you might enjoy;

Synopsis: It's the early 20th century and Bella has landed herself in jail for murder. Edward happens to be in the right place at the right time. Can he help her?

Here is an excerpt from chapter 3:

"If I wanted to make you talk… truly wanted to make you talk, I could chéri." I said, not intending to be as menacing as my words came out to be.

She smirked at this. "If I had nothing to talk about, there would be nothing to hear."

"Oh, mon Chéri, I could make you confess to things you couldn't dream of in your darkest nightmares." I replied, despising myself for letting even this tiny bit of the monster within show though. I had to show her I meant business. If she didn't confess to me and let me help her, she'd be the first woman to swing in this country in two-hundred years.

Now keep in mind they are living in New Orleans in the very early 20th century. My dates are neither cannon nor historically accurate so don't start with the fact that certain part of New Orleans were no longer in existence at the time of this writing. I know… but I write for effect, not accuracy.

Hope you enjoy!